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Maritime atlas Maritime atlas Document Transcript

  • KolkataKolkata
  • i LLOYD’S MARITIME ATLAS OF WORLD PORTS AND SHIPPING PLACES Publisher: Lloyd’s MIU An Informa business 69-77 Paul Street, London EC2A 4LQ, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 20 7017 4482 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7017 5007 Email: Cartography: Department of Maritime Studies University of Wales College of Cardiff, Cardiff CF1 3YP Editor: Paul Aldworth Deputy Editor: Jan Waters Map Preparation and Origination: Oxford Cartographers, Eynsham, Oxford OX29 4TP, Index Origination: Interactive Sciences Ltd, Gloucester Distance Tables: BP Shipping Marine Distance Tables Printed and Bound By: Emirates Printing Press, Dubai Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this Atlas at the time of publication, Lloyd’s Marine Intelligence Unit does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions or for any consequences arising therefrom. © Lloyd’s MIU 2007 A division of Informa UK All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. ISBN 978-184311-604-2 ISSN 0076-020XLloyd’s Maritime Atlas © Lloyds MIU
  • ii USER GUIDE GEOGRAPHICAL INDEX Port Facility Key This index helps you find ports and places according to their geographic P Petroleum Q Other Liquid Bulk Y Dry Bulk G General Cargo proximity. The index begins with 120 GEOGRAPHIC INDEX C Containers R Ro-Ro B Bunkers D Dry Dock T Towage A Airport (within 100km) London, and follows the coastlines of NETHERLANDS ANTILLES continued 154A St. Pierre 14 44 N 61 11 W La Trinite 14 48 N 61 00 W 155A Frederiksted 17 43 N 64 53 W 156A the world in a spiral, incorporating all Fuick Bay 12 03 N 65 50 W Y G T A DOMINICA G C R B T A Krause Lagoon islands and ending in Canada. The world map below shows the route this P Petroleum Q Other Liquid Bulk Y Dry Bulk G General Cargo index takes. 120 GEOGRAPHIC INDEX C Containers R Ro-Ro B Bunkers D Dry Dock T Towage Country Column 154, section D The geographical index gives detailed Georgetown 13 14 N 61 10 W Bequia Island 13 00 N 61 14 W information for all port facilities, as Place, and BARBADOS well as the latitude and longitude latitude/longitude Bridgetown 13 06 N 59 36 W P Q Y G C B D T A (latitude for North and South of the Speightstown 13 17 N 59 37 W ST. LUCIA 154D equator, and longitude for East and Port Facilities Vieux Fort 13 44 N 60 57 W P Q Y G C R B A West of the Greenwich Meridian Line). The geographical index is arranged in columns which are divided into four sections, marked A-D. The column/section reference is used by the alphabetical index to cross-refer to the correct listing in the geographical index (see below). Cross-reference 132 ALPHABETICAL INDEX ALPHABETICAL INDEX to the geographical Look up a place in the Alphabetical Index. This will show the 25A 24 Brevik index, column 154, 24D 167C 154D 24 58 61 Brevikfjord Bridgeport Bridgetown column and section reference to the listing in the geo index. It section D 170A 4D 57 17 Bridgewater Bridgwater also shows the page number to the map on which the place is 15D 17 Bridlington 3B 17 Bridport Place featured. Map page number The Course Of The Geographical IndexLloyd’s Maritime Atlas © Lloyds MIU View slide
  • iv GLOBAL MARITIME STATISTICSLloyd’s MIU Consultancy has compiled the following global statistics, examining the movements of the merchant fleet anddetailing some findings by vessel category where significant. The data is sourced from the Lloyd’s MIU database. For anystatistical or research enquiries please email enquiries@lloydsmiu.comPort Calls By Region 2006 North America 30,000 20,000 10,000 0 Container Dry Bulk Gas Cargo General Misc Passenger RoRo Tanker Central America / Caribbean 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 Container Dry Bulk Gas Cargo General Misc Passenger RoRo Tanker South America 25,000 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 Container Dry Bulk Gas Cargo General Misc Passenger RoRo Tanker Calls By Region 2006 No.Calls 500,000 Far East 493,989 Far East 471,079 400,000 Med/Black Sea 295,818 Number of Calls 300,000 North America 119,567 200,000 Indian Ocean 115,610 South America 85,560 100,000 Central America/Caribbean 68,500 0 Australasia 40,006 Far East North Europe Med/BlackSea America Indian Ocean South America America/Carib Australasia West Africa North West Africa 24,228 C. Total 1,714,357Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas © Lloyds MIU
  • © Lloyds MIUv Tanker Tanker Tanker RoRo RoRo RoRo Passenger Passenger Passenger Misc Misc Misc Australasia Indian Ocean Far East General General Cargo General Cargo Cargo Gas Gas Gas Dry Bulk Dry Bulk Dry Bulk Tanker Container Tanker ContainerGLOBAL MARITIME STATISTICS Container RoRo 50,000 200,000 150,000 100,000 0 Tanker RoRo 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 40,000 30,000 20,000 10,000 0 Passenger RoRo Passenger Misc NorthhEuropee Passenger Nort Europ Misc West Africa General Cargo Misc General Med/BlackSea Cargo Gas General Cargo Gas Dry Bulk Gas Dry Bulk Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas Container Dry Bulk Container 50,000 200,000 150,000 100,000 0 Container 8,000 6,000 4,000 2,000 0 90,000 60,000 30,000 120,000 0
  • vi GLOBAL MARITIME STATISTICSCalls By Region and Vessel Type 2006 Australasia Central Far East Indian America Ocean Caribbean Container 7,719 12,557 159,036 27,228 Dry Bulk 12,202 3,828 55,868 16,734 Gas 880 1,745 11,153 3,695 General cargo 6,976 12,604 130,964 20,036 Miscellaneous 2,023 7,306 28,477 4,494 Passenger 2,201 12,257 11,498 1,812 Ro Ro 4,143 7,013 20,555 7,953 Tanker 3,828 9,314 74,319 32,923 Container Australasia Gas West Africa 2% South America 1% 6% North Central America/Caribbean Australasia Europe 4% West Africa 2% South America 1% 15% 6% Central America/Caribbean 4% North America Far North 6% Far East Europe East 26% 30% Med/BlackSea 47% 11% IndianSub/ArabGulf/EastAfr Indian Sub/Arab Gulf/East Africa ica IndianSub/ArabGulf/EastAfr Indian Sub /Arab Gulf/ 8% North America Eastica Africa 3% Med/BlackSea 9% 19% Dry Bulk West Africa Australasia Central General Cargo South America 1% 7% America/Caribbean Australasia 9% 2% 2% Central North West Africa America/Caribbean Europe South America 1% 3% 13% Far East 3% 32% North America North Far 13% East Europe IndianSub/ArabGulf/EastA 28% IndianSub/Arab Gulf/East Africa 36% Med/BlackSea frica 14% 9% IndianSub/ArabGulf/EastA IndianSub/Arab Gulf/ East Africa frica North America 4% 2% Med/BlackSea 21%Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas © Lloyds MIU
  • GLOBAL MARITIME STATISTICS vii Mediterranean North North South West Black Sea America Europe America Africa 35,906 22,046 52,764 19,070 4,150 23,544 23,741 23,869 16,966 2,691 8,072 1,276 12,720 2,449 555 96,116 9,948 165,998 14,209 6,315 6,333 11,110 44,048 3,461 2,354 48,841 13,168 31,790 2,414 713 29,700 9,894 59,580 3,219 2,150 46,428 27,993 79,997 15,667 5,264 Miscellaneous Australasia West Africa 2% RoRo South America Central America/Caribbean 2% 3% 7% West Africa 1% Far Australasia Central America/Caribbean South America East 3% 5% 26% 2% North Far 14% Europe East 40% North IndianSub/Arab IndianSub/ArabGulf/EastAfr IndianSub/Arab Gulf/ IndianSub/ArabGulf/EastAfr Europe Gulf/East Africa East Africa ica ica 6% 41% North America 4% Med/BlackSea 10% 6% Med/BlackSea 21% North America 7% Passenger Central America/Caribbean West Africa Australasia 10% South America 1% 2% 2% Tanker North Far Europe East 9% Australasia 25% IndianSub/ArabGulf/EastA West Africa 1% Central IndianSub/Arab Gulf/ America/Caribbean frica East Africa 2% 1% 3% South America 5% North America Far North East 11% Med/BlackSea Europe 39% 25% 28% IndianSub/ArabGulf/EastA IndianSub/Arab Gulf/ North America East Africa frica 9% Med/BlackSea 11% 16%Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas © Lloyds MIU
  • viii GLOBAL MARITIME STATISTICSMarine Casualties throughout 2006 North America Wrecked/stranded (aground) Piracy Missing/overdue Miscellaneous Machinery damage/failure (lost rudder, fouled propellor) Labour dispute Hull damage (holed, cracks, structural failure) Foundered (sunk, submerged) Fire/explosion Contact (eg. Harbour wall) Collision (involving vessels) 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 South America Wrecked/stranded (aground) Piracy Missing/overdue Miscellaneous Machinery damage/failure (lost rudder, fouled propellor) Labour dispute Hull damage (holed, cracks, structural failure) Foundered (sunk, submerged) Fire/explosion Contact (eg. Harbour wall) Collision (involving vessels) 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Casualties By Region 2006 South America Other North America Middle East Indian Subcontinent Europe Australasia Asia Africa 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas © Lloyds MIU
  • GLOBAL MARITIME STATISTICS ix Europe Wrecked/stranded (aground) Piracy Missing/overdue MiscellaneousMachinery damage/failure (lost rudder, fouled propellor) Labour disputeHull damage (holed, cracks, structural failure) Foundered (sunk, submerged) Fire/explosion Asia Contact (eg. Harbour wall) Collision (involving vessels) Wrecked/stranded (aground) Piracy 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 Missing/overdue Miscellaneous Machinery damage/failure (lost rudder, fouled propellor) Labour dispute Hull damage (holed, cracks, structural failure) Foundered (sunk, submerged) Fire/explosion Contact (eg. Harbour wall) Collision (involving vessels) Middle East Middle East 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 Wrecked/stranded (aground) Piracy Missing/overdue Miscellaneous Machinery damage/failure (lost rudder, fouled propellor) Labour dispute Hull damage (holed, cracks, structural failure) Foundered (sunk, submerged) Fire/explosion Contact (eg. Harbour wall) Collision (involving vessels) 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 Indian Ocean Wrecked/stranded (aground) Piracy Missing/overdue Miscellaneous Machinery damage/failure (lost rudder, fouled propellor) Labour dispute Hull damage (holed, cracks, structural failure) Foundered (sunk, submerged) Fire/explosion Contact (eg. Harbour wall) Collision (involving vessels) 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 Africa Australasia Australasia Wrecked/stranded (aground) Wrecked/stranded (aground) Piracy Piracy Missing/overdue Missing/overdue Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Machinery damage/failure (lost rudder, Machinery damage/failure (lost rudder, fouled propellor) fouled propellor) Labour dispute Labour dispute Hull damage (holed, cracks, structural Hull damage (holed, cracks, structural failure) failure) Foundered (sunk, submerged) Foundered (sunk, submerged) Fire/explosion Fire/explosion Contact (eg. Harbour wall) Contact (eg. Harbour wall) Collision (involving vessels) Collision (involving vessels) 0 5 10 15 20 25 0 5 10 15 20 25Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas © Lloyds MIU
