NeoLux LED Manufacturers Catalog and Case Studies
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NeoLux LED Manufacturers Catalog and Case Studies



Neo Lux LED are leading manufactures producing many types of LED lighting solutions geared at saving energy.

Neo Lux LED are leading manufactures producing many types of LED lighting solutions geared at saving energy.



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  • LED 3528 smd looks like the type we are looking for. We need power supply also. We would like a sample to test in our signs. We had trouble with LED's not lasting and not bright enough for light box only 500mm wide. Leds go around the inside frame inside a sign. A 2000mm x 500mm sign needs 5000mm of LED and a power supply. We will be supplying wholesale to sign industry in Australia.
    LED's will be represented in signage trade shows in Australia.
    John Brennan
    Rotosign Pty Ltd
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NeoLux LED Manufacturers Catalog and Case Studies NeoLux LED Manufacturers Catalog and Case Studies Presentation Transcript

  • 上海国智新能源有限公司 Neolux LED Lightings ( Shanghai ) Co.,Ltd. 上海民生路 1399 号太平人寿大厦 508 室 Room508 , Taiping Life Tower , #1399 , Mingsheng Road , Shanghai , P.R.C 上海 /Shanghai Tel:+86.21.5138.6766 Fax:+86.21.5138.5755 广东 /Guangdong Tel:+86.769.8877.7388 Fax:+86.769.8877.7108 [email_address] 美国 /USA 日本 /Japan 西班牙 /Spain 澳大利亚 /Australia 全球领先的 LED 照明专家 Global leader of LED lightings
  • 上海国智新能源有限公司 公司介绍 一、 前言 FOREWORD 二、 愿景和使命 MISSION and VISSION 三、 碳足迹和低碳经济 CARBON FOOTPRINT and LOW-CARBON ECONOMY 四、 产品与服务 PRODUCTS and SERVICE √ 国智光电 -LED 照明产品 NEOLUX-LED LIGHTINGS √ 国智光伏 - 太阳能产品 NEOLUX PV-SOLAR PRODUCTS √ 能源管理合同 ( EMC , Energy Management Contract ) 五、 选择上海国智的 8 大理由 ADVANTAGES 六、 项目集锦 CASES 七、 全球销售网络 GOLBAL MARKETING NETWORK
  • 前言 Foreword 技术领先,品质优良 上海国智新能源有限公司是一家现代化高科技企业, 成立于 2004 年 , 注册资本 500 万元 , 员工超过 1000 人 , 主要提供半导体照明产品( LED )、太阳能光伏产品和合同能源管理 (EMC) 服务,在上海和广东设立了总面积超过 10 , 000 平米生产工厂;拥有自主研发基地和多名高级研究人员和工程师,其中博士 2 名,硕士 5 名,研发力量雄厚,掌握多项国际国内专利;同时,上海国智积极同多家大专院校和研究机构开展广泛合作,在行业中保持领先地位。 上海国智已通过 ISO9001 国际质量体系认证,具备完善的产品开发、生产、品质管理控制能力,其大部分产品已获得 UL 、 CE 、 RoHS 证书 , 和国内权威认证 . COMPANY PROFILE With its headquarter based in Shanghai, Neolux was established in 2004 with over 1000 empoloyees. It engages in LED Lighting Products, Solar Photovoltaics Product marketing and manufacturing, and provides a wide range OEM services with our quality products. Other than the common LED lighting products and outdoor lamps, it also endeavors for new outdoor LED light system and scenario illumination. Our research and development team not only thrives to develop new products, it also engages in OEM and ODM to suit customer needs. We have a good reputation for our down-to-earth style in business.
  • 国智光电 --LED 照明 Neolux Optronics--LED Lightings LED ( Light Emitting Diode ),发光二极管,是一种固态的半导体器件,它可以直接把电转化为光。 LED 照明被誉为人类最重要的一次照明革命 ,以其 环保、节能,省钱 的卓越特性,正被越来越多的人所熟知。在日本、欧盟、澳大利亚等地,政府已出台相关措施,鼓励人们使用 LED 照明产品。 上海国智光电 LED 产品种类及应用 凭借自身强大的研发力量和引进的国际先进技术,上海国智已成为国内知名 LED 照明产品供应商。 √ LED 道路照明: LED 路灯、 LED 隧道灯 √ LED 室内照明: LED 灯泡、 LED 灯管、 LED 筒灯、 LED 射灯 √ LED 景观照明: LED 投光灯、 LED 洗墙灯、 LED 点光源等 √ LED 显示屏: LED 户外屏、 LED 室内屏 Neolux provides a wide range of LED lighting products for most applications, which include as below: Neolux LED Street Lightings Neolux LED Indoor Lightings Neolux Landscape Lightings Neolux LED Screen Neolux product can directly replace the exist lamps and energy saving lamps
  • 使命与愿景 Mission and Vision Shanghai Neolux,a modern high-tech enterprise in high-quality low-carbon products and services, has dedicated in Semiconductor Lighting (LED), solar photovoltaic products and energy contract management (EMC) services and other emerging renewable energy technologies in use, trying to keep the future low carbon economy trends. Mission and Vision
  • LED vs Fluorescent & incandescent : 国智光电 --LED 照明 Neolux Optronics--LED Lightings LED light Fluorescent incandescent Efficiency Lifetime Eco figure controlable 100-150LM/W >50,000hrs No harm material Recycled good 90LM/W About 8000hrs With mercury Not recycled Not controlable 10-20LM/W About 2000hrs Filament pullution Not recyclable difficult
  • Why LED Lighting?
      • The widespread use of LEDs over the next 10 years can:
      • Save energy (60-75%)
      • Save money
      • Help protect the environment (Green)
      • LED lighting can reduce electricity needs for lighting by more than 60%
  • How we benefit our clients
      • Buy from us directly:
      • - ROI (return of investment) : within 6-10months
      • - 10times lifetime: over 50,000hrs (7-10years)
      • - Extremely low maintenance cost
      • - 2 years warranty for after sale service
      • EMC (only for China market now)
      • - 0 investment
      • - share the energy saving value with Neolux
      • We provide free samples to testing before installation, only you need to do is a call
  • 办公楼 LED 灯管案例分析 Office building case anylize 国智产品服务—合同能源管理 Neolux Products Services--EMC
  • 选择上海国智的八大理由 Advantages of Neolux
