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We offer best web design and development, mobile apps development, e-commerce, internet marketing and SEO services. We are global outsourcing service provider IT Company.

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Web Design & Development, Mobile Apps, E-Commerce, Internet Marketing

  1. 1. INCARNATE SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS (P) LTD ================== Redefining Technology i
  3. 3. 9. SEO SERVICES. 10. PAY PER CLICK SERVICES. WEB DEVELOPMENT SERVICES : ---- Descriptions : ” A website with right mix of creativity and functionality can boost your online presence. A well developed website can simplify the process of message consumption, quicker interaction and internet transactions resulting in good ROI.” At Incarnate Software, we offer fully customized web development service based on the clients requirements and their business goals. We make the right use of modern technologies like PHP, android, iphone, wordpress, joomla, mejento etc. and high quality of creativity. We develop custom web applications which not only establish easy and effective interaction with your customers but also make you one of the industry leaders. Being a leading Web Development company India , we are geared to develop attractive, fast- loading, search engine optimized sites with easy and user-friendly navigation. Our team of expert web developers deliver creativity bundled with technical expertise to give that crucial zing, presence and impact to your website. Our Website Development Process While most companies start by talking about the design of your website, we start by talking about how to market your website. We start thinking about messaging, how to build trust, and what the user pathways will be through your website. 1. Review of current situation
  4. 4. If you have an existing website, we first want to find out what does and doesnt work about it. If you have not already, we setup website tracking software on your website and review the data to come up with improvements to implement on the next version of your website. 2. Business analysis We gain an understanding about your sales process and ideal customers so that we can do a better job of communicating your value proposition to your website visitors. It also helps us prioritize content in a way that will help customers decide whether youre the right company for them. 3. Information architecture and user interface planning Your content and pages are organized in a way that makes your website easy to use. “Wireframes”, like a blueprint for your website, are created to put ideas down on paper before heading into the design of the website. 4. Creative strategy and interface design Depending on the message we wish to convey through the design of your website, we will conduct a creative study that will give us a framework for the design of the website. The design of the website will take place in Photoshop by a designer trained in effective interface design techniques. Our designers have undergone hours of training in persuasive design. 5. Front-end coding We use the latest front-end coding standards while ensuring that our websites are compatible with mobile devices and are search engine-friendly. 6. Back-end CMS development Depending on your needs, we will either customize an off-the-shelf content management system such as WordPress (basic content website) or Magento (e-commerce) or use our in-house, custom-developed CMS, called WebModulite . You will be trained in how to use the CMS. 7. Quality assurance Our coding undergoes rigorous stress tests including potential exploits, workload balancing, and compatibility. 8. Future improvements and online marketing There will always be elements of your website that can be further tested and improved upon. For example, should you feature your top client logos on your homepage, or instead highlight your client testimonials? Which will do better? We like conducting tests to find out and further improve your website as time goes on. After the website has launched our online marketing team
  5. 5. will execute a long term strategy that will bring you qualified customers at a high return on investment . WEB DESIGNING SERVICES :-- Incarnate Software Solutions provides quality web designing services in order to flourish you business with new and attractive look to reach your targeted audiences in the way you want .Web site for any business depicts the whole business for virtual audiences present over internet. We create the website which will convey the best message to your targeted audiences. We build the websites according to business need. For every need of web designing, we have team of designer’s perfectionist having hands on experience in same field. We work according to web-building plan, and always deliver the best services to our clients. We as web designers having the team of creative minded people who create the designs which make your website business relevant to your business services. Hire dedicated web designers from Incarnate designing team and give attractive and more enhanced look to you website. Our best performance level in the in last few years on Photoshop, CorelDraw, Dreamweaver, CSS2, and action scripting makes us stand in more prominent way. We introduce web services internet marketing solutions to all type of business that are unique and result oriented. Why to Hire Web Designers from Incarnate Software? WEBSITE DESIGN : Are you searching for unique websites designing services?, check our portfolio for best web designing services and hire expert web designers from Incarnate Software. Website design encompasses many different skills, for website production and development. The highly experienced and expertise professionals at Incarnate Software can design amazing and very professional websites for your business which would be working as your business branding. With the quality and type of services that we provide, you will be assured to get a better branding of your business. LOGO DESIGN: We have team of creative designers, always full of development ideas. Logo designing includes the creativity to depict your business in best way. Our designers always convey you the creative development ideas, to make unique and beautiful logo for your business with proper adequate