  • x GLOBAL MARITIME STATISTICSThese charts identify the ownership, nationality and place of domicile of ownersof the world merchant fleet broken down by region.Ownership, nationality and place of domicile 2006 North America 7,723 70 Ships 7,719 Ships 60 50 Million DWT 40 30 20 10 0 Nationality Domicile Central America 5 1,247 Ships 1,234 Ships 4 Million DWT 3 2 1 0 Nationality Domicile South America 15 2,148 Ships 2,129 Ships Million DWT 10 5 0 Nationality DomicileLloyd’s Maritime Atlas © Lloyds MIU
  • GLOBAL MARITIME STATISTICS xi Europe 27,051 27,144 Ships Ships Far East 500 14,444 14,400 400 350 Ships Ships Million DWT 300 300 Million DWT 250 200 200 100 150 100 0 Nationality Domicile 50 0 Nationality Domicile Indian Subcontinent South East Asia 25 10,194 1,474 Ships 1,448 Ships 10,070 100 Ships Ships 20 Million DWT 15 75 Million DWT 10 50 5 25 0 Nationality Domicile 0 Nationality Domicile Australasia 707 Ships 703 Ships 4 3 Million DWT 2 1 0 Nationality DomicileLloyd’s Maritime Atlas © Lloyds MIU
  • xii EDITORIAL THE SHOREBASED USE OF AISWhilst only just over two years have passed since the carriage of AIS became mandatory for ships to which Ch V of SOLAS applies,things have moved a long way in the use of AIS ashore.Unfettered by the presentational restrictions that have necessarily been imposed on the display of AIS in ships, the more flexibleIALA guidelines for the presentation of AIS data has resulted in more imaginative solutions being offered by equipment providers.A significant number of VTS Centres now have AIS integrated into their traffic image displays. Some centres fuse AIS on a radardisplay but a growing majority fuse AIS and radar on a traffic image display that is backed by an Electronic Chart System (ECS).So what advantages has AIS brought to shore stations? Whilst a few centres have reported a reduction in VHF communications,the most significant benefit has been a dramatic improvement in the accuracy of tracking and confidence in the identification oftracks. When properly displayed, AIS can also improve the spatial awareness of VTS Operators through the presentation ofdynamic data such as heading and rate of turn, and through the accurate presentation of ship dimensions in the close passing sit-uations that are prevalent in the port environment (see example graphics). An AIS base station will generally see further than aco-located radar. This can offer the benefit of advanced warning for planning and pilot allocation. It can also provide the ability Example of AIS alone with radar video inhibitedto look into dock systems, under bridges and into channels where there would otherwise be a radar blind spot, but in suchcircumstances it should be used for vessel monitoring and traffic organisation rather than navigational assistance.To a degree AIS has been a victim of its own success. Its accelerated introduction resulted in the acceptance of the MinimumKeyboard Display (MKD) onboard ship; its tabular presentation is of much reduced benefit to the mariner compared with a graph-ical display. Although some vessels are fitted with a graphical display, the majority rely on MKD. With its poor interface for datainput, errors can be introduced that have the potential to confuse the unwary. Early teething problems were not unexpectedbut the situation is now much improved.Errors in the static message are now relatively infrequent and the introduction in some VTS Centres of comparisons betweendata sources to validate AIS identity fields will help reduce this still further. Voyage related messages rely on operator update andare more prone to errors - perhaps due to the MKD, but arguably such errors impact little on navigational safety. Errors in thedynamic message are becoming less and less frequent with the most common being the transmission of an offset heading due tothe misalignment of the gyro input signal with the AIS transponder. Whilst anecdotal reports suggest the incidence of erroneousLloyd’s Maritime Atlas © Lloyds MIU
  • EDITORIAL xiii Examples with radar video overlaid with AISAIS messages are still as high as 30%, VTS Centres with accurate records indicate that the incidence of AIS errors of navigation-al significance that are not immediately corrected is probably nearer 1% or less.Clearly any level of error is unacceptable if AIS is used as the sole source of information and for this reason AIS needs to bevalidated in the port environment if it is to be used for the provision of a navigational assistance service, or in the organisation oftraffic where it involves the management of navigational safety. There are many reasons why a VTS Centre would not considerdecommissioning existing radars and placing reliance for coverage solely on AIS at this early stage. However, AIS may allow a VTSto extend its area of influence and there are examples of AIS being introduced for non-SOLAS vessels in the inland and riverenvironment where radar coverage may be impractical.The messaging features of AIS are not widely used at present but early examples include the transmission of tidal data and secu-rity related information. As users become more familiar with the system and its capabilities, it is likely that AIS messaging will beused more widely for the dissemination of routine information that must otherwise be passed by voice over VHF.In sum, the use of AIS ashore has provided a quantum enhancement of VTS capability. Whilst it may extend the horizon and theability to monitor traffic at extended ranges or in confined areas, AIS should be seen as another sensor. Properly correlated, AISprovides the maritime world with the sort of additional track data, and more, that the air world has enjoyed for decades.Barry GoldmanIHMA reprepresentative at IALAand VTS Manager, PLA Sponsored byLloyd’s Maritime Atlas © Lloyds MIU
  • xiv EDITORIAL A SEAMAN’S PERSPECTIVE - THE ROLE OF AIS ON THE BRIDGE AT SEALife at sea has changed immeasurably over recent years, and the advances in equipment have come thick andfast. This technological progress has been relentless, touching every facet of the ship-to-shore relationship,and spanning almost every shipboard activity.Many initiatives have made routine tasks simpler, while others have changed forever the way watch-keepersoperate and the very safety and processes of navigation itself.One of the most fundamental changes has been the introduction of Automatic Identification Systems (AIS)for vessels. AIS brings to the seafarer many benefits, principal amongst these is the automatic and immedi-ate provision of vessel identity, thereby facilitating rapid radio communication where necessary, no longer donameless ships simply pass in the night.There are other advantages of AIS over existing navigation equipment, and the systems provide precise nav-igational advice over a wide geographical coverage. AIS offers real-time maneuvering data and a high level oftraffic image accuracy, and all without the effect of the weather on tracking performance, and with theabsence of “radar shadow” areas. Advantages that provide a real boost to the officers on the bridge, as theyno longer struggle to adjust sets for rain and sea clutter.AIS has changed not just the reactions and procedures of the navigators using it, but has affected the provi-sion of assistance to them – whether from other vessels or port Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) operators. Theprovision of navigation data is now a complete closed loop, with all parties provided with the informationthey need, when they need it.While there are numerous benefits gained from the new equipment, we must never become complacent, andmust always remember that professional navigators still have work to do – it’s not all just pressing buttonsand relying solely on the machine to do all the work.There are naturally some drawbacks to the system, one major concern being that some operators maybecome overly dependent on AIS, and therefore, may treat the system as a sole or primary means for vesselidentification. This can be a fatal mistake, especially when one considers that AIS has the same vulnerabilitiesas VHF-FM, and has a propensity to cull transmissions when it reaches its saturation point (maximum num-ber of transmission receipts), so just when you need it most, in heavy traffic, it may not be providing the fullpicture – the old lesson remains, and we must never rely on scanty information.Other weaknesses to be guarded against include poor installation, incorrect data, poor displays (MKDs), andofficers not switching units on/off as appropriate.There are also important issues related to the development of electronic aids to navigation, and The NauticalInstitute has long stressed the difficulties of dealing with technology, such as AIS, before it is fully developedand realised. We have also stressed the absolute need for proper training long before crews are expectedto use such equipment.Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas © Lloyds MIU
