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Where Does Your Company Go From Here?


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How is your company responding to the new realities of the market? …

How is your company responding to the new realities of the market?
Is it evolving or going back to 'business-as-usual'?
How is the behavior of your company and in your company getting in the way of sustained, improved performance?

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  • Good intentions, but... well, you’ve seen what’s happened to many good intentions before.
  • Rather than face up, we get denial....skilled incompetence. The Context
  • driving organizational performance & behavior.
  • Which do you need?
  • Transcript

    • 1.
      • Where Do You Go From Here?
      Growing your Company’s Value and Building a Sustainable Business
    • 2. You want: Certainty Security Control & Growth. True? Complexity is the norm. Competing Demands. Conflicts and fighting for limited resources. Lack of time and Resources. People - employees, investors, analysts, suppliers etc - coming at you from all angles, non-stop. You’ve cut costs and are operating tightly. Competition is starting to make moves. And, One bad step...well, you know. Is it lonely where you are? And no step at will never know.
    • 3. Today’s Dilemma: As the market crisis eases, do you... Is there room for the possibility of “ And ”? Cut costs, continue to postpone spending & maintain low cost base, and secure yourselves against the unknown, uncertain, complex future. Invest to generate new revenue and build your business, and expose yourselves to the possible risks of the unknown, uncertain, complex future. or
    • 4. Low Revenue? Missed Revenue Opportunities? Investor Pressure? Profit loss? Missed targets? Stress, frustration, overwhelm, being torn? Running out of time? Big aspirations, missed?
    • 5. Want to gain Control over your environment? Want to Strengthen your position in the market? Take the lead? Or continue to be controlled by it? Or, happy to follow? Where would you rather be?
    • 6.
      • ‘ At some time in the life cycle of virtually every organization, its ability to succeed in spite of itself runs out.’
          • Brien’s First Law
          • Look
          • and
          • feel familiar?
    • 7. You think you’ve had to manage competition, complexity, uncertainty, and change over the years?! What do they do differently? Can your tribe survive as long as theirs?
    • 8. Or will you hit the wall? Do you know where your wall is??!! Birth Your Idea & Business Death The End of Your Business Renewal “ The Wall” Net Profit Time and if so... What will you do when you hit it? * * X X
    • 9. How are you spending your money to renew and grow your business? The common success factor? & Risk to your R o I? “ We’re Not spending!! We’re focusing on efficiency.” Technology New markets, channels, delivery mechanisms Manufacturing Processes Facilities / Equipment New Strategy Process Improvement Innovation / R & D Financial Reengineering Strategic Alliances, Outsourcing ‘ Upgrading talent; Higher bonuses; More training, etc
    • 10. Organization Behavior: Leveraging Intangible Assets How much value is your organization’s behavior creating? How much value is your organization’s behavior destroying? What’s the impact on your revenue? On your costs? On your burn rate? You are measuring that, aren’t you? (Sorry, I assumed you were.)
    • 11. Are you Unleashing your Intangible Assets? How? Whose responsibility? How well people and teams across your organization behave and interact... You’re managing many risks these days; is this one of them? ... It could break your company In today’s harsh market environment. ...or...It could set your company free and turn it into an industry leader. It’s your choice. It’s one you can make now. It’s a relatively simple one. It doesn’t cost much. 1
    • 12. Accelerated Performance Improvement?? “ Huh?? All by focusing on behavior? You’re kidding, right?” Faster Implementation? Faster innovation?? Faster Change??? Sustained & Sustainable profits?? If not Now, then When * ? Revenue growth? *By the way, how’s your burn rate? By unleashing your intangible assets.
    • 13. Got your facts and assumptions correct? Tested them lately ? from Peter Schwartz
    • 14. Can your team think, assess, decide & act? * * Collectively, Coherently, Creatively, & Potently Manufacturing/ Ops Marketing & Sales & Service R & D Corporate Strategy & Planning Finance
    • 15. Is your company connected? How well are you leveraging your people? Dynamic? Enabling Participation & Contribution? Managing the ‘Dead Zones’? (a + b) * (a + c) * (a + d) * (b + c) * (b + d)*... a + b + c + d ... Which equation do you prefer? Or...
    • 16. ‘ In Sync’ & getting good results = Success, through your own control. ‘ Out of Sync’ & getting good results = Lucky, in spite of yourselves. Are you and your team, people, and processes ‘in sync’ with each other? When the market is up, money is readily available, and customers are buying, you can get away with ‘Out of Sync.’ How’s it working now?