  6. 6. color, quality of the images used, proper adequate effects , reflection etc. Hire logo designers from Incarnate software on very affordable cost. BANNER DESIGN : Incarnate Software provides experts for banner designing for your business in such a way that the banners appeal to your business and you end up getting more business out of the investment made. Hire a professional banner designer for your business. GRAPHICS DESIGN : Experienced Web Designers: We maintain the quality of website for all clients. At Incarnate you will find the experts having sound experience in the graphic designing. SEO FRIENDLY WEB DESIGN: SEO a major aspect for every business on the to increase revenue, clicks etc… We offer you SEO friendly website design services, which will work on more effective way on search engines. We do the proper designing as of balancing flash effects as per google, yahoo, bing and search engine norms. FLASH DESIGN: Incarnate Software offers you flash designs services, optimizing a better flash designs for your website. We offer you best flash designs and also the whole flash website on very affordable prices. We can create more trendy and attractive, funky flash website designs for you. ECOMMERCE SOLUTIONS : --- E-commerce is more than what you sell. It’s the experience you deliver. Our team of experts works with you to create a shopping experience customized to the needs of your customers. Every aspect of our development is informed by behavioral and sales data, driving high-quality traffic to every product in your store. And with intuitive navigation and a lightning-fast ordering process, your site will push conversions well past your existing goals. Also, all our online shopping carts come with free unlimited bandwidth, so you’ll never get any surprises on your bill. Our easy to use API’s, powerful add-ons and design backend decrease design and development costs. Hire e-commerce web developers:
  7. 7. We at Incarnate having the team of experts e-commerce web developers works with dedication and assures you for the best selling online website. As a solutions integrator for these key technologies, we have built dedicated practice teams of expert consultants, developers, and project managers to insure that you not only experience a professional development process, but also a collaborative strategic partner. Our e-commerce development services included: E-commerce development and designing. Customized shopping cart. Customer Conversion Rate. Third Party Application Integration. Maintenance and support. Customized Solutions Ecommerce Strategy Formulation E-commerce Application migration E-commerce portal development Payment Gateway Integration eBay Integration We have the team of e-commerce developers having significant experience in developing database-driven, as well as real time processing system and web based applications for e- commerce enable website. We offer the robots and scalable which can be easily exploited using HTML, Flash, Java and many other web applications. Hire dedicated e-commerce developers having sound knowledge of ASP, PHP, XML, and Asp.Net for your e-commerce websites on very affordable cost. CMS SOLUTIONS :-- Descriptions :-- Content Management System :--Incarnate Software Solutions has been providing industry’s leading Content Management System (CMS) services for our web projects since 2012. Our team of expert web developers has developed customized websites for various industries.
  8. 8. Incarnate Software Solutions provide fully customized web design & development to all size of business organizations. We use Joomla, WordPress and many other CMS for most of our web projects, based on the requirements and features for specific website. Our general web Content Management System (CMS) services include: Joomla Customization WordPress Customization X-Cart Customization Zen Cart Customization Dolphin Development SugarCRM Development Mambo Customization PHPBB Customization Storefront Customization Contact Us to know more about our Web design & development services. MOBILE APPS : -- Descriptions :-- iPhone, iPad, Android, mobile apps development company :-- Incarnate Software Solutions develops “off-the-shelf” mobile applications. Our quick and inexpensive solutions enable clients to receive an engaging mobile app to use in virtually any industry. Incarnate Software Solutions experienced mobile app developers design and program custom apps in iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows mobile platforms. We help businesses establish mobile access to their workspace as well as design and create mobile apps that sell in the respective app stores. We develop end-to-end mobile solutions.