  • EDITORIAL xvThe correct equipment used to its full potential by fully trained individuals can have a positive effect on thepassage planning, voyage monitoring and safe conduct of the vessel. Small problems though, can quicklybecome very big problems if the equipment is not used properly and if it is not maintained correctly.Equipment needs always to reflect the needs not just of the company, and the vessel – but also the peopleusing it. So providers must stay aware of the operational demands, the design, ergonomics and must ensurethat any equipment is truly fit-for-purpose.In general,The Nautical Institute has found that mariners really do like AIS, as it improves situational aware-ness and provides positive and effective identification of targets. The days of the “ship on my port bow” VHFchatter are now over, and this is significant progress.The Nautical Institutes Technical Committee has long been involved in the collation of reports from faultyAIS units, and the aim of this initiative has been to identify problems, improve installation and ultimately toimprove the technology through design and regulation. AIS users are requested to report any AIS problemsto ais@nautinst.orgAs the professional body for those in command of seagoing craft, the Nautical Institute supports, recognisesand embraces the importance of advances such as AIS, we also applaud the efforts of Lloyd’s MIU in work-ing to bring this system to its full potential, and thank them for giving us this chance to put the views of ourmembers, the seafarers, across.For more details of the work of the Nautical Institute, or to enquire about membership please visit our web-site, www.nautinst.orgSteven JonesProfessional Development ManagerThe Nautical InstituteLloyd’s Maritime Atlas © Lloyds MIU
  • xvi CONTENTSPAGE PAGE INSIDE FRONT COVER 31 Gulf of Naples WORLD DISTANCE TABLE 31 Gulf of Tunis 31 Gulf of Venice 32 Aegean SeaII USER GUIDE Inset: Piraeus 33 Eastern MediterraneanIII SYMBOLS AND ABBREVIATIONS 34 Africa and the Middle East Inset: Azores 36 West AfricaIV GLOBAL MARITIME STATISTICS 37 Persian Gulf 38 South AsiaXII INDEX TO MAPS Inset: Hong Kong 40 IndiaXIII EDITORIAL - SHORE-BASED AIS 41 Gulf of Thailand 42 Malaysia, Indonesia Insets:XIV EDITORIAL - AIS AT SEA Singapore, Brunei1 FOREWORD 44 Philippines 45 Japan2 MAPS 46 China, Korea 48 Australasia and Pacific Islands 50 North America69 GEOGRAPHICAL INDEX 52 Pacific Northwest 53 Southern California131 ALPHABETICAL INDEX 54 Eastern United States Inset: Bermuda 56 Great Lakes2 INDEX MAP 57 Gulf of St. Lawrence 58 Eastern Seaboard4 WEATHER HAZARDS AT SEA Inset: New York 59 Central America6 INTERNATIONAL LOAD LINE ZONES 60 Caribbean Sea 62 South America 64 River Plate, Southern BrazilOCEAN MAPS 65 Kiel Canal 66 Rhine-Main-Danube Canal8 North Atlantic Ocean 67 Suez Canal10 Atlantic and Indian Oceans 68 Panama Canal12 Pacific Ocean 69 Geographical Index14 Arctic 134 Alphabetical Index15 AntarcticREGIONAL MAPS16 United Kingdom and Ireland Insets: Thames Humber, Trent Tyne, Tees FACT PANELS Clyde18 English Channel19 North Sea 18 Seine 57 St. Lawrence20 Northern Europe 23 Rhine Seaway22 Belgium, Netherlands and Germany 23 Western Scheldt 62 Amazon24 Southern Scandinavia 25 Lake Vanern 64 River Parana26 Baltic Sea 26 Saimaa Canal 65 Kiel Canal27 Black Sea, Caspian Sea 27 Volga, Don 66 Rhine-Main-Danube28 Mediterranean Sea 38 Yangtze Canal30 Bay of Biscay (Chiang Jiang) 67 Suez Canal30 Strait of Gibraltar 56 Great Lakes 68 Panama Canal31 Northern MediterraneanLloyd’s Maritime Atlas © Lloyds MIU
  • FOREWORD 1 LLOYD’S MARITIME ATLAS OF WORLD PORTS AND SHIPPING PLACESThis is the 24th edition of the Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas, the premier reference guide to the world’s ports and shippingplaces.Fully updated and revised to reflect changes in port and country names and international borders, the latest edition isagain supplemented with a FREE CD Rom, which gives the book enhanced portability. In this edition, 225 port placeshave been added to the geographical index.The Atlas provides precise latitude and longitude co-ordinates, details of the main canals and river systems, weatherconditions, load line zones, international airports, plus details on principal road and rail connections. In addition, theAtlas features world and regional marine distance tables, a comprehensive user guide and detailed statistics on com-mercial vessel movements, characteristics and casualties.Featuring world maps, regional maps and larger scale maps for the busiest shipping areas, the book also encompassesa unique indexing system which allows users to search for ports on both a geographical and alphabetical basis.The useof full colour throughout adds to the user friendliness of the Atlas.The Atlas is designed to be used in conjunction with the Lloyd’s List Ports of the World annual publication. By crossreferencing between the two books, users can glean full details on cargo-handling facilities and services provided at allthe major ports and shipping centres across the globe.As a group, Lloyd’s MIU is always looking for ways in which its products and services can be improved and we wel-come any comments and suggestions that you may have concerning this Atlas or any of our other publications.To con-tact us, please send an e-mail to enquiries@lloydsmiu.comJohn FosseyEditorial DirectorLloyd’s Marine Intelligence Unitwww.lloydsmiu.comLloyds and the crest are the registered trademarks of the Society incorporated by the Lloyds Act 1871 by the name of LloydsLloyd’s Maritime Atlas © Lloyds MIU
  • 2 INDEX MAP 160°W 140°W 120°W 100°W 80°W 60°W 40°W 20°W 0° 12 50 8 60°N A B C D 52 57 56 K 40°N F 58 J 53 48 54 28 20°N 60 0° 59 36 20°S 64 24 19 16 A B C 22 62 D 100°W 80°W 60°W 40°W 20°W 0° 18 30 32 Inset Maps 31 E A Clyde 16 G Hong Kong 38 B Tyne, Tees 16 H Singapore 42 30 C Humber, Trent 16 I Brunei 42 D Thames 16 J Bermuda 54 E Piraeus 32 K New York 58 F Azores 34 33Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas Copyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • 3 20°E 40°E 60°E 80°E 100°E 120°E 140°E 160°E 180° 20 60°N 26 10 38 45 46 40°N E 27 G 37 20°N 42 40 I 44 H 0° 41 20°S 34 40°S 48 12 60°S 20°E 40°E 60°E 80°E 100°E 120°E 140°E 160°E 180° Fact Panels World and Ocean Maps Seine 18 St. Lawrence Seaway 57 Weather Hazards at Sea 4 Rhine 23 Amazon 62 International Load Line Zones 6 Western Scheldt 23 Parana 64 North Atlantic Ocean 8 Lake Vanern 25 Kiel Canal 65 Atlantic and Indian Oceans 10 Saimaa Canal 26 Rhine-Main-Danube Canal 66 Pacific Ocean 12 Volga, Don 27 Suez Canal 67 Arctic 14 Yangtze (Chiang Jiang) 38 Panama Canal 68 Antarctic 15 Great Lakes 56Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas Copyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • 4 WEATHER HAZARDS AT SEA 80°W 60°W 40°W 20°W 0° 20°E 40°E 60°E 80°E A R C T I C ce kI P ac nt Limit of Permane 80°N FOG June to September B a r e n t s y rl y Ma o Ea er t Oc tob S e a STORMY September WEATHER to May I PS Max. freq. Nov. to Feb. SH ON ON t us E TI ug CR A C A to E il IC pr STORMS F STORMY WEATHER FOG Autumn, Winter A O G Max. freq. October to April SK FO Winter RI STORMY WEATHER October to March STORMS FOG Maximum frequency November to January 60°N Oct. to June FOG FOG June to Sept. Max. freq. North 1 2 STORMY WEATHER Max. freq. June to Sept. October to May 1 FOG Spring, Winter, Maximum frequency Spring July to Aug. Sea 2 FOG Spring, Autumn, Winter, Maximum frequency Spring A T FOG Max. frequency May to September L STORMY WEATHER 40°N November to March Medi terra ne A an Se a N HURRICANE SEASON June to November Maximum frequency Gulf of T August to October Mexico Re 20°N Arabian Bay dS Sea I MONSOON GALES of Bengal Caribbean ea Max. frequency LIABILITY TO Sea C June to August TROPICAL STORMS April, May R MS and Oct. to Dec. TROPICAL O ST STORMS AL r June to October O PIC tobe 0° TR , Oc ber TO une vem O TY ,J o LI May nd N A BI a LI I N D I A N C CYCLONE SEASON E November to Mid-May RISK OF CYCLONES 20°S A November to April N O C E A N 40°S STORMY Especially May to October S O U T H E R N 60°S Ice Shelf 80°W 60°W 40°W 20°W 0° 20°E 40°E 60°E 80°E Time difference in hours from GMT at 15° intervals -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 GMT +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas Copyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • 5 100°E 120°E 140°E 160°E 180° 160°W 140°W 120°W 100°W 80°W O C E A N Many ships are lost at sea each year owing to bad weather or a sudden change in Lim weather. The map shows where fog, tropical 80°N it o fP er storms, heavy seas or ice accretion form a m hazard to shipping at some time during the an en tP ac year. kI ce STORMY WEATHER STORMS September to May Mid Sept. to June Maximum frequency FOG June to September November to March Maximum frequency Laptev July to August Sea FOG May to September Maximum frequency July to August STORMY WEATHER Sept. to March Max. freq. Sept. to Dec. and March Bering STORMS Sea Oct. to June FOG 60°N ON ETION June to Sept. CCR E A o May Max. freq. RISK OF ICE F IC tober t Sea of KO Oc July to Aug. ACCRETION R I S P S FOG : M a x . f r e q u e n c y I Okhotsk SH June to August ON SHIPS October to May FOG: Max. frequency June to August STORMY WEATHER October to March 40°N P A C I F I C FOG Max. freq. June to December East HURRICANE SEASON LIABILITY TO China June to November TROPICAL STORMS TYPHOON SEASON April to November Sea Gulf of Max. frequency August to October May to December Mexico Maximum 20°N TROPICAL STORMS frequency Caribbean South June to October China July to October Sea Sea O C E A N 0° CYCLONE SEASON January to April CYCLONE SEASON 20°S December to March 40°S STORMY Especially May to October INTERNATIONAL DATELINE O C E A N 60°S 100°E 120°E 140°E 160°E 180° 160°W 140°W 120°W 100°W 80°W Time difference in hours from GMT at 15° intervals +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 ±12 -11 -10 -9 -8 -7 -6 -5Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas Copyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • 6 INTERNATIONAL LOAD LINE ZONES 20°W 0° 20°E 40°E 60°E 80°E LOAD LINES A R C T I C (Tropical Fresh Water) TF (Fresh Water) F (Tropical) T O C E A N THIS AREA NOT FORMALLY DELINEATED L R (Summer) S NORTH ATLANTIC (Winter) WINTER SEASONAL ZONE 2 W (Winter North Lloyds Register Atlantic) WNA B a r e n t s S e a 80°W 60°W 40°W SUMMER ZONE for ships over 100m. (328ft.) in length and WINTER SEASONAL AREA for ships of 100m. (328ft.) or less in length. Winter: 