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  1. 1. Media Company CaseStudyTask 1 Understand the structureand ownership of the media sectorBen Holmes
  2. 2. AppleApple belongs to the Information Technologies Sector,Media Sector and Telecommunication sector.Apple is most famous for making the Macintosh, a top ofthe range, very successful personal computer which isstill here today through products like the iMac, theMacBook Pro and the Mac mini. The iPod is also a verysuccessful product and has been around for over tenyears now. The iPhone and iPad are the most recentproducts also made by Apple. However on Jan 9th2001Apple released a programme called iTunes which allowsyou to listen to music, watch videos and download radiopodcasts. This converted Apple into a multi-sectorindustry.
  3. 3. Who Owns Apple?The initial founder of Apple was Steve Jobs.However Steve Wozniak effectively created AppleComputer on April/1/1976, with the release of theApple I, and incorporated the company onJanuary/3/1977in California
  4. 4. IntegrationApple is a vertically integrated company. This meansthat anything with an Apple Logo or any product soldor advertised by Apple, belongs to them 100% and theywill receive 100% of the profits. This is because theyare not integrated with any other companies and createtheir own software, hardware and accessories.However being vertically integrated is not always thebest way to go, due to the fact that if a product does notsell, then Apple and Apple only will be the ones thatsuffer. Apple is a monopoly and does not need to shareprofits with any other company.
  5. 5. CompetitorsIt could be argued that most PC manufacturers are rivalsto Apple, for example Dell Computers, Alienware, Gatewayetc. You can also factor in Microsoft as a rival to Apple’sOperating System (iOS). But in recent years they havebranched out into online media such as iTunes & iPhones,so you can factor in Napster and any other legal musicdownload sites, Hotmail and Gmail, and Nokia, Samsungand Blackberry.However regardless of the long list of Apples’ competitors,As of September/29/2012 Apple had 72,800 permanentfull-time employees and 3,300 temporary full-timeemployees. Its worldwide annual revenue in 2012 totalled$156 billion. This shows that Apple is a monopoly andregardless of how many competitors it has, they willalways dominate the market due to the quality of theirproduct and the fact that their software is like no other.
  6. 6. Target AudienceApple is marketing to people who have a few characteristics:Middle/Upper class income who are willing to pay a bit more for abetter user experience. Paying £500 more for an Apple computer isnot a huge deal if you have a decent income.People who like to have fun with technology. No other platformoffers as many entry level tools. This includes people who like toshoot a lot of digital photos or video.Music enthusiasts and fans ages 12-35.Professionals in media and design.
  7. 7.  One of the most significant change inorganizational structure for Apple waswhen the founding farther and CEO,Steve Jobs, died In October 2011. Thiscaused many of the leading investors inapple to become nervous about howapple will cope without him.
  8. 8.  Due to the size of Apple and the amountof products they sell, they have a verygood history for top quality. There hasbeen minor glitches with their iOS iPhonesoftware which have been quicklyaddressed and fixed but not many otherissues have been discovered.
  9. 9. Bibliography
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