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Here\'s a presentation on: Adding eCommerce to Your Business.

I presented this at the University of Toledo Business Marketing event this fall. Enjoy!

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E Commerce Presentation

  1. 1. Tuesday, October 17, 2011 Joe MetzgerPresident, Metzgers Printing + Mailing joe.metzger@metzgers.com 12/7/2011
  2. 2. Introducing: Joe Metzger  Who is Joe?  Why is Joe talking about websites?  My story…GET IT DONE.
  3. 3.  Entrepreneurialism since the 6th grade  1980: 6,500 typesetting firms in the United States  1984: Introduction of the Apple Macintosh  By 1990: Zero typesetting firms  To survive, Metzgers adapted to change When life gives you Lemons…GET IT DONE.
  4. 4. Metzgers adapted to change.  1995: Entered into the printing marketplace  1997: Launched the first branded storefront: The Stationery Store  Today: Over 50 branded storefronts for custom printed products and logo’d items  Optimized front-end and back-end processes for storefront orders  Call center, production-on-demand, warehouse, fulfillment and distribution servicesGET IT DONE.
  5. 5. Learn about the ins and outs of an online eCommerce business in this fast-paced, solution providing session.GET IT DONE.
  6. 6. Your business’ web presence. 1. Brand, image and lead generation 2. Storefront tool to bring in business 3. eCommerce to expand market share 4. eCommerce as a stand-alone businessGET IT DONE.
  7. 7. What have I experienced at Metzgers?  Brand, image and lead generation  www.metzgers.com  Storefront tool  www.HealthSourceEZStore.com  eCommerce to expand market share  www.TonyPackos.com  eCommerce as a stand-alone business  www.PrintBigChecks.comGET IT DONE.
  8. 8. Look at your eCommerce business from:  30,000 feet  3,000 feet  500 feet  And, in the trenches!GET IT DONE.
  9. 9. Purpose of websites:  A brand, image and lead generation site brings in leads for sales and marketing to act upon  An eCommerce extension of a business is used to sell more products to more people, with less touches  An eCommerce business is in business to sell products or services onlineGET IT DONE.
  10. 10. Starting a business should be easy!  What are you selling?  A one time sale or possible repeat customers?  Who are you selling to?  How will you find customers, or how will customers find you?  Why will customers buy?GET IT DONE.
  11. 11. Questions to ask about your customer base.  What is the benefit to the customer?  What will make the customer come back?  Are there enough potential customers out there?  How will we find more customers?  Will customers become fans?GET IT DONE.
  12. 12. Questions to ask about the business.  How much does it cost?  How much money will be made per order?  What are the upfront costs?  Can supply meet demand?  How will you deliver?  Is there a busy season?  Do you need partners or partnerships?GET IT DONE.
  13. 13. Let’s dive in and look at some examples.  Brand, image and lead generation  Metzgers.com  Storefront tool  HealthSourceEZStore.com  eCommerce to expand market share  TonyPackos.com  eCommerce as a stand-alone business  PrintBigChecks.comGET IT DONE.
  14. 14. What steps do we take for each?  Brand, image and lead generation  Storefront tool  eCommerce to expand market share  eCommerce as a stand-alone businessGET IT DONE.
  15. 15.  Locate a good designer or a solid web design and development company  Choose a platform  Create or hire someone to create the content  Content and design are not the same thing!  Organize and create a website map  Set a timeline  Provide goals, expectations and possibly incentive to the development teamGET IT DONE.
  16. 16.  Comb through competitor’s websites  Complete a SWOT analysis  Think about how you’ll find customers  Plan a social media, SEO and PPC plan  Plan email, direct mail, cross-media advertising and marketing campaigns and PR Unseen + Untold = Unsold!GET IT DONE.
  17. 17.  What URL’s are available?  Does the URL fit within the business model?  Is the URL easy, cool and effective?  Is the URL the company name?  Do you need more than one URL?  Maybe a specific URL for different markets? A URL (Uniform (or Universal) Resource Locator) is the address of a website.GET IT DONE.
  18. 18. There are lots of websites to aid in your search:  GoDaddy.com  NetworkSolutions.com  Domize.com  Whois.netGET IT DONE.
  19. 19. Our search for PrintBigChecks.com: • PrintLargeChecks.com • VeryLargeChecks.com • MyBigChecks.com • SuperLargeChecks.com • HugeHonkingChecks.com • PrintBIgChecks.com • MyBigChecks.com • MakeGiantChecks.com • EnormousChecks.com • Really-Big-Checks.com • BigChecksSite.com • ReallyLargeChecks.com • HugeChecksSite.com • ReallyHugeChecks.com • ExtraBigChecks • PrintGiantChecks.com • GiantChecksSite.com • FlippinHugeChecks.com • BigEzChecks.com • FlippingHugeChecks.com • SuperBigChecks.com • FreakinHugeChecks.com • SuperSizeChecks.com • FreakingHugeChecks.com • StupidSizeChecks.com • PrintBigChecks.com • ReallyLargeChecks.comGET IT DONE.
  20. 20. Available eCommerce software packages:  There are lots of choices  Work with your web solutions provider to pick one that:  Fits within the website  Allows for credit card / PayPal transactions  Works with your merchant account  Reputable and reliableGET IT DONE.
  21. 21. Available eCommerce software packages:  Some choices include:  ShopSite  Zen Cart  OSCommerce  Potential issues or opportunities  In-house on your servers, Internet connection  Hosted  Many host providers include eCommerce softwareGET IT DONE.
  22. 22. To get paid online, you need to know about merchant accounts.  Choose your bank  Learn how they work and make sure it works for you and for your bank account(s)  What online credit card processors do they support?  Make them aware of your website  Show it during the development phase  Get the bank excited about you!GET IT DONE.
  23. 23. There are different fees associated.  Know your banking and merchant fees  Heck, make sure you know all of your costs!  Boxes, tape and packaging supplies  Product cost  Phones and Internet connection  Computer and software PLUS upgrades  Innovation / R&D for future products and services  Budget and plan for the future!GET IT DONE.
  24. 24. Online credit card processor choices:  Again, there are many!  Payment Gateway  Requires a merchant account  Examples: PayPal Payflow Pro, Authorize.net, Network Merchants, Inc.  PayPal Website Payments Pro  Bring your bank account to PayPal and connect them  Includes the merchant account and gatewayGET IT DONE.
  25. 25.  Track your inventory  Follow your shipping game plan  Make every shipment a positive experience for your customer  During start-up, be sure to follow through with your customers to ensure satisfactionGET IT DONE.
  26. 26. Track the database and create a system.  Track order and customer data to assist with running your business  Order entry method (phone or website)  Ship to address  Email addresses  Mailing addresses  Shopping habits  InquiriesGET IT DONE.
  27. 27. 1. Fulfill and deliver on-time and accurately 2. Market your website actively 3. Grow your business 4. Repeat 1, 2 and 3 daily! 5. Keep looking for the next product(s) or websitesGET IT DONE.
  28. 28. Think differently. Be curious. Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Get it done.GET IT DONE.
  29. 29. Stay hungry. Stay foolish. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PK2XvOs8e1s Get it done. www.metzgers.comGET IT DONE.