1 Nov. to 31 Mar. 60°N Summer: 1 Apr. to 31 Oct. NORTH ATLANTIC WINTER SEASONAL ZONE 1 North SUMMER ZONE for ships over Sea 100m. (328ft.) in length and WINTER SEASONAL AREA for ships NORTH ATLANTIC A of 100m. (328ft.) or less in length. WINTER SEASONAL Winter: 16 Dec. to 15 Mar. AREA Summer: 16 Mar. to 15 Dec. T SUMMER ZONE for ships over 100m. (328ft.) in length and L WINTER SEASONAL AREA for ships of 100m. (328ft.) or less in length. NORTH ATLANTIC Winter: 1 Dec. to 28/29 Feb. A 40°N WINTER SEASONAL ZONE 2 Summer: 1 Mar. to 30 Nov. Medi terra ne an N Se SUMMER ZONE for ships over a 100m. (328ft.) in length and T WINTER SEASONAL AREA for ships of 100m. (328ft.) or less in length. I Gulf of Winter: 1 Nov. to 31 Mar. Mexico Summer: 1 Apr. to 31 Oct. C Re 20°N SUMMER ZONE Arabian Bay dS Sea of Bengal Caribbean e NORTH ATLANTIC a Sea SEASONAL TROPICAL AREA ARABIAN SEA BAY OF BENGAL SEASONAL SEASONAL TROPICAL AREA TROPICAL AREA 0° TROPICAL ZONE O I N D I A N C TROPICAL ZONE TROPICAL ZONE a b SOUTH INDIAN OCEAN SEASONAL TROPICAL E 20°S A N SUMMER ZONE O C E A N SUMMER ZONE SUMMER ZONE 40°S SOUTHERN WINTER SEASONAL ZONE S O U T H E R N 60°S 80°W 60°W 40°W 20°W 0° 20°E 40°E 60°E 80°E Time difference in hours from GMT at 15° intervals -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 GMT +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas Copyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • 7 NORTH ATLANTIC WINTER SEASONAL AREA TROPICAL ZONES SOUTHERN INDIAN OCEAN LOAD LINE ZONES AND Ships over 100m. (328ft.) in length: a: 1 April-30 November (Tropical) SEASONAL AREAS 16 December-15 February (Winter) SEASONAL TROPICAL AREAS 1 December-31 March (Summer) 16 February-15 December (Summer) NORTH ATLANTIC b: 1 May-30 November (Tropical) WINTER SEASONAL ZONES Ships of 100m. (328ft.) or less in length: 1 November-15 July (Tropical) 1 December-30 April (Summer) NORTH ATLANTIC ZONE 1 & NORTH PACIFIC ZONE 1 November-31 March (Winter) 16 July-31 October (Summer) NORTH PACIFIC 16 October-15 April (Winter) 1 April-31 October (Summer) ARABIAN SEA a: 1 April-31 October (Tropical) 16 April-15 October (Summer) 1 September-31 May (Tropical) 1 November-31 March (Summer) SOUTHERN ZONE SUMMER ZONES 1 June-31 August (Summer) b: 1 March-30 June (Tropical) 16 April-15 October (Winter) BAY OF BENGAL 1 July-31 October (Summer) 16 October-15 April (Summer) SEASONAL SUMMER ZONES 1 December-30 April (Tropical) 1 November-30 November (Tropical) Ships over 100m. (328ft.) in length: 1 May-30 November (Summer) 1 December-28/29 February (Summer) NORTH ATLANTIC WINTER SEASONAL ZONE 2 as Summer Zones CHINA SEA SOUTH PACIFIC 1 November-31March (Winter) Ships of 100m. (328ft.) or less in length: 21 January-30 April (Tropical) 1 April-30November (Tropical) 1 April-31 October (Summer) as Winter Seasonal Areas 1 May-20 January (Summer) 1 December-31 March (Summer) Crown Copyright. Reproduced from Admiralty Chart D6083 with the permission of the Controller of Her Majestys Stationery Office and the Hydrographer of the Navy. 120°E 140°E 160°E 180° 160°W 140°W 120°W 100°W 80°W THIS AREA NOT FORMALLY NORTH ATLANTIC Laptav DELINEATED WINTER SEASONAL ZONE 2 Sea SUMMER ZONE for ships over 100m. (328ft.) in length and WINTER SEASONAL AREA for ships of 100m. (328ft.) or less in length. Bering Winter: 1 Dec. to 28/29 Feb. Summer: 1 Mar. to 30 Nov. Sea 60°N NORTH ATLANTIC WINTER SEASONAL AREA NORTH PACIFIC WINTER SEASONAL ZONE 40°N P A C I F I C East NORTH PACIFIC CHINA SEA China SUMMER ZONE SEASONAL TROPICAL SUMMER ZONE SEASONAL TROPICAL Sea AREA Gulf of AREA b Mexico a 20°N NORTH PACIFIC SEASONAL TROPICAL AREA South Caribbean China Sea Sea O C E A N TROPICAL ZONE 0° TROPICAL ZONE AREA SOUTH PACIFIC SEASONAL SOUTH PACIFIC TROPICAL AREA 20°S SEASONAL TROPICAL AREA SUMMER ZONE 40°S SOUTHERN WINTER SEASONAL ZONE O C E A N 60°S 100°E 120°E 140°E 160°E 180° 160°W 140°W 120°W 100°W 80°W Time difference in hours from GMT at 15° intervals +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 ±12 -11 -10 -9 -8 -7 -6 -5Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas Copyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • 8 NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN 90°W 75°W 60°W Marmorilik 45°W 30°W S core Baffin Bay Gul Boothia B C. Christian a yS sb Peninsula ound f o f B f fi oo C. Raper Disko thi n a Is Greenland Melville it la (DNK) a Da Peninsula tr nd vi S Sisimiut Kangerlussuaq s S Arctic Circle C. Dyer rk Foxe a tra Cu m Basin mb en erl it Southampton d C. Mercey an So IC D Island un REYKJAVIK C. Dorset Iqaluit d Nuuk Vestmannaeyjar Fr H ds ob u Coats ish Island on er Ba Mansel St y Island ra i t Labrador 60°N C. Chidley Ungava C. Farewell Churchill Hudson Bay Bay Sea C. Tatnam Churchill Belcher Islands C A N A D A Ja mes Ba y Lake Goose Bay Winnipeg y an Alb Seven Islands Anticosti Newfoundland N O R T H Thunder Bay Lake Gulf of Superior St. Lawrence St. Johns Quebec Ca Duluth Sault Ste. Marie b St. Pierre C. Race ot Montreal y nce M S 45°N Saint John and Miquelon tra i iss OTTAWA i r (FRA) e Lake wa La w t ssi Huron S t. Sea pp Lake Halifax Portland Sable Island i Michigan Toronto Gulf of Lake Maine Detroit Ontario Boston Chicago Lake Erie C. Cod Pla Toledo Cleveland New York tte Philadelphia Baltimore Azores (PRT) Misso WASHINGTON uri UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Newport News C. Charles Ponta Delgada Ark e Norfolk ppi e ns ss A T L A N T I C a as ne C. Hatteras issi n Te iss Wilmington M Re d Charleston Bermuda (GBR) Savannah Hamilton Mobile 30°N New Orleans Jacksonville Houston Port Arthur Freeport Galveston Ri Tampa oG Corpus Christi ran Freeport Miami de Gulf of Mexico NASSAU MEX BAHAMAS Tropic of Cancer Yu HAVANA Tampico ca C IC t an U B A C O MEXICO CITY DOMINICAN ha Veracruz HAITI REPUBLIC nn SANTO DOMINGO PORT AU PRINCE O C E A N el Coatzacoalcos BELMOPAN San Juan ANTIGUA and BARBUDA C JAMAICA KINGSTON Puerto Salina Cruz BELIZE a r Rico ST. KITTS (USA) 15°N GUATEMALA Puerto Cortes i bb NEVIS DOMINICA CAPE VERDE GUATEMALA CITY HONDURAS ea n S ea PRAIA EL SALVADOR TEGUCIGALPA Netherlands ST. VINCENT ST. LUCIA SAN SALVADOR Antilles (NLD) BARBADOS Corinto MANAGUA Amuay Bay GRENADA Willemstad NICARAGUA Barranquilla Maracaibo La Guaira PORT OF SPAIN SAN JOSE Puerto Limon Puerto TRINIDAD AND Balboa Cartagena CARACAS TOBAGO PA Cabello COSTA RICA N A M A PANAMA CITY Orinoco lema GEORGETOWN VENEZUELA P A C I F I C GU a PARAMARIBO Ma gd BOGOTA SUR Cocos YA Malpelo French (CRI) IN (COL) Buenaventura Guiana NA M A COLOMBIA E (FRA) St. Peter and 0° O C E A N Equator St. Paul Rocks QUITO Negro ECUADOR J ap Galapagos Islands ura Belem Guayaquil n (ECU) Manaus azo Am Fortaleza Fernando Noronha non Ma ra B R A Z I L C. S. Roque PERU Jurua ra ei ad M 90°W 75°W 60°W 45°W Recife 30°WLloyd’s Maritime Atlas Copyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • 0 720 Scale at 45°N in Nautical Miles 9 15°W 0° 15°E North Cape 30°E 45°E Novaya 60°E Jan Mayen Zemlya Island Hammerfest (NOR) A r c t i c O c e a n Barents Sea Tromso Kirkenes Kolguyev Murmansk C. Kanin Narvik Y Naryan Mar L A N D Arctic Circle A Mo i Rana N Lulea Kemi White Mezen W r a Akureyri N o r w e g i a n Sea ho Pec E a niELAND Oulu Archangel R th D S e a Umea o N O f B Trondheim D E vin I f o a N Sundsvall Lake F Faroes Lake Ladoga Gul (DNK) Torshavn Onega Shetland Bergen W Gefle Turku Kotka Vyborg Islands OSLO HELSINKI 60°N S f Finla nd Lake STOCKHOLM Gulf o St. Petersburg es Orkney Stavanger Vanern TALLINN ri d Islands ESTONIA eb k North rra a O u t er H S k a ge Gothenburg RUSSIA Se Aberdeen Aalborg lg a ma Sea RIGA Vo Ka DENMARK Helsingborg LATVIA ic Glasgow Grangemouth COPENHAGEN MOSCOW Vo lt Malmo Klaipeda lg a UNITED Esbjerg Belfast Ba LITHUANIA Tees KINGDOM Gdynia VILNIUS Hull Rostock DUBLIN MINSK Immingham Bremerhaven Hamburg Szczecin IRELAND Liverpool Emden Felixstowe NETH. Bremen BERLIN WARSAW BELARUS AMSTERDAM a Bristol LONDON Dover Rotterdam lg Ural Cork GERMANY POLAND Vo Southampton BE Antwerp L. KIEV Falmouth Dunkirk PRAGUE Dn ha nnel BRUSSELS ep ish C Le Havre CZECH r E ngl LUX. REPUBLIC Don PARIS e SLOVAKIA UKRAINE KAZAKHSTAN Se ine Brest ub VIENNA in an BRATISLAVA Rh e D MOLDOVA n Vo BERNE AUSTRI A BUDAPEST Do l ga St. Nazaire . CHISINAU Aral Nantes ITZ LJUBLJANA HUNGARY Odessa SW Trieste SL Sea FRANCE Venice ROMANIA Bay of Rijeka ZAGREB 45°N CR Biscay Bordeaux Genoa Ravenna B-H BELGRADE BUCHAREST Novorossiysk I OA A Constantza Ca s SARAJEVO Danube T Leghorn ia dr TI ti c SERB Black Sea UZBEKISTAN A BULGARIA Varna A C. Finisterre Corunna Bilbao Marseilles S e MONT GEORGIA pi a a SOFIA L Vigo Corsica TBILISI AL Barcelona ROME Durres SKOPJE Y n BA NIA Leixoes Naples AZERBAIJAN PORTUGAL SPAIN Thessaloniki Istanbul S ea ANKARA ARMENIA TIRANA BAKU MADRID Sardinia EREVAN Valencia Aegean TURKMENISTAN T U R K E Y G LISBON Cagliari Sea M e d i Palermo Izmir ASHKHABAD R Setubal Piraeus La Goulette t E Sao Vicente ALGIERS Sicily E C Mersin Iskenderun Cadiz Gibraltar (GBR) Skikda TUNIS E e r MALTA TUNISIA VALLETTA Lattakia CYPRUS TEHRAN Tig Ceuta (ESP) Oran Sfax r Nador a Crete Limassol NICOSIA SYRIA ri Casablanca RABAT n e a n LEB. Eu s BAGHDAD Madeira (PRT) e a S BEIRUT DAMASCUS ph ra I R A N O Haifa te Funchal C C TRIPOLI ISRAEL AMMAN s IRAQ O Benghazi JERUSALEM R Alexandria Bandar Imam Khomeini Agadir Port Said JORDAN Basrah 30°N O M CAIRO Suez KUWAIT KUWAIT Santa Cruz de Tenerife Aqaba Shuaiba Pe Gul A L G E R I A Bandar Abbas rsi f Las Palmas Ni anCanary Islands L I B Y A Jubail le (ESP) Dammam Mina Sulman WESTERN EGYPT SAUDI BAHRAIN QATAR Dubai DOHA SAHARA Yanbu RIYADH ABU DHABI Port Sultan Qaboos R (Disputed) Tropic of Cancer U.A.E. ed Jeddah ARABIA MUSCAT N S eC.Blanc Nouadhibou A Port Sudan MAURITANIA M a O NOUAKCHOTT M A L I N I G E R Ni le ERITREA Salalah N CHAD Massawa ige DAKAR KHARTOUM SANA YEMEN 15°N r SENEGAL Lake ASMARA Hodeidah Blu NIAMEY THE BAMAKO Chad SUDAN Assab eNGAMBIA BANJUL NDJAMENA Socotra OUAGADOUGOU Aden Nile ile GUINEA BISSAU BURKINA FASO DJIBOUTI DJIBOUTI Ras Asir BISSAU GUINE NIGERIA hite ETHIOPIA BENIN CONAKRY A ABUJA TOGO e W SIERRA nu ADDIS ABABA FREETOWN LEONE Niger Be IVORY GHANA I N D I A N IA PORTO NOVO CENTRAL