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Europe group globalization proj2013

  1. 1. Good Food, Good Life.Fig. 1. Nestle. Digital image. Nestle., n.d. Web. 6 June 2013.
  2. 2. Environmental Representative:Roee GrutmanSocial Welfare Representative:Anton MalinCulture Representative:Kristin SpinkLabor Representative:Katie McGauleyNestle Representatives
  3. 3. Facts- Over 450 factories in 86countries- 339, 000 employees- over $15 billion in annual profitFig. 2. Nestle-logo. Digital image. Nestle. N.p., n.d. Web.
  4. 4. Corporation: Environment- Sacrifice is necessary for the greater good- Worlds leading nutrition, health and wellness company- Nestlé tries its best to help both the world and theenvironment- 27th World Environmental Center Gold Medal award- Was and still is actively working to better the world
  5. 5. Corporation: Environment- Nestlé has identified water as its major environmentalchallenge and has taken steps to helpFig. 3. Water. Digital image. Natural Grocers. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 June 2013.
  6. 6. Corporation: Social WelfarePoverty, Health, Education, HungerCommitment to farmers:- Educating them on disease/soil management, improvedmarketing skills, access to quality cocoa developmentmaterials, crop diversification, and conservation techniques- Over 540,000 farmers reached to improve income by45%, use of accounting practices 64%, wastewatertreatment improved by 20%, 51% increase farm mapping ,16% increase in harvesting- $23 million in direct financial assistance to over 44,000
  7. 7. Corporation: Social Welfare(Continued)Other commitments to health:- Over $500 million put into research for curing metabolic,neurological, and cardiovascular disorders; 20 productsdeveloped- 68 programs run in 64 countries to educate over 5.4million children on good nutrition for the prevention ofobesity and malnutrition- Providing clean drinking water and sanitation facilities forover 300,000 pupils in village schools in South Asia andAfrica; 32% of rural factories provide public drinking water- Other charitable ventures
  8. 8. Corporation: Culture● Nutritional GourmetCooking Workshop(nutritious ingredients)● US Commitment to Cocoa(joined to makesustainable amount ofCocoa)● Work Diversity (fair andequal employment, mixingcultures)fig. 5. US Commitment to Cocoa. Digital image. Cocoa Plan. Nestle, n.d. Web.fig. 4. Ecuador. Nutritional Gourmet Cooking Workshop. Digital image. Cocoa Plan.Nestle, n.d. Web. <>.
  9. 9. Corporation: Labor*Effects of Globalization: The Nestle corporation is-Found in over 150 countries with over 300,000employees*Employee Assurance:-Emphasis on individual responsibility.-Taking advantage of the International TrainingCentre in Switzerland and make international ties.Fig. 6. "Quality and Safety." Http:// N.p., n.d. Web. 14June 2013.
  10. 10. Corportation: Labor*Problems in the Past:-Child labor*How Nestle Responded: Worked with the FLA toinvestigate this problem and took necessary steps forprevention in the futureThese Steps:1. Nestle created over 30 schools in Africa2. Nestle creating monitors for the farmsFig. 7. Cocoa Plan. Digital image. Nestle. Nesle, n.d. Web. 16 June2013.
  11. 11. NGO RepresentativesEnvironmental Representatives:Michelle Bushoy and Lisa KnockeSocial Welfare Representative:Yu-En ChangCultural Representative:Ariel ErvinLabor Representative:Charles Goodfriend
  12. 12. NGOs: Environment● Has offices in over forty countries with itsinternational headquarters located inAmsterdam● Focuses on working withworld wide environmentalissues● Protested Nestles use ofpalm oil in their Kit Katbars fig. 8. Save It!! Digital image. Jovoto. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 June 2013.Greenpeace
  13. 13. NGOs: Environment● Nestle buys resources frominternational companies that mightharm the environment● Targets rural communitiesworldwide for their water resourcesFig. 9. Oil Mess. Digital image. The Understory. Http://, n.d.Web. 16 June 2013.Fig. 10. Pu Pu Fresh Water Springs, New Zealand. Digital image. TheAnti Tourist. Http://, n.d. Web. 16 June2013.
