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IDTEX IoT & WSN conf - Connecting People & Things - Joe Speed
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IDTEX IoT & WSN conf - Connecting People & Things - Joe Speed


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. IOT – CONNECTING PEOPLE & THINGS  this  deck     Joe Speed @mobilebit on twitter For more: “MessageSight for Developers” free download YouTube demos & tutorials
  • 2. HTTP IS NOT THE IOT’S FRIEND •  •  •  •  •  No QoS, no reliable messaging Heavy, hundreds of bytes of overhead Not designed for wireless, high latency No pub/sub 1:many, many:many, etc in summary, for connected car HTTP is .. Slow, heavy, unreliable
  • 3. MQTT FOR MOBILE MESSAGING Faster M2M and User Experience "   pub/sub with QoS - engineered for wireless "   socket, TLS 1.2, mutual auth, etc. "   MQTT vs HTTPS on Android & 3G –  93x faster throughput,13k msg/sec on my iPad –  1/8th network overhead – faster, cheaper –  1/170th battery to receive, 1/11th to send "   Open standard, open source, very fast & reliable " C, Java, JavaScript " for dozens of languages, platforms
  • 4. WHO’S IN THE MIX? "   usual suspects: IBM, SAP, Intel, Cisco, Software AG, TIBCO, VMWare, Red Hat, Pivotal, NIST, Eclipse, Apache, Emerson, Axway, et al. (even Oracle - google “JavaOne MQTT”) "   cool kids: M2Mi, 2lemetry, ThingWorx, Libelium, Sierra Wireless, Telit, QNX, Wind River, Shaspa, Eurotech, Elecsys, et al. "   car guys: 1/2 dozen automakers, several tier-1 suppliers, telematics, car remotes, etc.
  • 5. FACEBOOK MESSENGER " 725M mobile users, popular, highly rated, very fast " Speed of UX is big competitive advantage Verizon Wireless Overall Facebook Messenger FACEBOOK (1,052,572) Source: https:/ Source: source:
  • 6. FACEBOOK MESSENGER “.. performance improvements designed to make your messaging experience even better. To do this without killing battery life, we used a protocol called MQTT … designed to use bandwidth and batteries sparingly… phone-to-phone in hundreds of milliseconds, rather than multiple seconds.” - Lucy Zhang, Facebook Engineer
  • 7. TRY IT FOR YOURSELF Facebook Messenger MQTT vs Google Hangouts MQTT
  • 8. TRY IT FOR YOURSELF Most 1 star complaints are about slowness and presence services (who’s online) not working correctly Google Hangouts MQTT
  • 9. THE CAR IS A MOBILE “THING” needing less driver distraction, better safety “Latency is a driver distraction issue” – Roger Lanctot @rogermud " " " "   terrible response times the norm   Most are 30-90 seconds, best case 15 sec   lacks “always connected” instant response   slow, unreliable, high mobile data costs
  • 10. TYPICAL CAR ARCHITECTURE “NGTP”* *Where  is  owner’s  Smartphone?    
  • 11. CONNECTED CAR REINVENTED "  20x faster UX Insurer "  5x faster dev "  10x cheaper My Mobile IBM MessageSight Content My Car My Home
  • 12. IBM MESSAGESIGHT SPEEDS IOT IoT & Mobile Messaging for MQTT, HTML5 WebSocket, JMS, MQ + Mobile + Secure + Easy + Open – MQTT, WebSocket, JMS + Speed – 80µs, millions/second + Scale – millions of things
  • 13. CONNECTED CAR IS BIG DATA •  car sensors produce 2GB every 90 min •  60M cars manufactured each year •  If driven 4 hours a day .. 103 exabytes
  • 14. PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE Improving owner experience •  real-time using sensor data, time-series •  proactive service, i.e. brake issue •  driving better customer service
  • 15. BIG DATA DRIVES AUTONOMOUS car2cloud2car improves driver safety & experience assisted & autonomous driving with real-time big data autonomous isn’t just about “my car” " " " " " " "               µs decisioning millions/second geospatial correlation filtering time-series trending
  • 16. WHO IS DOING WHAT IN CARS .. that I can talk about publicly Connected Car & M2M Provider "   mobile2cloud2car w “key fob response time” "   demo: "   Press: NYT, WSJ, Fortune, etc. 2nd largest OE supplier "   CEO announce Sept 10 Frankfurt Motor Show "   IBM Car Cloud for “autonomous driving” "   Press: NYT, Bloomberg, CNET, Reuters, etc. "   Look for me in Conti’s CES `14 booth (also QNX’s, IBM’s)
  • 17. MQTT “Condition Based Maintenance” 30,000 low-power, low bandwidth sensors 6,000 controllers Storage Temperature Pressure Refineries Spill location Pumps topics 17,000km pipeline network with real-time monitoring and control operations center detects, predicts, acts Event-driven visibility & control, eliminated 3 min blindspot 10x reduction in satellite communication costs Huge improvement in productivity & maintenance costs 17 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 18. MQTT “Connected Patient” for a better quality of life §  St Jude Medical clinicians monitor & manage pacemaker and defibrillator patients at home §  fast response to abnormal rhythms §  few office visits & travel 18 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 19. US & UK ITA Sensor Fabric for safety of the troops §  sensor mesh of terrestrial sensors, UAVs §  battlefield hardened IoT, low power, bandwidth §  “Sensor Fabric” auto-discovering, self-correcting Command HQ 19 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 20. US & UK’s ITA Sensor Fabric 20 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 21. “MQTT FOR SENSOR NETWORKS” MQTT-SN speeds your WSNs •  MQTT for WSNs •  datagram instead of socket –  even smaller footprint –  very low power –  very low bandwidth –  QoS reliable messaging in unreliable conditions •  ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, DSRC, UDP, serial, et al. • specification
  • 22. ECLIPSE MOSQUITTO W MQTT-SN •  Nov 19 – Eclipse Mosquitto project live “RSMB” source now in github •  74KB for embedded systems •  MQTT + MQTT-SN server & bridge •  Bridges WSNs to Cloud •  Used in “things” ranging from US & UK military sensor fabric to home automation • for source, also google “RSMB”
  • 23. M2M.DEMOS.IBM.COM live demo, videos and source code
  • 24. CONNECTED CAR M2M.DEMOS.IBM.COM So0Layer  cloud   Node-RED Predic've  Maintenance  
  • 25. IOT – CONNECTING PEOPLE & THINGS  this  deck     Joe Speed @mobilebit on twitter For more: “MessageSight for Developers” free download YouTube demos & tutorials
  • 26. Why  Publish/Subscribe  for  Sensor  Networks?   radio   links   Sensor   Wireless SA Networks Actuator   radio   links   Sensor   2 Gateway   Gateway   § Both  sensors  and  applicaEons  are   freed  from  networking  issues   –  Only  one  connecEon  (with   broker)  to  maintain   –  Simple  APIs:   •  publish(topic,data)   •  publish_arrived(topic,data)   App   broker   Internet, GSM, … App   Sensors  and  applicaEons  may  be   added/removed  at  any  Eme   Bridging  of  heterogenous  wireless   networks   Inherently  mulEcast   Real-­‐Eme  delivery  of  data   e.g.  alarm  events