LI BE COAST RI Lagos MONROVIA Tema L A ABIDJAN Cotonou AFRICAN REPUBLIC ACCRA LOME A Warri CAMEROON M MALABO YAOUNDE C. Palmas BANGUI Gulf of Douala O A O SAO TOME O C E A N S ND EQ. Co Guinea NG and ng MOGADISCIO GUINEA KENYA A Equator PRINCIPE o KAMPALA Equator 0° LIBREVILLE UG CO Port Gentil GABON go DEMOCRATIC Lake NAIROBI on RWANDA E C Victoria TH REPUBLIC BURUNDI BRAZZAVILLE OF CONGO Pointe Noire Mombasa PORT VICTORIA KINSHASA TANZANIA Matadi DODOMA SEYCHELLES ANGOLA Dar es Salaam 15°W Ascension (GBR) 0° LUANDA 15°E 30°E 45°E 60°ELloyd’s Maritime Atlas Copyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • 10 ATLANTIC and INDIAN OCEANS 80°W 60°W 40°W 20°W DUBLIN UNITED 0° BERLIN 20°E James IRELAND KINGDOM Rotterdam AMSTERDAM Bay NETH. GERMANY POLAN Cork LONDON Dunkirk Antwerp Southampton BEL. Bonn PRAGUE a nnel BRUSSELS Newfoundland h Ch C A N A D A glis LUX. CZECH REP En Le Havre PARIS VIENNA SLOV Gulf of St. Lawrence BERNE AUSTRIA Quebec St Johns St. Nazaire Z. BUDAPEST G FRANCE S WIT H UN Montreal nce C. Race Trieste BELGRADE Saint John Bay of Venice OTTAWA re Bordeaux Rijeka aw ay Biscay Genoa Toronto . L aw Sable B-H St Se IT Halifax Island C. Finisterre Bilbao Marseilles Leghorn A Lake Corunna Boston Corsica ROME MONT L Lake Ontario C. Cod N O R T H MADRID Y Barcelona GAL Erie New York Leixoes 40°N Naples SPAIN U Philadelphia Sardina PORT Baltimore LISBON WASHINGTON Azores Setubal M e d i t e Ponta Delgada ALGIERS Skikda Sicily r r (PRT) C. de Sao Vicente Norfolk Cadiz Gibraltar TUNIS MALTA U.S.A. Ceuta (ESP) (GBR) Oran n a TUNISIA C. Hatteras RABAT e VALLETTA a n Wilmington Madeira Casablanca Charleston TRIPOLI Savannah Bermuda (GBR) A T L A N T I C Funchal (PRT) C C O Agadir Jacksonville Canary Islands (ESP) RO O M Las Palmas ALGERIA Miami L I B Y WESTERN NASSAU SAHARA BAHAMAS Tropic of Cancer (Disputed) CUBA DOMINICAN Puerto O C E A N C. Blanc Nouadhibou 20°N REPUBLIC Rico JAMAICA HAITI (USA) MAURITANIA ANTIGUA and NOUAKCHOTT I SANTO BARBUDA KINGSTON PORT AU DOMINGO ST. KITTS- L NIGER N PRINCE A ig Ca NEVIS DOMINICA CAPE VERDE CHA e DAKAR r r i bbea SENEGAL M Lake n S ea ST. LUCIA BARBADOS PRAIA BAMAKO O Chad ST. VINCENT and the THE GAMBIA FAS GRENADA GRENADINES BISSAU NA OUAGADOUGOU KI Maracaibo La Guaira GUINEA-BISSAU UINE NDJAMENA Barranquilla TRINIDAD G A BENIN R NIGERIA BU AND CONAKRY NA ABUJA e TOG CARACAS TOBAGO NAMA FREETOWN nu PA Orinoc o Be GHA SIERRA LEONE IVORY O LI BE Niger VENEZUELA GEORGETOWN COAST Cotonou Lagos GUYA RI CENTRAL PARAMARIBO MONROVIA A SUR Tema CAMEROON REP BOGOTA French ABIDJAN LOME Warri Douala BANGUI INA COLOMBIA M Guiana C. Palmas NA E (FRA) MALABO YAOUNDE Gulf of EQ. G St. Peter and SAO TOME UINE A St. Paul Rocks Guinea and O 0° QUITO Equator LIBREVILLE C OT H E NG PRINCIPE J a pur a Negro n Port Gentil GABON go ECUADOR A ma z o Belem on C Xingu Guayaquil Manaus BRAZZAVILLE Fortaleza Fernando Noronha Pointe Noire s ira ajo e C. S. Roque Cabinda ad KINSHASA p Jurua Ta M Matadi P ns Ascension (GBR) Recife Toca nti a LUANDA ai E Ara gu co ncis R Callao Lobito ANGO Sao Fra LIMA B R A Z I L U Salvador Namibe LA PAZ BRASILIA St. Helena (GBR) BOLIVIA 20°S S O U T H Vitoria Trinidade Martin Vaz NAMIBIA WINDHOEK PARAGUAY Rio de Janeiro Tropic of Capricorn Walvis Bay Antofagasta Santos ASUNCION E Paranagua PA C I F I C ay gu na A T L A N T I C Ora n ru Pa ra U A L OCEAN N Valparaiso Rio Grande URUGUAY Rosario Cape Town T I SANTIAGO MONTEVIDEO Cape of Good Hope BUENOS AIRES Ri v er I Pla te Tristan da Cunha (GBR) E N Bahia Blanca 40°S O C E A N H A R G Gough Island (GBR) Puerto Madryn C Comodoro Rivadavia Falkland Islands (GBR) Punta Arenas Stanley S O U T H E R Tierra del Fuego South Georgia C. San Juan (GBR) Bouvet Island (NOR) C. Horn South e S c o t i a S e a sa g Sandwich as Islands Dra k e P (GBR) 80°W 60°W 40°W 20°W 0° 20°ELloyd’s Maritime Atlas Copyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • 0 1200 Scale at 0°N in Nautical Miles 11 BELARUS 40°E 60°E 80°E 100°E Lake 120°E a Vo lg RUSSIA Baykal IrtD Don ys RUSSIA h ASTANA KIEV Ural UKRAINE D neAKI A pr KAZAKHSTAN ULAN BATOR Y MOLDOVA n VoAR Do l ga Lake CHISINAU Odessa Sea of Balkhash MONGOLIA ROMANIA BUCHAREST Azov Aral Novorossiysk Da nube Constantza SeaSERB Ca BULGARIA Varna B l a c k Sea BISHKEK UZBEKISTAN spi SOFIA GEORGIA TBILISI KYRGYZSTAN an Thessaloniki Istanbul BAKU TASHKENT BEIJING 40°N ANKARA ARMENIA S eaGR AZERBAIJAN TURKMENISTAN Am EEC Izmir TURKEY ASHKHABAD u D TAJIKISTAN Xingang ar E Piraeus ya DUSHANBE ) Iskenderun ow ell Ti Y KABUL Indus CYPRUS Lattakia SYRIA up TEHRAN C H I N A e( gr Huang H E is Limassol LEB. hra ISLAMABAD S e t BAGHDAD AFGHANISTAN BEIRUT es a Haifa DAMASCUS I R A N ISRAEL AMMAN IRAQ N Nanjing Port Said JERUSALEM A Alexandria Bandar Imam Khomeini T tze Shanghai Suez JORDAN Basrah ng IS CAIRO KUWAIT NE Ya PA Mekon K Pe ulf Nil Aqaba KUWAIT DELHI THIMPU Bandar Abbas s L PA rsi du G eA tra an Dammam Mina Sulman In KATHMANDU BHUTAN EGYPT SAUDI Gan Bra hm a pu g BAHRAIN ga TAIPEI QATAR Dubai Fujairah Karachi (Gan Yanbu RIYADH ABU DHABI Port Sultan Qaboos ges) BANGLADESH Tropic of Cancer R DHAKA U.A.E. MUSCAT ed Kolkata Chittagong TAIWAN Jeddah Ras al Hadd ARABIA Kandla MYANMAR HANOI N Arabian INDIA Hong Kong eer le 20°N A Se Irra Haikou Ni Bay of S ea w LAOS Luzon Port Sudan M Sal Sea Mumbai wa d Bengal Hainan Strait VI O VIENTIANE a E T Mekong d ishn Visakhapatnam ERITREA Mina Raysut Kr YANGON NA a MassawaD KHARTOUM YEMEN Mormugao na SANA THAILAND M n Hodeidah de Blue ASMARA BANGKOK MANILA SUDAN Assab Aden f of A New Mangalore Chennai hi Socotra Andaman Andaman CAMBODIA Gul Nile and e DJIBOUTI Lakshadweep Sea PHNOM PENH e Nil PHILIPPINES C DJIBOUTI Ras Asir Nicobar (IND) Ho Chi Minh City ADDIS ABABA Kochi Islands Gulf of hit h (IND) Thailand t W SRI ETHIOPIA C. Comorin LANKA ou AAFRICAN COLOMBO St S ra LIUBLIC it Penang Sandakan Dondra Head of A Labuan MALAYSI M MALDIVES A BRUNEI M SO al DA Belawan KUALA LUMPUR ac m a Co N Port Klang ca ng MOGADISCIO Kuching A Su o UG KENYA Equator SINGAPORE 0° KAMPALA Borneo te rDEMOCRATIC Lake NAIROBI I N D I A N a RWANDA Victoria IN Sulawesi REPUBLIC BURUNDI DO Mombasa PORT VICTORIA OF CONGO DODOMA S British NESIA LE Indian Ocean Lake Dar es Salaam EL JAKARTA Tanganyika T A N Z A N I A H Territory J a w a Surabaya YC (GBR) Aldabra SE Agalega Christmas Island MALA COMOROS C. Amber (MUS)LA Timor LILONGWE Lake Nyasa O C E A N Cocos Islands (AUS) (AUS) Sea W ZAMBIA Nacala el UE I nn Za mbez i AR LUSAKA Q Tromelin (FRA) ha BI HARARE SC eC Toamasina M GA u ANTANANARIVO ZA ZIMBABWE Rodrigues 20°S bi q Beira PORT LOUIS Port Hedland MO DA MAURITIUS zam Pointe des Reunion North West Cape Dampier MABOTSWANA Galets (FRA) Mo Tropic of Capricorn PRETORIAGABORONE MAPUTO C. St. Marie MBABANE SWAZILAND AUSTRALIA MASERUgeSOUTH Durban LESOTHOAFRICA Fremantle Port Elizabeth C. Leeuwin Amsterdam Island St. Paul Island (FRA) (FRA) 40°S Crozet Islands Prince Edward Island (FRA) (ZAF) Kerguelen (FRA) N O C E A N Heard Island (AUS) 40°E 60°E 80°E 100°E 120°ELloyd’s Maritime Atlas Copyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • 12 PACIFIC OCEAN 90°E 120°E 150°E 180° A R C T I C East Siberian Sea Wrangel Gulf of Ob C. Shelagskiy a Len C. Lisburne a Yenisei rk a gi lym di Point Hope Ko In Chukchi Sea Arctic Circle t ai S tr R U S S I A ng B eri Ob St. Lawrence C. Navarin Lena 60°N a ul Nunivak ns O ni b B e r i n g Pe atka Sea of Beringa S e a K am c h Lake Okhotsk Dutch Harbour Baykal sl an ASTANA ur Sakhalin n I Am C. Lopatka tia Aleu KAZAKHSTAN ds Lake ULAN BATOR an Balkhash Kholmsk MONGOLIA sl Nevelsk I e il International Date Line Aral r Sea Nakhodka Ku BISHKEK KYRGYZSTAN Hokkaido UZBEKISTAN Qinhuangdao N. KOREA Sea of Japan BEIJING Nampo (East Sea) Honshu TAJIKISTAN Xingang Dalian TURKMENISTAN Incheon JAPAN S. KOREA Ulsan Nagoy Indu C H I N A e H s Hua ng ) Busan Kobe a TOKYO KABUL ISLAMABAD ( Yellow Mizushima Osaka Yokohama AFGHANISTAN M Shimizu ek Moji N on Nanjing 30°N TA Salween g Shanghai East Kyushu H IS tze Ya aw s ze NE g n gt China and K us DELHI PA Yan ai A nd L Sea ia a ddy P BHUTAN Ogasawara n Isl I Is Islands yu Karachi a Keelung k aw Gang BANGLADESH u Tropic of Cancer Ry I rr Huangpu TAIWAN I N D I A Kolkata Chittagong Hong Kong Kaohsiung Arabian Mumbai MYANMAR HANOI L uz on S tra i t Philippine LAOS Northern Wake Island VI Sea Bay of VIENTIANE Hainan ET Mariana (USA) Johnston Atoll YANGON Sea NA Mormugao Bengal THAILAND Islands M South MANILA (USA) New Mangalore Chennai Andaman BANGKOK CAMBODIA PHILIPPINES Guam China (USA) Apra MARSHALL ISLANDS and PHNOM PENH Ho Chi Lakshadweep Kochi Nicobar Minh City Sea Cebu (IND) COLOMBO SRI Islands (IND) Penang Sulu Sea Sandakan Davao P A C I F I C LANKA M A L A Y S I A BRUNEI PALAU MALDIVES Belawan KUALA LUMPUR Celebes FEDERATED STATES Port Klang Kuching Sea OF MICRONESIA Su 0° Equator Gilbert SINGAPORE m I N Borneo Islands at Phoenix er NAURU D O Sulawesi Irian Islands a British N E S Jaya PAPUA Rabaul KIRIBAT Indian Ocean JAKARTA Surabaya I A Banda Sea NEW GUINEA Territory SOLOMON Jawa EAST TIMOR (GBR) PORT MORESBY ISLANDS Christmas Island Arafura Sea HONIARA TUVALU (AUS) C. York Cocos Islands Timor Sea Wallis and (AUS) Darwin Gulf of Futuna Is. SAMOA American Carpentaria Coral Sea (FRA) APIA Samoa VANUATU C. Leveque PORT VILA SUVA TONGA Rodrigues Niue Port Hedland Townsville New FIJI (NZL) (MUS) North West Cape Dampier Caledonia NUKUALOFA Tropic of Capricorn (FRA) Noumea A U S T R A L I A Gladstone I N D I A N O C E A N Brisbane Norfolk Island 30°S (AUS) International Date Line Fremantle Lord Howe Is. Kermadec Newcastle (AUS) Islands C. Leeuwin Great Sydney (NZL) Adelaide Port Kembla Australia Bight Whangarei CANBERRA Amsterdam Island Auckland Tauranga Melbourne (FRA) St. Paul Island a it New Plymouth (FRA) Ba ss Str Tasman Sea Napier Launceston NEW WELLINGTON Hobart ZEALAND Lyttelton Chatham Islands Timaru (NZL) Bluff Dunedin Bounty Islands (NZL) Kerguelen (FRA) Antipodes Islands Auckland Islands (NZL) Campbell Island Heard Island (AUS) Macquarie Island (AUS) 90°E 120°E S O 150°E U T H E 180° R NLloyd’s Maritime Atlas Copyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • 0 1800 Scale at 20°N