  14. 14. NGOs: Environment● allaboutwater- promotes tap water, overbottled● timeforchang-CO2 admisstionsand oil usedFig. 11. Plastic Water Bottles. Digital image. Mother Nature Network. N.p., 21 Oct. 2009. Web. 14 June 2013.
  15. 15. NGOs: Environment● Nestle has about 70 different water bottle brands,including Poland Springs.● In a 2001 report done by World Wide Fund for Nature,about 1.5 million tons of plastic was used to bottle 89billion liters of water.● In the making, transportation and disposal of waterbottles CO2 is released.● About 6 kg of CO2 per kg of plastic● Water it taken from undeveloped countries, bottled andgiven to developed countriesFig. 12. Jeffries, Adrianna. Is It Green. Digital image. Inhabitat. Inhabitat, 25 Sept. 2008. Web. 16 June2013.
  16. 16. NGO: Social Welfare● Water bottle controversywhere several brand of Nestlebottled water have beenreported with health issues.○ Questionable purity of theirwater (2005)○ Unpleasant odor in water(2011)● E-coli outbreak in Nestlecookie dough (June 2009)○ refused FDA access tointernal records Fig. 13. Poland Spring water bottle. Digital Image.N.p.,n.d. Web. 11 June 2013
  17. 17. ● NGO: War on Want● Campaigns against many differentcontroversial subjects● Currently protesting:○ British government encouragingprivatisation○ Tax exemption for companies inthe UK● Baby Formula Controversy (1974 -present)○ Nestle promoted the use offormula○ Millions of babies die frommalnutritionNGO: Social WelfareFig. 14. Some call it Nestle, we call it Nastie. Digital image. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 June 2013.War on Want onmalnutrition of infants:"Children whose bodieshave wasted away until allthat is left is a big head ontop of a shriveled body ofan old man."
  18. 18. NGO: Culture-many people find that the prices of baby formulas really expensive and itcontains bad substances for infant health that causes sickness and deaths-effects the relationship betweenthe Mother and the child-social and physical bonding-emotional development-MRI of Brain scan show that breast feedingmothers develop more empathy &understanding towards the infants-main reason why moms buy formulathey buy formulas is because itstedious to breast-feed (though its veryhealthy)fig. 15. Fight the Nestlé Monster. Digital image. Blsciblogs. Blsciblogs, n.d. Web. 16 June 2013. <>.
  19. 19. NGO Culture: Baby Milk Action- BMA (member of the IBFAN) have been trying to get govsto petition for baby safety rights- People have been trying to get Nestle to agree withthe Four Point Plan- Accept Intl Code- Make changes to their formula(written statement)-BMA Rep assistance-If theres no violations within18 months, the boycotts will stopFig. 16. Nestle Free Zone. Digital image. Protecting Breastfeeding., n.d. Web.16 June 2013.
  20. 20. NGO: Labor● Fair Labor Association● Headquarters in Washington D.C. w/ offices inChina, Switzerland, and Turkey● Officially formed in 1999● Places responsibility on companies● Offers three different approaches○ Collaborative approach○ Innovative and sustainable strategies andresources○ Transparent and independent assessment○ Third party complaint process
  21. 21. ● No change in Ivory Coast● Obvious effort to fix mistakes● The damage is done● What else is Nestlé hiding about labor inother countries?● What does this mean for othercompanies?Nestlé, Globalization, and Laborfig. 17. A Child Cracking Cocoa Nuts. Digital image. British Broadcast Network, n.d. Web. 14 June 2013.<>.
  22. 22. Essential Questions:What are the upsides and downsides ofglobalization?How do you find the right balance as anindividual, NGO, corporation?Globalization is here; how do we, as globalcitizens, deal with it?
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