Total Response Media Presentation Revised 5 31 09


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Total Response Media Presentation Revised 5 31 09

  2. 2. Total Response Media is a leading provider of precision direct marketing solutions for lead generation and direct sales utilizing both online and offline channels. Our expertise, technology, analytic capabilities and innovative products allow our clients to maximize their advertising dollar. <br />Total Response is a Data Compiler, We are the Aggregator. We have a talented team of experienced technologists and seasoned marketing professionals dedicated to providing you with powerful marketing solutions. The Total Response network infrastructure enables us to provide greater access to services for the Internet and direct marketing communities. <br />
  3. 3. Total Response appreciates the opportunity to work with CLIENT’S to develop the best marketing solution for your organization. Total Response proposes to serve as your single source for a suite of services that will enable you to implement your marketing strategy. This will allow you to:<br /> Identify and reach your ideal customers <br /> Reduce your marketing costs<br /> Generate quality leads <br /> Total Response offers these benefits because it custom-designs each support strategy to meet your unique service requirements. <br />
  4. 4. Opt in Email<br /> All email addresses are Double opt in, permission based and Cam Spam Compliant. Our proprietary subscriber list is made up of over 170 million records with detailed selects to tailor-make a list for your campaign. <br /> Our email file has over 800 demographic and lifestyle selects such as Age, Income, Home Ownership, Presence of Children and much more.<br />
  5. 5. Append and Reverse Append Services<br />TOTAL RESPONSE MEDIA can append your postal customer file for email or SMS contact information. TOTAL RESPONSE&apos;S append Process is a multi-staged process, Once we have matched the records, then we send a Opt-in message to all matched files. In the end of the Append process we then send you a complete opt-in list that you now own.<br />
  6. 6. Targeted Postal Databases<br /> Total Response is a leading supplier of accurate, content rich and highly deliverable consumer postal data. Our compiled database is developed from 31 different data sources and contains demographic, lifestyle and purchase history information on over 120 million households. <br /> Profile reporting – Total Response offers a customer profiling solution designed to paint a picture of your best prospects by analyzing your current customers. <br />
  7. 7. Co-Registration <br /> Co-Registration is a solution to generate the highest quality, targeted leads for your product. During the registration process of our many web sites, consumers opt-in to receive your specific offer or information. Only those who specifically ask to receive information about you will be forwarded to you. <br /> There is no risk for co-registration campaigns as clients only pay for the leads they receive. Complete contact information is available for those who request to receive your information.<br />
  8. 8. HOW SMS/MOBILE MARKETING WORKS:<br />1 similar to opt-in email marketing a<br />company rents a list based on the<br />prospect universe they wish to reach.<br />2similar to opt-in email marketing an<br />actionable message is broadcast<br />directly to the mobile phone of the<br />opted in user.<br />3 the recipient of the message then<br />takes action based on the information<br />provided on the message.<br />
  9. 9. SMS/MOBILE MARKETING IS THE BEST WAY TO REACH YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE NO-MATTER WERE THEY ARE!<br />Mobile phones are very personal devices. As such, users are highly engaged with its content.<br />Mobile advertising penetration hits one in three mobile phone users with high recall statistics, especially among text messaging users.<br />Brand recall rates from mobile marketing are 20 times greater than web and 10 times that of direct mail<br />SMS /mobile marketing, goes where your prospect is…your prospect doesn’t have to go where the message is… This is because cell phones are the one device that nearly all Americans have within a few feet of them—at all times.<br />Statistics show  80% of responses occur within the first hour.<br />
  10. 10. Total Response uses only the most credible sources and is committed to providing the worlds largest pool of accurate marketing data. Our wholesale pricing provides our clients the opportunity to test and refine their campaigns, which can work in conjunction with all forms of media.<br />Direct Mail Consumer recordsWe constantly update our contact information of more than 200 million consumers and 104 million households. Our databases offer the most comprehensive consumer information. It provides our customers with instant access to data for lead generation, direct mail, event marketing, SMS and email marketing.<br />Sources: <br /><ul><li> Survey Responses
  11. 11. State licenses
  12. 12. Real Estate Information (deed & tax assessor)
  13. 13. 4,300 telephone directories
  14. 14. Mail Order Buyers/Subscribers
  15. 15. Voter Registration Data
  16. 16. Magazine Subscription Information </li></li></ul><li>We have over 700 data selects to choose from. Below are some of the most common: <br /><ul><li>Location - ZIP Code, Radius, City, Metro Area, County, Area Code, State
  17. 17. Estimated Household Income
  18. 18. Age and Gender
  19. 19. Housing - Estimated Home Value, Homeownership, Dwelling Type,</li></ul> Mortgage <br /><ul><li>Presence of Children, Seniors, Ethnicity
  20. 20. Mail Order Buyers
  21. 21. Type of Automobile (SUV, luxury, exotic) and boat owners</li></ul>Business records<br />Approximately one million businesses change within our databases each month. From one year to the next, 70% of the businesses within our database have a significant amount of change. <br />We use gathered data from multiple sources and telephone-verify the information so you get nothing but the best, most accurate information. You can target almost every single business, no matter how small, how large, or how newly established.<br />
  22. 22. Proprietary Statement<br />This document contains confidential and proprietary information and is the property of Total Response this document was prepared for the requesting party for the sole purpose of evaluating the products and services proposed. It is submitted to you in confidence, on the condition that you and your representatives have, by receiving it, agreed not to reproduce or copy it, in whole or in part, or to furnish such information to others, or to make any other use of it except for the evaluation purposes stated above, and to return it to Total Response upon request. The previous statement shall not apply to the extent that such statement violates any federal or state laws requiring such information to be made available to the public. In the event this document results in a contract, you may retain this document for use, including making any necessary copies related to the products and services covered by such contract. The offerings and prices presented in this document, excluding any leasing quotes or rates, shall remain valid for a period of 30 days from the document date unless Total Response authorizes an extension.<br />