in Nautical Miles 13 150°W Banks 120°W 90°W 60°W Island O C E A N Gulf of Point Barrow Ba Baffin Bay Beaufort Sea Victoria Island ff Amundsen C. Bathurst in Gulf Bo hi Greenland Pipe laska ot Is Tuktoyaktuk a la line (DNK) s-A nd Da v i Tran Arctic Circle Foxe s St ALASKA Basin on Ma Great Bear Yuk Yu ck r ait Lake Southampton ko U. S. A. en n Island z ie Hu on ds S tra Anchorage Great Slave it Labrador Valdez Lake C. Chidley 60°N Skagway Ungava C. Farewell ce Hudson Bay Bay Sea Pea la Gulf of C A N A D A su Bristol n ni Kodiak Bay Pe Island Alaska lson a ca k as Ne as Al ab h At J a mes Prince Rupert ewa n Queen ka tch Sa s ds Charlotte ay B Islands Lake Vancouver Winnipeg Island Vancouver Newfoundland Lake Nanaimo Fraser River Port Superior Gulf of Seattle Duluth Quebec St. Lawrence St. Johns Mi Tacoma ssouri Montreal Saint John Portland Lake OTTAWA Lake TorontoHuron Lake Halifax Coos Bay Michigan Ontario Boston Chicago Detroit Lake Toledo Erie New York NORTH UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Philadelphia i o WASHINGTON Baltimore Oakland Oh do San Francisco Colora Norfolk ATLANTIC i ipp Los Angeles Long Beach Wilmington Mississ Rio Charleston Bermuda Mobile Savannah Gr (GBR) 30°N Go nd Houston a e Jacksonville lfo Guadalupe Galveston New Orleans Tampa de OCEAN Ca Miami lilan Gulf of Mexico for ds BAHAMAS Tropic of Cancer ni (US a A) HAVANA Mazatlan Tampico CUBAHonolulu MEXICO DOMINICAN L MEXICO CITY HAITI REPUBLIC es Manzanillo Coatzacoalcos JAMAICA s Hawaii Revillagigedo San Puerto er BELIZE Islands Salina Cruz C KINGSTON ar Rico Juan (USA) Antilles HONDURAS i bbe a n S ea GUATEMALA EL SALVADOR NICARAGUA Corinto Barranquilla Maracaibo La Guaira Clipperton COSTA (FRA) Balboa CARACAS O C E A N RICA Orinoco GEORGETOWN GUYA PANAMA VENEZUELA SU R Cocos BOGOTA PARAMARIBO (CRI) Buenaventura French INA Guiana N Malpelo COLOMBIA A M (COL) (FRA) E Li Galapagos Islands QUITO Equator 0° ne (ECU) Guayaquil ECUADOR Ama z on Belem z on ( Solimoes) Manaus Ama Isl C. S. RoqueI an ds Marquesas Recife Islands PERU Tuam Callao LIMA BRAZIL otu Salvador Society Ar ch LA PAZ BRASILIA Cook Islands i Papeete pe Islands BOLIVIA la (NZL) French Polynesia go (FRA) Vitoria PARAGUAY Rio de Janeiro C. de Sao Tome Australes Tropic of Capricorn Islands Antofagasta ASUNCION Santos Pitcairn San Felix Is. San Islands (GBR) Easter Island Sala y Gomez Ambrosio Is. Paranagua na (CHL) (CHL) E (CHL) Para ay gu 30°S ru L U Rosario URUGUAY Rio Grande I Valparaiso SANTIAGO H Juan Fernandez BUENOS AIRES MONTEVIDEO Islands Ri v er (CHL) ARGENTINA Pla te C Bahia Blanca SOUTH ATLANTIC OCEAN Tierra del Falkland Punta Arenas Islands Fuego (GBR) South Georgia (GBR) C. Horn e O C E A N a ssa g Dra k e P 150°W 120°W 90°W 60°WLloyd’s Maritime Atlas Copyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • 0 720 14 ARCTIC Scale at 70°N in Nautical Miles 160°W 180° 160°E I C O C E 40 °N C I F °N 40 A N P A d s 50°N Constantine n l a Adak Harbour a n d s I s l I s Kiska Harbour i l e an u r ti K u C. Lopatka le e A Lin Dutch Harbour Beringa e Petropavlovsk- at B e r i n g lD Kamchatskiy na S e a tio Pribilof Ust-Kamchatsk Poronaysk a Islands rn S e a Shakhtersk te Chignik Kamchatka Uglegorsk In o f Sakhalin E 14 Bristol Peninsula 0° Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalinskiy 0° 60°N 14 Bay W De Kastri Amur O k h o t s k Okha Lazarev Kodiak Moskalvo Naknek Nunivak C. Navarin Korf Nikolayevsk Mago Yukon St. Lawrence Anadyrskiy Gulf of Alaska Nikiski Drift River Anadyr Magadan Bay Nome Ber Anchorage Provideniya Okhotsk ing S Valdez Sitka A L A S K A Arctic Circle tra it UNITED STATES OF Chukchi Fairbanks N AMERICA Sea M H RY Kolyma IA S 70°N KO O Pevek Tran LU I B O IT U Yukon Y RIT Wrangel C. Shelagskiy Pipe C BR s-Ala R ka E a st S i b Indigir line TE er i sk Yakutsk an a Point Barrow I ce S Prudhoe Bay a ck n tP ea 120 Ma ckenz ie Beaufort ne °E a °W a te li mi t of Per m 120 Sea xim Tuktoyaktuk pro Ap R McKinley Bay A Great New na Bear Siberian Tiksi Le Lake Great Islands S U Slave 80°N IE Lake Amundsen D Gulf Laptev OR Banks Is. Sea RIT S Victoria Is. A TER 100°E 100°W Melville Is. ce kI Queen S ac P Elizabeth ARCTIC t Prince of en NORTH WEST an Wales Is. Bathurst Is. Islands erm Little Cornwallis Island N Resolute of P hia Severnaya I oot NORTH imit fB Zemlya fo POLE ul proxima te l Devon Is. Igarka Dudinka G Yenisei Nanisivik Ellesmere Is. i Dikson ise A OCEAN Yen A Na r K a r a Gulf of Ap es Stra it 80°E 80°W Foxe Pituffik Sea Qaanaaq Basin North Star Bay Franz Baffin Uummannaq Josef Baffin Bay Land Gulf of Ob C Island Novaya Zemlya Iqaluit Salekhard Upernavik 80°N Ny Aalesund Barents it Greenland Longyearbyen Ob r a Disko Marmorilik Barentsburg Sea St Uummannaq (DNK) is Qeqertarsuaq Svalbard av Aasiaat Ilulissat (NOR) D Naryan Mar 60 °E 60°W Sisimiut Qasigiannguit Bear Is. Kolguyev Pe Maniitsoq Kangerlussuaq Greenland (NOR) ch ora 60 C. Kanin °N Sea °N Nuuk 60 Kangerluarsoruseq Scoresb North Cape Mezen Hammerfest Murmansk yS Jan Mayen Kirkenes Paamiut ound Island Kangilinnguit (NOR.) Tromso Umba Archangel Ivittuut White Sea Narsaq Narsarsuaq Ammassalik 70°N Narvik Keret Onega Qaqortoq tra i t rk S ma A Nanortalik n De Kemi T Lulea S W E D E N L Akureyri Mo i Rana Oulu B othnia A Arctic Circle FINLAND AY ICELAND N T Hafnarfjordur REYKJAVIK Seydhisfjordur Vo lga IC Umea RW Vestmannaeyjar lf of Norwegian Sea Vyborg O Trondheim Kotka d St. Petersburg Gu NO C Sundsvall an a inl lg HELSINKI MOSCOW E F Vo of A Faroes Torshavn Gavle Turku ulf TALLINN 40°W N 20°W (DNK) 0° G 20°E ESTONIA 40°ELloyd’s Maritime Atlas Copyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • 0 720 Scale at 60°S in Nautical Miles ANTARCTIC 15 120°W 100°W 80°W Comodoro Rivadavia 60°W ARGENTINA AT C H LA N I L E Rio Gallegos T IC Punta Arenas Falkland O N Tierra del Fuego Islands C E EA Ushuaia (GBR) A °S Mare Harbour Stanley N 50 C Harbour O Dr ak C. Horn e IC Pa ss IF ag e C E A N 14 O C A 0° W °W 40 P 60 °S N South Shetland Is. R (GBR) R Bellingshausen Sea Faraday (UKR) Palmer (USA) R General Bernardo OHiggins (CHL)R South S E R R Esperanza (ARG) Georgia R co R Peter I Is. South (GBR) Vicecomodoro ti R Orkney Is. H General San Martin R Marambio (ARG) a le e (GBR) rc sea ic (ARG) Antarctic Peninsula Ci t of S ten ea tic T c ex Thurston Is. ar um d Alexander Is. nt an im U A in L em °S South 70 Amundsen Sea r at Sandwich Is. e im m Ellsworth (GBR) O l ox Pa pr Ap Land App We d d e l l S e a nd S roxi Ronne 160 °W La 20°W ma te minimum e Russkaya R d Ice Shelf (RUS) B yr r e ie °S s s a Berkner Is. i c ar 80 L e General Belgrano II c t M R xte Filchner (ARG) r nt Coats t a Ice Shelf of Land n sea A ice Q u R Georg von Neumeyer Roosevelt Is. (DEU) e Ross Sea e R Sanae (ZAF) n 180° Scott Is. Ross Ice Shelf SOUTH 0° International Date Line POLE Lazarev M Sea a u McMurdo (USA) R Scott (NZL) Dakshin Gangotri (IND) d R n d Novolazarevskaya R Victoria La (RUS) L a n Balleny Islands R Leningradskaya °S a 80 Riiser-Larsen (RUS) c i Sea Oates Land d °E t 20°E 160 G c r r George V e t a Land a t n e r A R Syowa (JPN) Dumont d R Dumont dUrville °S an d Urville (FRA) 70 L R Molodezhnaya (RUS) by Ma La Sea W r il c R nd de Wilhelm ke En obe s Princess Amery La Ice rtso nd Elizabeth Shelf Land R n Mawson (AUS) II La Queen Mary R Davis (AUS) App Casey (AUS) Land rc l e nd rox R Ci ima Mirny (RUS) rcti c °S te m Anta inim R 60 0° E um 40 14 exte nt o °E f sea ice Davis Sea S O U N T H A °S E R N O C E 50 Crozet Is. (FRA) R Macdonald Is. Heard Is. (AUS) (AUS) R Kerguelen (FRA) INDI AN OCEAN °S 40 120°E 100°E 80°E 60°ELloyd’s Maritime Atlas Copyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • 61°N 12°W 10°30W 9°W 7°30W 6°W 4°30W 3°W 1°30W 0° 1°30E 16 London Southampton 211 Southampton Bristol 536 345 Bristol 61°NLloyd’s Maritime Atlas Cork 531 340 224 Cork Muckle Flugga Dublin 587 396 233 173 Dublin Liverpool 652 461 288 252 117 Liverpool Glasgow 755 564 394 348 188 219 Glasgow 60°N Aberdeen 431 535 748 696 540 570 497 Aberdeen Sullom Voe Leith 413 511 827 775 619 649 576 85 Leith Shetland Islands Tees 291 395 720 715 689 719 646 161 131 Tees Lerwick Scalloway Hull 229 324 649 644 700 765 742 262 237 121 Hull 60°N Harwich 86 185 510 505 561 626 729 363 343 221 162 Fair Isle 59°N Pierowall Harbour North Rona Orkney Islands 59°N Kirkwall Stromness Scapa Flow Pe Flotta nt la n St. Margarets Hope d Fi A T L A N T I C Cape Wrath rth 0 10 Duncansby Head Tyne, Tees s Nautical Miles Butt of Lewis Scrabster e 1°30W Blyth 1° d 58°N Wick North Tynemouth i 55°N Shields Wallsend South Shields r Stornoway Lybster Newcastle Tyne Dock Lewis Tyne Gateshead Jarrow b North UNITED KINGDOM and IRELAND Sunderland 58°N e St. Kilda O C E A N Minch Ullapool Seaham H Lochmaddy Invergordon Nigg th Lossiemouth North Croma rty Fir Fraserburgh E N G L A N D Burghead Rattray Head Uist Buckie Macduff Hartlepool Portree Wear Peterhead Seal D South Inverness Redcar 57°N Sands Uist North Tees Kyle of Lochalsh Teesport Billingham Lochboisdale Skye s Middlesbrough N Tees e Te O u t e r Aberdeen 57°N A 0 15 Rhum Dee Mallaig 0 15 Clyde Nautical Miles Stonehaven Humber, Trent Nautical Miles Corpach L Selby 1°W 0° D Finnart Coll Tay Montrose Aire Ou Hull Glensanda se Howdendyke Hessle N Tiree T Salt End 56°N Goole A Dundee New Holland Mull Burton North Killingholme Dunoon Greenock Oban Perth upon Stather L 56°N Flixborough South Killingholme E Immingham O Gourock Newburgh Grove Wharf Neap House Spurn T Wemyss Bay N Keadby Humber Head Glasgow Grimsby rk Gunness Wharf t Clyd e Methil n G Tetney O Br R Rothesay Colonsay Forth h o ld of Fort L ae os 53°30N D y rn t B Largs Jura Ardrishaig Stirling th ca nd A C Fi r Bu foo yth Ki isla ay t C Grangemouth 56°N en Hound Point N D S Greenock Tr Hunterston Granton Leith Port Askaig Tarbert Glasgow Edinburgh Gainsborough Eyemouth S Ardrossan Bute 5°W 4°30W Islay Hunterston Motherwell Berwick- C Clyde inset upon-Tweed Port Ellen lyd Irvine eCopyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • Malin Head Arran Troon N Campbeltown Ayr 55°N or UNITED KINGDOM Mull of Kintyre Portrush Girvan th Rathmullen Coleraine C Burtonport Londonderry Dumfries Blyth 55°N ha GlenarmLloyd’s