    • 17. Is your company aligned? The Context
    • 18. Is your company Designed & Integrated for Survival? External Demands (Customer, Market, Industry, Government, Society, Environment...) “ Meaning” Element (Purpose, Values, Assumptions, Strategy) “ Making Sense” Element (Thinking, Debating, Creating) Decision-Making & Governance Element (The Rules and Boundaries) Delivery Element (“Getting It to the Right Customers Effectively”) Production Element (“Getting It Made”) Innovation / R&D Element (“Creating and Renewing It”) Cash Flow Element “ Staying on Track” Element People, Team, Group Element Leadership Element Resource & Support Element and, For sustainable Health & Prosperity? The System (i.e. Your Company) Element = Sub-System Communication, Info / Idea / Knowledge Flow Element * What’s the factor limiting your growth? Many companies choose the wrong one.
    • 19. A. Organization Performance Planned B. Organization Performance Executed C. Organization Performance Managed Where is your weakest link? Vision, Strategy, Targets Determined Implementation Plan Set Organization Designed A. Creating New Product/ Services Making Products / Services Delivering Products / Services After Sales Care & Support B. Performance Monitored Performance Deviation Analyzed Corrective / Improvement Action Taken C.
    • 20. Are you willing to start by challenging the behavior & performance of the leadership team? How serious are you about Improving Performance across your business? and Sustaining it? goes the performance of the company. As goes the performance of the Leadership Team... Want different results? Want to achieve your aspirations more quickly?
    • 21. Performance Level Employees Incremental Can you make the Shift? Which do you need? or... Performance Level Industry X Your Company Transformational to drive sustained profit growth through industry leadership Industry Performance Level X Your Company Employees Performance Level to Recover Value, restore cash flow, & re-stabilize
    • 22. It’s all about the behavior in your organization. You see it, you feel it, you sense its impact on productivity . Are you willing and able to change the behavior in your company & leverage it to fuel it’s growth and deliver substantial returns on your bottom-line?
    • 23. And if you never make the jump, will you ever really know what you could have achieved? * What are your limits? can you make the jump? Are you willing to try? Can you imagine what you’ll discover & feel on the other side*? *The Right Question: “ In order to try, what must be done to increase your feeling of security and certainty of succeeding?” * If not, that could be part of the problem.
    • 24. You don’t expect someone else to do this for/to you? Getting it done Improving your organization’s behavior and performance, focusing on its intangibles --- it must be your thing ...if you want lasting, significant change. Or, would you rather pay big money to have a big consultancy do it for you? (and let them take the blame when it doesn’t work...protecting your ego in the process.) Do you? You do, don’t you?
    • 25. Interpersonal behavior dynamics: Individuals, Teams, Business Units (Engagement, Energy, Expanded Options & Possibilities) Strategy Dynamics (Revenue & Growth) Execution Dynamics (Profit & Time) Cash Flow Dynamics & the Economic Engine (Oxygen & Strategic Options) Accelerated Performance Improvement & Transformation The right framework, process, & toolkit… gives structure and clarity to enhance your security and certainty , to fuel growth and build a sustainable business.
    • 26. Joe Torrez your Worth Realizing Minimizing your Performance Risks Strengthening your Performance Fueling your Growth Building a Healthy, Sustainable Business Torrez bv Let me guide you to... +31 6 3430 5420 [email_address] Twitter/torrezbv Improving your Value
    • 27. Photo credits & Others: Slide 1: Old Page and Compass. © Irochka, . Slide 2: Ice Climbing. © Doug Berry, Slide 3: Fork in the Road, © Penywise, Slide 5: Whit ewater Boating 7. © phil berry , Slide 7: Papua New Guinea. © Bernard Breton, Slide 8: Homer Simpson. The Simpsons, 20th Century Fox. Slide 8: Adizes, Dr. Ichak, from Managing Corporate Lifecycles, (1999). Prentice Hall. Slide 12: Wild River. © Kurt Rune Storløs Olsen, Slide 13: Schwartz, P. (n.d.) Origins: The Map Rap. Slide 16: Bicycle Race 1. © Myron Unrau, Slide 17: F1 Car. © Will Evans, Slide 17: Red Tricycle. © Kristen Stewart, Slide 17: used with permission of Joshua Torrez. Slide 17: Glancing of Racing Driver. © Fouquin Christophe, Slide 17: Hispanic soccer of football player. © Suprijono Suharjoto, Slide 19: Broken Chain. © Suslaev, Slide 21: Shedding Chameleon. © Cathy Keifer, Slide 21: Monarch Emerging from its Chrysalis. © Goran Kapor, Slide 22: Tree and Roots. © Connie Larsen, Slide 25: Stair Runner. © Pete Saloutos, 1, Slide 6: If you answered, “by more training” and “it’s HR’s responsibility”, prepare your company for a long struggle.