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Incarnate Software Solutions provide fully customized web design & development to all size of business organizations. We use Joomla, WordPress and many other CMS for most of our web projects, based on the requirements and features for specific website.

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CMS Development Services By Incarnate

  2. 2. THERE ARE SOME POINTS TO DESCRIBE THE CMS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES 1. CMS Website Development ? 2. CMS Website Development Services ? 3. Features of CMS Website Development . 4. The Benefits of CMS in Web Development .
  3. 3.  CMS Website Development CMS Website Development Content Management System(CMS) : A Content Management System is a platform for managing a website. CMS software allows a direct connection from a computer at your home or business to your website's hosting server making it possible for anyone to publish information on a website without having to understand web design or development. CMS Development lets you manage your website the way you want to manage your content. Content of your website is something which helps you improves your search engine rankings and also the look feel of the website. Through the trouble-free Content Management provided by CMS Development lets you manage the content without any technical help that is why CMS websites are getting more admired now days. Quick modifications, better and simple control panel leads to amplified productivity.
  4. 4.  CMS Website Development Services CMS Website Development Services Incarnate Software Solutions has been providing industry’s leading Content Management System (CMS) services for our web projects since 2012. Our team of expert web developers has developed customized websites for various industries. Incarnate Software Solutions provide fully customized web design & development to all size of business organizations. We use Joomla, WordPress and many other CMS for most of our web projects, based on the requirements and features for specific website. Our general web Content Management System (CMS) services include:  Joomla Customization  WordPress Customization  X-Cart Customization  Zen Cart Customization  Dolphin Development  SugarCRM Development  Mambo Customization  PHPBB Customization  Storefront Customization
  5. 5.  Magento Development  Drupal Customization  PHPmotion Development  Elgg Development  OsCommerce Customization  TYPO3 Development  Liferay Development  Cakephp Customization  Rails Development CMS Web Development Services provided by us  MAGENTO DEVELOPMENT : Magento is open source E-Commerce platform. Evince Development specialized in Magento Development can provide complete Magento E-Commerce solutions catered to your unique requirements.
  6. 6.  WORDPRESS DEVELOPMENT : WordPress is Open Source and free blogging tool which provides dynamic content management system based on PHP. We at Evince Development have team of experienced developers for WordPress, who can build excellent website solution according to your requirements.  JOOMLA DEVELOPMENT : Joomla is one of the world’s most popular open source CMS. Evince Development has Joomla Development team which has executed several projects which suits customer’s business requirements.
  7. 7.  DRUPAL WEBSITE SERVICES : Drupal is also free and open source for content management. Our Drupal development team develops blogs and enterprise applications according to the customer’s business needs.  OPENCART DEVELOPMENT : OpenCart is open source shopping cart system which provides user friendly interface for your website.
  8. 8.  VIRTUEMART : Virtue Mart is free open source e-Commerce Solution based on Joomla framework. Virtue Mart supports an unlimited number of products and categories, with products able to be assigned to multiple categories. It also permits the sale of downloadable products, and offers a catalogue mode where the shopping cart features are turned off. VirtueMart supports multiple prices for a single product, based around shopper groups or a quantity range, and permits the use of a variety of different payment gateways.  Features of CMS Website Development  WYSIWYG Editor: Add, delete, edit or modify the text and images, and videos to improve the look and feel of the website  Admin Control Management: Admin Panel to manage the content displayed on the website.  Cost Effective: Reduces the cost of your project as it is easy for any User to modify or control the website content without any technical knowledge  Website Easily Manageable: Simplifies and make it easier to manage large amount of data  Better Generation of Content: as it supports Rich Media Management and Documents File Management  Social Media Integrations: Supports Social Media Integration  Multiple languages: Internationalization and Localization  Customization: Customization is possible as per the requirement  SEO Friendly Website: Provide improved SEO ranking through keyword rich content.
  9. 9.  The Benefits of CMS in Web Development Building a website is the ultimate dream of every business owner to let the world know that their businesses exist. The World Wide Web is continuously and rapidly expanding with the internet users that are business owners in majority. A web page is the show-window of an online business and an effective weapon to target customers. To create visibility and acquire the opportunities to get above the competition, your online techniques in business promotion, building brand and targeting traffic must be built on concrete foundations in order to spread awareness effectively through this online portal...your website. Businesses both locally and in the international level need to be competitive; that's why they need professional web developers to achieve their goals. The importance of Content Management System (CMS) in web development cannot be discounted by skilled web developers. They always integrate CMS in the process. Content Management System comes with the web developer's work in maintenance, changes in designs, changes in content and features to make a site more attractive. It allows adjustments for a new interface that determines the efficiency of a website. Now, for this purpose, CMS that allows the graphical user interface was developed that provides the endless benefits and advantages like the following. Cost effective - it saves you money because of the cheap and free software Simple to use - you don't need to have technical skills and you don't need to call a professional to operate it. You have easy access - a Content Management System software is online that allows you to operate from anywhere you are when needed. Content Management System is dynamic - it manages dynamic contents such as shopping carts, polls, forums, etc. Easy navigation - it generates and adjusts navigation menus automatically. Easy navigation makes the pages of your website search engine friendly and in effect makes the site get high traffic. Easy website facelift - it does not interfere and affect other elements of your website. You can separate the content from the design, refurbish the entire look of the website and the content is retained.. There is no other way but to make use of Content Management System for the future of your website. Therefore, it is relatively important to choose the best that will efficiently provide your very much needed web presence.
  10. 10. Thank you for your Time! Any Questions?