Maritime Atlas Cairnryan Larne Tyne Newcastle nn NORTHERN Stranraer Killybegs Kirkcudbright Sunderland Donegal Carlisle el Carrickfergus Kilroot Silloth N O R T H Bangor Garlieston r ea Donegal Isle of Whithorn W Hartlepool Belfast Mull of Galloway Workington Te Bay e Redcar IRELAND s Tees Whitehaven E Tyne,Tees inset Whitby Ern Sligo e Killala S E A 54°N Strangford Ramsey Peel Isle of Man Scarborough Warrenpoint Douglas Barrow- Dundalk Carlingford in-Furness Flamborough Head Port St. Mary Castletown O Glasson Dock Bridlington 54°N us Greenore Heysham e Westport York N Fleetwood REPUBLIC Drogheda Bradford Leeds Hull Slyne Head I r i s h S e a Preston ne Goole Humber Boy Spurn Head Immingham Manchester Galway ent OF DUBLIN Birkenhead Liverpool Tr Tranmere Partington Kilronan Dun Laoghaire Holyhead Garston Sheffield Humber, Trent inset 53°N n Llanddulas Eastham no Runcorn G an Deganwy Mostyn Ince Sh Anglesey Stanlow W IRELAND Port Penrhyn Shotton Ellesmere Port ith Caernarfon am Port Trevor Wrexham 53°N Clarecastle Wicklow Stoke-on-Trent Porthmadog Dee Boston The Dernish Island Derby Wells Cromer Kilrush Moneypoint Nottingham Fosdyke Wash S Limerick Arklow Aughinish Island Sutton Bridge Kings Lynn L Tarbert Island Foynes Barmouth Ya re Great Leicester nd Wisbech ella Yarmouth W E Fenit Nene New Ross Aberystwyth Lowestoft Wexford Birmingham Coventry Sev 52°N Duncannon L Dingle Bay el Waterford Rosslare ern Southwold n Aberaeron se n Cahirciveen Dungarvan Northampton Cambridge a A Ou Valentia Wy A Youghal h Cardigan e Cork C Ipswich 52°N Cobh e s St. Davids Fishguard Castletownbere Bantry Kinsale Head Felixstowe y Mistley try Ba rg W Us k Colchester Harwich Gloucester 0 Ban eo Milford Haven Wivenhoe Old Head of Kinsale G Oxford Brightlingsea Lydney N Mizen Head Baltimore t. Pembroke Tenby Briton Ferry Maldon S Chepstow Sharpness Swansea Fastnet Port Talbot Newport LONDON Cardiff Bristol Tilbury Canvey Island Av Tha Sheerness North Foreland 51°N on Reading me Barry s Bristol Channel D Rochester Ramsgate 0 15 Chatham y Lundy wa Thames Nautical Miles Med Thames inset Bridgwater 1°E Appledore Watchet Dover Bideford Folkestone 51°N E N G L A N D Gravelines Creeksea Southampton Rye Calais Exe Rochford Bude Hamble Shoreham Brighton Hastings Fawley Portsmouth Bridport Newhaven Shell Haven Canvey Island Exeter Poole Cowes Littlehampton Boulogne Purfleet Coryton 51°30N Ryde Tam Beachy Head E a Sidmouth Scale at 55°N in Nautical Miles Erith Tilbury Newport r Cliffe Isle of Thamesport Weymouth Convoys Dartford Grain Exmouth Wharf Oakham Ness Sheerness Padstow Kingsnorth Teignmouth Portland Isle of Wight Etaples Queenborough Newquay Rochester Totnes Torquay Grovehurst Jetty Charlestown Par 50°N Chatham Rainham Plymouth Brixham Whitstable N C Ramsgate 90 Ridham Truro Fowey Dartmouth Dock Richborough ur Penzance Penryn St. Valery sur Somme A ay Sto Falmouth Abbeville dw Sandwich Lands End Newlyn e n e l Le Treport M 50°N R St. Marys Bishop Rock Lizard E n g l i s h C h a n Dieppe F Isles of Scilly 17 9°W 7°30W 6°W 4°30W 3°W 1°30W 0° St. Valery en Caux 1°30ECopyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • W Lek 52°N 6°W 4°W ye 2°W 0° Ipswich 2°E 4°E is am Fishguard W Hook of Holland sslu 52°N St. Davids Maa Schied Rotterdam Head 18 rn Mistley Felixstowe Europoort Vlaardingen Waal ve A Usk Gloucester Colchester N O R T H Se Harwich Milford Haven L D Wivenhoe Dordrecht Maas S Brightlingsea Pembroke E Oxford Lydney Moerdijk Swansea Briton Ferry Maldon S E A Zierikzee St. Govans Chepstow Creeksea Sharpness N NETHERLANDSLloyd’s Maritime Atlas UNITED Head Port Talbot Newport Middelburg Cardiff Bristol Th LONDON Purfleet Canvey Island Flushing a Tilbury Thamesport B r i s t ol C h a n Av Reading A Dartford North Foreland Western Scheldt Sheerness me Chatham s Barry on Zeebrugge Terneuzen KINGDOM n el Rochester Ramsgate Antwerp Lundy Ridham Dock Sas van Ghent L Sandwich Ostend Bruges Zelzate Watchet Bridgwater edwa Dover South Foreland Nieuwpoort M Appledore r Ghent G Folkestone e Dunkirk Bideford ov B N Gravelines E S cheldt D Calais L E Southampton Hamble Rye f Cap G I M oGris Nez U Exe it Portsmouth Shoreham Brighton BRUSSELS Fawley Exeter Tam Newhaven ra Poole Cowes Littlehampton ar Bridport Boulogne Exmouth St Newport Beachy Head Padstow Lyme Bay Weymouth Lille Teignmouth Namur Dart Torquay Portland Isle of Wight Etaples Charleroi Par Totnes Charlestown Plymouth Brixham Truro Fowey Meuse Dartmouth l Penzance Penryn e 50°N Lands End Falmouth Start Point n Newlyn n a St. Valery sur Somme Abbeville St. Marys h 50°N ENGLISH CHANNEL Lizard C Le Treport Isles of So Scilly h Dieppe m m s St. Valery en Caux e i Amiens Cap de la E l Alderney Hague Fecamp Cap d Antifer Antifer g Cherbourg St. Sampson Dielette Gonfreville Guernsey Radicatel Seine-Oise-Marne n St. Peter Port Le Havre Courseulles Port Jerome Rouen C Deauville Km Locks Depth E Channel sur Mer Honfleur Ronez La Carosse roads-Rouen 130 - 9.8m Ouistreham se Islands St. Helier Oi Rouen-Gennevilliers 210 4 3.5m Caen Se Jersey in Gennevilliers-Bonneuil/Marne 48 3 3.5m (GBR) e Oise Junction-Creil 58 4 3.5m N Gennevilliers Marne Junction-Montereau 96 8 3.2m Limay Granville O PARIS Largest vessel to Paris (Gennevilliers) Lezardrieux rn e ne Treguier Mar 0 Roscoff Paimpol Bonneuil Draught . . . . . . 3.5m Beam . . . . . . . 15.5m St. Malo loa . . . . . . . . . . 120m Air draught . . 8.75m Morlaix Saint Quay Portrieux Se Ushant in e Le Legue Le Guildo A Brest Rotterdam 48°N Douarnenez Bay Zeebrugge 87 Zeebrugge Rennes Quimper Dunkirk 141 76 Dunkirk 48°N R Le Mans Concarneau Harwich 123 85 81 Harwich Loctudy ne London 187 124 111 86 London ai Lorient Vil Dover 132 66 38 65 91 Dover Vannes Southampton 252 186 161 185 211 120 Southampton Scale at 49°N in Nautical Miles Le Havre 247 181 142 180 206 115 114 Le Havre F Quiberon Angers Brest 477 411 378 410 436 345 257 272 Brest Belle Ile Loire Montoir Donges Plymouth 359 293 262 292 318 227 132 170 159 St. Nazaire Paimboeuf 90 Nantes 6°W 4°W 2°W 0° 2°E 4°ECopyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • 0 120 Scale at 57°N in Nautical Miles NORTH SEA 19 4°W 2°W 0° 2°E 4°E 6°E 8°E Agat No rdfjord Magnus Penguin Floro Wendy Thistle Murchison Tern Deveron Dunlin Snorre Hudson Visund Cormorant N Osprey Statfjord Cormorant S Gullfaks gnefjord N.W. Hutton Brent Gullfaks S. So Pelican Hutton Gamma Muckle Troll West ST Flugga Heather Lyell Huldra Y AT Strathspey Troll East P Mongstad IP Clair Veslefrik E Ninian Sture Alwyn North A Brage Shetland Dunbar Ellon fjord Sullom Voe Hild Oseberg ger an Nuggets Aagotnes Islands Bergen rd Schiehallion Ha W Foinhaven 60°N Lerwick Odin 60°N ld n , ie tto on R s) , s f Hu is ga . rch Frigg Bruce rd N.WMu St ora his S an orm s, LAG fjo t, , at n tle Beryl B Heimdal O u F Fair Isle Beryl A T Nevis Buckland Haugesund an , C n Skene ni n ag N Gryphon d Ni veros M Balder Kaarsto Harding De erve Hermod (S Orkney Brae E Stavanger Flotta Islands Benin Gudrun Sola Pe Brae W Kingfisher ntl a nd F i r th Brae Miller Duncansby Tiffany Claymore Toni Sleipner W Head Piper Wick Scapa Saltire Thelma Sleipner E Captain Highlander MacCulloch Tartan Petronella Galley Stirling Scott Bream Kristiansand Ross Balmoral Brisling Beatrice Andrew 58°N Renee Britannia Fleming 58°N Alba Drake h F i rt Forties Nigg ra y Buchan Everest Mo Buckie Fraserburgh Nelson Skagerrak Invergordon STAT St. Fergus Peterhead Kittiwake Monan Mungo Cruden Bay Montrose Inverness PIPE Arbroath D Teal Marnock Lomond Guillemot Selkirk Heron Ula Hanstholm N Dee Aberdeen Gannet Cod Elgin Machar Franklin Gyda Montrose A Albuskjell Tor Judy jor d Curlew Li mf Joanne W. S.E. Tor Ekofisk Eldfisk Fulmar Clyde Trym Dundee D E N M L Ekofisk Orion Edda Harald Auk Valhall Methil Hod T 56°N Braefoot Bay th of F orth UNITED Svend 56°N Fi r Fife Grangemouth Hound Point Elly Valdemar O Adda KINGDOM Tyra A R Rolf Gorm Dagmar Kaergarde Skjold C Dan Esbjerg K Blyth N O R T H S E A No S North Shields rth Frisian Isl Sunderland F3 E Hartlepool Norsea Terminal Middlesbrough Tyne NOR an Murdoch ds Trent N PIPE O Boulton Caister Helgoland us Barrow-in- Flamborough Ravenspurn e Millom Head Ketch F/18a 54°N Furness Cleeton Johnston Schooner 54°N N. Morecambe Rough West Sole Newsham Brunsbuttel Morecambe n Isla n ds Markham risia G Irish Sea Easington Mercury F st Hamilton Lennox Immingham Barque Ann Ea Wilhelmshaven Amethyst Viking nd s Tetney Spurn Pickerill Clipper Audrey Victor K7 n Isla Eemshaven Douglas Head Excalibur sia Uithuizen Theddlethorpe Vulcan Inde ri ee Emden nz Delfzijl tF Lancelot Anglia L Point of Leman Sean de es Ayr W ad Thames Kotter es W er a sh W Hewett S t Logger en eW Welland S Tr Th Camelot Helder Den Helder Bacton Callantsoog A Helm N D E Great Yarmouth Lowestoft Em Ymuiden s L A N Rijn AMSTERDAM L 52°N A Rotterdam al R 52°N W Wa E GERMANY D T H N E Rhine LONDON Maa Tha Canvey Island me s North s Foreland Zeebrugge 4°W 2°W 0° 2°E 4°E BELGIUM 6°E 8°ELloyd’s Maritime Atlas Copyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • 20 NORTHERN EUROPE 24°W 20°W 16°W 12°W 8°W 4°W 0° 4°E 8°E 12°E S tra it m a rk D en Sudhureyri Bolungavik A R C T I C O C E A Isafjordur Patrekshofn Siglufjordur Grundarfjordur Hvammstangi Dalvik Grenivik Raufarhofn 64° N IC Akureyri Husavik Thorshofn Akranes Grundartangi EL Keflavik Straumsvik Helguvik AND Vopnafjordur Lofoten REYKJAVIK Arct Islands Grindavik Hafnarfjordur ic Cir Seydhisfjordur cle Thorlakshofn Budareyri Neskaupstadur Eskifjordur Budir Fa skrudhsfjordur N o r w e g i a n Vestmannaeyjar Hofn Stodhvarfjordur Djupivogur or H na fjor dur S e a Vikholmen Sandnessjoen Mosjoen Bronnoysund Salsbruket 60° Namsos N Steinkjer Vestmanna Fuglafjordur Tr on d Sorvagur Klaksvik dhei msfjor Torshavn Kristiansund Trondheim Tvoroyri Faroes (DNK) Thamshavn Vagur Molde Aalesund ATLANTIC Maaloy Floro N O R W A Y Sullom Voe Sognefjord Aardalstangen Lerwick Shetland Islands Mongstad Rockall Aagotnes Bergen ord rfj ge Odda n Cape da es Wrath Scapa Orkney Islands ar d 56° ri H N St. Kilda Sauda OSLO eb Duncansby Haugesund Drammen Head H Kopervik Kaarsto Moss Karlstad OCEAN Slagen Sarpsborg er Stavanger Porsgrunn Fredrikstad Nigg Out Sola