  9. 9. Our platforms are: Business Apps Development , Event Apps Development , News Apps Development , Games Apps Development , Social Apps Development , Library Apps Development , Our mobile apps development services are : iPhone App Development :-- Incarnate Software Solutions began with the development of iPhone apps in 2012 and continues to offer mobile solutions on a user-friendly iPhone interface supporting a dynamic range of content. iPad App Development :-- Many iPad apps are simply stretched versions of an iPhone app. Our HD-optimized iPad apps are built specifically for the iPad interface and take advantage of the extra screen space afforded to high resolution iPad devices. Android App Development :-- Our Android apps are compatible with virtually every Android smartphone, as well as Kindles, and can be published in the Google Play marketplace. Our development team continuously optimizes the Android interface for each platform update, including the newest Android. Mobile Websites: -- While the majority of Smartphone users own iPhone or Android devices, ensure 100% of potential users have access to your app with a mobile website. Our mobile web apps were optimized for Blackberry smart phones and work on any other mobile device with an internet connection. WORDPRESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES :-- Descriptions :-- If you are searching for WordPress Development Company? You have found the right WordPress development company! The WordPress developers at Incarnate Software are fun loving, energetic, and devoted to the work. There is a level of professionalism that comes with hiring us that you won’t get with any other web development company. We love discovering new tools to help create the best sites for our clients. WordPress is currently one of the most popular CMS’s to have a site built on, and we understand why. In fact, we think so highly of WordPress that we have built our own website on it! It is a great resource for companies of all sizes. Our experts WordPress developers will work with you to build a new web presence that you can be proud of. We choose to work with WordPress because it allows our developers to have
  10. 10. complete control over the layout of the site yet it is still easy for site administrators to make any and all edits to the page. Why WordPress Website WordPress is more than just a blog; it’s a fully customizable content management system. WordPress provides you with a platform that can be altered for any need big or small and with the huge number of developers working on the platform, you are sure to find just what you need. Most importantly, WordPress has been designed to be extremely user-friendly. Whether you are a novice or a skilled user, WordPress’ administrator panel makes it easy to manuever your website. Our Word Press services includes - WordPress custom theme/ template integration WordPress custom plugin development WordPress CMS development & system design WordPress driven existing website modification WordPress Design Integration . JOOMLA DEVELOPMENT SERVICES : -- Descriptions :-- Joomla Development Services Joomla is an award winning content management system used in website development across the world. It has seen a widespread increase in its demand in recent years. Joomla is considered as one of the best open source content management platforms. A Joomla developer can easily create complicated websites. You can hire our experienced Joomla programmers to meet the web needs. Incarnate Software Solutions is one of the leading Joomla Development Company. Being a Joomla development company we offer various Joomla services to the clients. Till date, we have served many of our customers and have become one of the leading Joomla based web
  11. 11. developments company. We are providing advanced developing application/portals/websites to the customers using Joomla, platform. Our services are:  Business Directory Development  Community or Regional Website  Social Networking Website  Hotels & Restaurants Website  Job & Recruitment Website  Custom Web Application  Joomla Site Development  Joomla Custom Website Development  Joomla Portal Development  Joomla Application Development  Joomla Plugin/Extension/Components development. You must be thinking why us? Expert and experienced Joomla developers can help you to reduce operational costs, boost sales and harness the power of social technologies. We guarantee that your Joomla projects will be executed in fast-track with 2 or 3 Joomla developers. We promise you to take your website to a whole new level with us. SEO SERVICES: -- Descriptions:- Nearly every business today must decide how much to spend on search engine optimization (SEO). This isn't an if question. Robust online marketing is imperative for survival in a web- driven world. The question every business professional must ask is, "How much will we spend on SEO?" Keep reading for all the information you'll need to make that decision, plus some helpful tips on how SEO agencies work so you can be successful as you forge a crucial partnership with an online marketing firm.