Langesund Larvik Halden Lake Inverness Rattray Egersund Vanern Arendal Head Brofjorden SCOTLAND Kristiansand k Farsund Aberdeen ra Uddevalla e r Wallhamn Finnart Dundee N o r t h Sk a g Skagen Skaw Stenungsund Gothenburg Malin Head Greenock Grangemouth Hunterston N Glasgow Varberg Londonderry Leith UNITED Aalborg or Falkenberg th NORTHERN DEN Kattegat Cha nnel Larne IRELAND KINGDOM S e a M Halmstad D Blyth Belfast Newcastle Aarhus A Helsingborg Slyne Head Sunderland Fredericia R Landskrona Hartlepool N 52°N Esbjerg Kalundborg K Galway Drogheda Tees Malmo Odense COPENHAGEN IRELAND Irish Heysham Trelleborg Ystad on Sha n DUBLIN Aabenraa Gulfhavn n Sea A Foynes Limerick Liverpool Hull Arklow Garston Goole Immingham Husum t Tr e n Kiel L el Grimsby S Waterford a nal Warnemunde Stralsund Bantry Rosslare nn Brunsbuttel lC e ha L E Ki Mizen Head Cork Cuxhaven Lubeck Sev Rostock s C Boston S t. George G Fishguard Wilhelmshaven Butzfleth Wismar ern Kings Lynn Harlingen Hamburg Delfzijl Emden A Milford Haven Great Den Helder Brake Bremerhaven El Bremen be NDS Oldenburg W Swansea Yarmouth N Port Talbot Newport Ymuiden Felixstowe Cardiff ser Bristol LA AMSTERDAM Em Harwich We LONDON BERLIN E T Tilbury Europoort Rotterdam ha mes R s Sheerness Dordrecht E N TH Southampton Rochester Flushing Falmouth Portsmouth Dover Zeebrugge E Terneuzen Nijmegen Isles Shoreham s Rh Ostend aa of Scilly Lands Plymouth Newhaven Ghent Antwerp Duisburg ine M Calais Dunkirk End 48°N n g l i s h C n e h a Boulogne n t l Scheld E B BRUSSELS Cologne GERMANY El be Channel E L Liege Bonn Cherbourg Dieppe IU G Islands Antifer M (GBR) Le Havre Fecamp Koblenz Roscoff Honfleur Rouen el Frankfurt Ushant Brest Caen LUX Mos Se Marne LUXEMBOURG PRAGUE in Le Legue e St. Malo Ludwigshafen Meu PARIS Saarlouis am Rhein Mannheim CZECH Saar Lorient se Karlsruhe St. Nazaire F R A N C E Strasbourg ine Bay Kehl be Nantes nu Da Rh Loire of e Biscay Sa on Basle 8°E AU 8°W 4°W 0° 4°E SWITZERLAND 12°ELloyd’s Maritime Atlas Copyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • 0 180 Scale at 56°N in Nautical Miles 21 16°E 20°E 24°E North 28°E 32°E 36°E 40°E 44°E 48°E 52°E Cape Naryan Mar Vardo B a r e n t s S e a N Hammerfest Leirpollen Vadso Cape Kanin Pe Kanin ch Linakhamari Peninsula ora Kirkenes Port Vladimir Alta Polyarnyy Tromso Murmansk Vesteraalen Islands Sorreisa Sjovegan Cape Orlov- Terskiy Harstad Kola Peninsula Lodingen Narvik Svolvaer Heklestrand Mezen cle Kandalaksha c Cir Arcti 64° N Vitino UmbaBodo Fauske Kovda M ez Finneid en Keret Glomfjord White Sea Mo i Rana Archangel Hemnesberget Kalix Kemi Kem Severodvinsk N D Veitsiluoto Lulea Belomorsk N Oulu Onega Pitea Dvin a E Skelleftehamn Raahe L A ia D 46 Umea n Kokkola th Pietarsaari 60° N E N o Ornskoldsvik Kuopio Joensuu B Vaasa Lake IS W Hernosand Varkaus Onega of F Sundsvall Lake Beloye Gulf Hudiksvall Joutseno Lake Mantyluoto Lappeenranta Saimaa Ladoga Soderhamn Rauma Canal Vyborg Kotka Hamina Primorsk Gefle Aland Uusikaupunki Islands Naantali Loviisa Porvoo N ev a Cherepovets RUSSIA d (FIN) Turku HELSINKI a n Inkoo f of F i nl St. Petersburg Gul Hallstavik Mariehamn Volkhov Hanko Koverhar Narva Joesuu Rybinsk Loksa Vesteras Muuga a Koping Paldiski TALLINN Yaroslavl Volg STOCKHOLM Hiiumaa 56° Sodertalje N ESTONIA Lake Nizhniy Novgorod Nynashamn Chudskoye Volga Norrkoping Oxelosund Parnu Saaremaa Lake Soderkoping Gulf Vattern lga Moscow- of Vo Volga Navashino Gotland Storugns Riga Canal a Vestervik Visby Slite S e Ventspils MOSCOW Oskarshamn RIGA Da uga v Kalmar Oland Liepaja LATVIA Oka ic DegerhamnKarlshamn Ts Karlskrona na lt Solvesborg KlaipedaAhus a LITHUANIA Dne pr Bornholm B Nema VILNIUS (DNK) nRonne 52°N Don Wladyslawowo Baltiysk Kaliningrad Ustka Gdynia Darlowo Gdansk BELARUS Kolobrzeg la Swinoujscie Vistu Police Szczecin P O L A N D Murmansk Via Kiel CanalOd er Reykjavik 1517 Reykjavik WARSAW Glasgow 1678 854 Glasgow Liverpool 1751 927 219 Liverpool Le Havre 1775 1305 604 501 Le Havre London 1699 1231 755 652 206 London Od er Rotterdam 1627 1182 796 693 247 187 Rotterdam 48°N Hamburg 1566 1234 922 946 500 428 305 Hamburg Bergen 1108 873 667 740 698 613 536 487 Bergen Oslo 1450 1179 896 969 752 666 555 460 378 Oslo REPUBLIC Gothenburg 1423 1152 870 943 691 598 501 402 350 163 Gothenburg Gdansk 1796 1525 1243 1316 862 790 667 434 723 538 406 Gdansk SLOVAKIA Stockholm 1952 1681 1399 1472 1015 943 820 587 879 694 560 345 Stockholm VIENNA St. Petersburg 2221 1950 1668 1741 1296 1224 1101 868 1148 965 830 565 385 DaSTRIA nu BRATISLAVA be 16°E 20°E 24°E 28°E 32°E 36°E 40°ELloyd’s Maritime Atlas Copyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • 22 BELGIUM, NETHERLANDS and GERMANY 4°E 6°E Zeebrugge Via Kiel Canal Rotterdam 87 Rotterdam Ymuiden 110 53 Ymuiden Emden 245 202 148 Emden Bremerhaven 292 255 210 137 Bremerhaven Hamburg 347 305 255 183 117 Hamburg Kiel 365 323 273 201 135 90 Kiel Flensburg 421 379 329 257 191 146 56 Flensburg Lubeck 462 420 370 298 232 187 97 132 54°N N O R T H I s l a n i a n i s F r S E A a s t Langeoog Juist Norderney E Norddeich n d s Borkum I s l a n Ameland i a Schiermonnikoog is Ems r Eemshaven F Terschelling West Terschelling Delfzijl Emden na l t Ca ms s Vlieland Ee e Leeuwarden Leer W S Harlingen Groningen Van Harinxma na l Waddenzee Canal Ca et Winschoter Diep ri Texel es Ma rg Makkum Papenburg Sneek D ns Den Helder i Pr N Lemmer Ysselmeer N or Enkhuizen th Holla A Alkmaar Urk Dortmund dC n Ems Beverwijk an al L Ymuiden Lelystad Zwolle N r th - Em o C Ijs Haarlem a n S ea Zaandam sel sC al R Almelo a na l AMSTERDAM A mste Deventer E Hengelo rda m- Rhi n Apeldoorn a na l Leiden nte C O Twe Enschede 52°N sGravenhage Scheveningen ld Rh i ne H Zutphen Utrecht Ca e t is elf en Hook of Holland Maasvlakte M slu D ing am r aa s d ed aa chi Gouda ek na l T Arnhem Vl S L Europoort Capelle aan den Ijssel Rotterdam Lower Rhine E Hellevoetsluis Old M aas Gorinchem N Nijmegen M Brouwershaven Waal Emmerich aa Dordrecht B s Schouwen ergse Ma as Zierikzee Rh E a st Moerdijk sHertogenbosch Zijpe in e Wi e lhelm Zu rn i na S cheldt- R Sc i he Breda Tilburg Ca nal d Middelburg ldt W illemsv Flushing Flushing East Dortmund Western Scheldt Hansweert Helmond hi n Eindhoven Bochum Essen eC a a rt Breskens Orsoy Zeebrugge Walsoorden a na l Duisburg r Terneuzen Paal Venlo Ruh Ca Krefeld Baudouin s Sluiskil n aa S chel Ostend a Canal M Sas van Ghent Wuppertal dt Antwerp Nieuwpoort Bruges Ghent- Zelzate Neuss Dusseldorf Terneuzen Roermond Canal Hemiksem Ru Alb pe ert Ghent l Ca nal Rh Brussels Mechelen B E in l ana L Maritime e F R A N G Canal Genk aC t I Cologne ian ie Leuven eld Le Sc h U Jul BRUSSELS M Maastricht Aachen Roubaix C E Bonn jle Lille Di 4°E Liege 6°ELloyd’s Maritime Atlas Copyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • 0 60 Scale at 53°N in Nautical Miles 23 8°E D Als 10°E Taasinge Rudkobing Orehoved 12°E Sylt Sonderborg Mon Graasten E Aero Langeland Stubbekobing No Aeroskobing Bandholm Falster N Nakskov Sakskobing B A L T I C M A R K Nykobing rth F Flensburg Lolland Fohr Amrum Kappeln Rodbyhavn S E A ri Fehma rn B elt s a i n Schleswig Kiel Bay Orth Puttgarden Is Nordstrand Husum Eckernforde Fehmarn lan ds Holtenau Laboe Stralsund Tonning Friedrichstadt Heiligenhafen Rendsburg Kiel Mecklenburg Bay Eider Warnemunde l na Ca Helgoland Kiel Neustadt Rostock 54°N Lubeck Helgoland Bay Travemunde El r be Sto Wismar Bay Brunsbuttel Itzehoe w Cuxhaven Tra v Lubeck rno Gustrow Wad s Elbe-Lubeck Neuhaus Gluckstadt Wangerooge Butzfleth Schwerin Ca nal We Stadersand ser Schulau Stade Hamburg J ad Bremerhaven Wilhelmshaven Blexen e Ba y Einswarden Nordenham Elbe Brake Luneburg Elsfleth El Farge be Blumenthal Oldenburg Vegesack Bremen H un te Rhine Wese H as r e Km Nm Km Nm Al Rotterdam . . . . . . . . 1001 . . . . 540 Koblenz . . . . . . . . . . . 592 . . . . 319 ler Dordrecht . . . . . . . . . 975 . . . . 526 Karlsruhe . . . . . . . . . . 360 . . . . 194 Nijmegen . . . . . . . . . 886 . . . . 479 Strasbourg . . . . . . . . . 296 . . . . 160 Emmerich . . . . . . . . . 851 . . . . 459 Basle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 170 . . . . . 92 G E R M A N Y Cologne . . . . . . . . . . . 686 . . . . 370 Lake Constance . . . . . . . 0 . . . . . . 0 Lock free navigable distance from Rotterdam . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 668km/360nm Hannover Minden Braunschweig Typical passage l Osnabruck Mittella nd Ca na Rotterdam- Basle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 days Basle-Rotterdam . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 days We ser Largest vessel to Basle via 12 locks Hildesheim Draught . . . . . . . 3.2m Beam . . . . . . . . 11.4m 52°N Salzgitter loa . . . . . . . . . . . 110m Air draught . . . . 6.7m . Bielefeld Em Le Munster s in e Western Scheldt Ghent-Terneuzen Canal Paderborn Km Locks Depth We Terneuzen-Ghent 32 1 13.5m se r Gottingen Largest vessel to Ghent Draught . . . . . 12.25m Beam . . . . . . . . . 34m loa . . . . . . . . . . . 265m Air draught . . . . . N/A Werr a Albert Canal Km Locks Depth Antwerp-Liege 111 6 3.4m Kassel Largest vessel to Liege Draught . . . . . . 2.5m Beam . . . . . . . . . 12m loa . . . . . . . . . . 134m Air draught . . . . 6.7m er Fu Brussels Maritime Canal Ed lda Km Locks Depth River Rupel-Brussels 24 3 6.5m Schw Largest vessel to Brussels a lm Draught . . . . . . . 5.8m Beam . . . . . . . 14.75m loa . . . . . . . . . . . 106m Air draught . . . 30.0m 8°E 10°E 12°ELloyd’s Maritime Atlas Copyright © Informa UK Ltd
  • 3°E 4°30E 6°E 7°30E 9°E 10°30E Malm 13°30E 15°E 16°30E 18°E 19°30E Steinkjer 12°E Follafoss Umea Froya Holmsund Verdal 24 Fa Uthaug Hornefors xa a rd Levanger lv Brekstad Nordmaling en e sfjo Fiborgtangen e im Rundvik S Hitra dh Smola on Tr 63°N TrondheimLloyd’s Maritime Atlas n Thamshavn Hommelvik Ornskoldsvik Husum a Holla Orkanger Domsjo i Kristiansund Kopmanholmen Storsjon Ostersund 63°N g Ind a Askja e Bollsta Nyland lsa Vaja Marieberg Sandviken Lugnvik w Molde lv en Ro ms Kramfors r Sunndalsora Ramvik a da l N fjord Utansjo o Y Aalesund St o Hernosand Aandalsnes n i N rfj Eggesbones Fagervik Ulsteinvik Vivstavarv Soraker Moltustranda ord Tunadal Ostrand 62°N t h