  12. 12. SEO Payment Models :-- You must understand payment models used by agencies. SEO agencies typically offer four main forms of services and payment: Monthly retainer: In this model, clients pay a set fee each month in exchange for an agreed-upon array of services. The monthly retainer is the most common payment model, because it provides the greatest ROI. Monthly retainer arrangements usually include regular analytics reports, on-site content improvements, press releases, link building, keyword research, and optimization. Contract services at fixed prices: Nearly all SEO agencies sell contract services. Often, before a client is ready to engage a monthly retainer, they will select contract services that they want to have completed. The services that an SEO agency offers are often advertised on their site, along with a price. A typical example of this is an SEO website audit which can help determine existing strengths and weaknesses in the client’s online presence, competitive analysis, as well as keywords that have the highest potential to return positive ROI. Project-based pricing: Project fees are similar to contract services with the exception that they are custom projects created specifically for a client. Pricing varies according to the project. For example, a local cupcake shop may ask an SEO agency to help them with their local online marketing. The client decides that they want the agency to establish their social media accounts. The cupcake business and the SEO agency will decide on the scope and cost of the project. Hourly consulting: This familiar consulting model is an hourly fee in exchange for services or information. Most SEO agencies use all of these payment models. Likewise, clients may work with an agency using more than one model. For example, a client may choose to enter into a monthly retainer, purchase a contract service, and engage in a special project with the agency, thus entering into three of the payment models. Things to Keep in Mind Hiring an SEO agency is best. You may be thinking, "Can't I just do this SEO thing on my own?" A tiny percentage of business owners or professionals have the skill and savvy to do their own SEO. Even so, comprehensive SEO takes way more time than most business owners can afford. Even an employee who "knows a lot about SEO," will be hard-pressed to deliver the level of services and excellence found in a SEO agency. You'll rarely come out on top if you try to go it alone, and you'll never get the same level of ROI that you would with a competent SEO agency . PAY PER CLICK SERVICES: ---
  13. 13. Descriptions :-- Pay Per Click Management Services :-- Full-service Pay Per Click management services by experienced PPC campaign managers. Get better results with better PPC campaign management. Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management Are you struggling to get a return on your Pay Per Click campaign? Are you wanting to stand out from your competitors on AdWords? If so, we’ve got good news for you; our expert PPC management services can help you get more out of your PPC campaigns and attract new customers to your business. Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign management has been described as “deceptively simple but yet devilishly complex” and it’s true. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft all make it very easy for you to get started; just write a little ad, submit some keywords and provide your credit card number and your all set. Easy. And in fact, setting up a pay per click campaign on the likes of Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing or Bing is actually about as simple as filling out a form. However, while many are able to set up a basic PPC campaign most end up feeling frustrated with trying to manage the campaign and achieve success from their online marketing efforts. This is either because they do not have the time to dedicate to managing their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns or they realize that to truly manage a PPC campaign effectively requires a level of understanding to the dynamics of online advertising that most do not possess. Effective PPC campaign management requires a level of understanding that doesn’t come from simply reading a book or the latest blog post, but comes from years of experience managing PPC campaigns for organizations of all sizes with budgets from the hundreds to the millions. That is the level of experience you get with Kinsey Street Online Marketing, a Certified Google AdWords Partner. Why Choose Kinsey Street To Manage Your PPC Campaigns? Our PPC Management Service is Full-Service. From strategy to execution with ongoing testing and optimization our comprehensive PPC management services allow you to spend time and energy focusing on all the other aspects of your business, knowing that you PPC campaigns are in good hands. We are experts in PPC campaign management. We were founded by a well-respected veteran in the Internet industry who has been providing expert PPC management services since pay per click first became an advertising medium back in 1998. A lot of things have changed in the industry since way back then and a lot of PPC “gurus” have come and gone. You can put this
  14. 14. valuable experience in pay per click management to work managing your PPC campaigns at a price that is very affordable. We have the competitive research tools to dig deep into what your competitors are doing. Knowing what your competitors are doing on the search engines allows us to develop a PPC campaign management strategy to best position you in the competitive search landscape We provide expert Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign management on multiple search engines. Our PPC management services help clients advertise online via Google and other major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and on Facebook. . Thanks Incarnate Software Solutions (P) Ltd ======================= Redifining Technology