  • LED 室内照明 LED Indoor Lighting NEOLUX LED INDOOR LIGHTINGS With installation of over 2 million pieces of different kinds of indoor LED lighting worldwide, Neolux has been proven to be reliable and durable for applications of offices, workshops, hospitals, and shopping malls. These products are strictly manufactured in accordance with international standards and have been certified by UL,CE and RoHS. We provide OEM and ODM services as well. Consult Neolux Sales Rep for more detailed information.
  • NEOLUX NBL SERIES BULBS SAVES 60%~90% OF POWER CONSUMPTION The NBL Series LED bulbs provided by Neolux are designed to replace most of the conventional lighting luminaries currently being used, such as Incandescent Bulbs, Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) and Metal Halogen Lights. With base options of E26/27, E14, MR16 and GU10 etc., the NBL Bulbs fit every application. Featuring 90 lumens per watt, the Neolux NBL Series Bulbs can easily save 60~90% of electricity consumption. LED 灯泡 LED BULB
  • LED 灯泡 LED BULB -bulbs from 1w-7w
  • LED Spot lights belongs to high-bright focus lamp, it‘s reduce the electricity power consumption as a result of its low consumption and high bright. Spot light is also easy to be fixed on. LED spot light has 50,000hrs lifetime, and the most important point is this kind LED light can save about 87% electricity power. BASE: MR16/E27/E14/E11/B22/E26/GU10 etc LED 射灯 LED SPOT LIGHT 1W 3W 4W 5W 6W
  • LED 灯管 LED TUBE NEOLUX NDT SERIES TUBES FULLY REPLACE THE FLOURESCENT TUBES The NDT Series Tubes from Neolux provide a reliable light source in a energy-saving way. It delivers a brilliant lighting effect with high luminance. This series of tubes are suitable for various lighting applications of office, department store, workshops and hospitals. Till now, we have delivered over 200, 000 sets of tubes all around the world. To find out how Neoux Tubes save in both bill and CO2 emission, please check
  • LED 灯管 LED TUBE NEW NEW T8 tube NEW T5 tube set
  • LED 筒灯 LED DOWN LIGHT NEOLUX NDL SERIES DOWN LIGHTS A range of energy efficient LED Down Lights which provide a modern look and feel. The lighting in this range is very energy efficient with a long lifespan, allowing for considerable savings on energy bills and the cost of replacement lamps whilst providing a high light output. This unique series of products are suitable for applications include hotels, shopping mall and offices etc.
  • LED 平板灯 LED PANEL LIGHT NEOLUX NPL SERIES LED PANEL LIGHT The NPL Series LED Panel Lights are for surface mounting. They can be flush mounted with the addition of a recessed frame built into the opening. The anodized aluminum frame is stylish and fashionable with everlasting color. It is powered by low voltage constant current driver, which is safety, energy-saving and long life. are LEDs encased in solid acrylic with a clear diamond pattern light dif
  • LED 厨柜灯 LED CABINET LIGHT NEOLUX LED CABINET LIGHT The cabinet light features strong rightness with low power consumption. The housing is made of alloy to boast durability, and the lamp can be fitted over a wash basin and kitchen cabinet for lighting. With lifespan of over50, 000 hours, the Neolux LED Cabinet Light can operate for years. The Neolux LED Cabinet Light can also be used as refrigerator light.
  • LED 轨道灯 LED TRACK SPOT LAMP LED TRACK SPOT LAMP Offering flexible and easy to install products for the most effective use of track lighting in any room. Track Lighting by Sea Gull Lighting versatile and adaptable, track lights allows you to configure a lighting scheme that custom made to meet your unique, individual needs. Track lighting is perfect for highlighting artwork, collections or architectural details, and it can also provide general or task illumination for an entire room.
  • LED 工业吊顶灯 LED industrial ceiling light
  • LED 道路照明 LED Road Lighting LED Road Lighting Neolux is one of the few manufactures dedicated in high power LED street lights very early in 2004. After 6 years researching and developing, Neolux has become the leading supplier for LED street lighting products. 2004-2009: over 100,000pcs Neolux LED street lighting products being installed. Neolux is building the first LED city in China, which replaces all roads,hotels,schools and other public lighting into LEDs.
  • Neolux NSL Series LED Street Lights Neolux is one of the leading companies which can provide the LED Street Lights last for years. In the past years, we have delivered over 70, 000 sets of different kinds of LED Street Light all around the world. With light decay of 5% in the first two years, Neolux LED Street Lights have been proven as the leading products in the world. With the options of warm white, neutral white and cool white, the Neolux LED Street Lighting Products can be fully adapted in most of street lighting applications. LED 路灯 LED Street Light
  • Neolux NTL LED Tunnel Lights Anyone can package LEDs in a box and claim to offer a lighting solution, but cannot guarantee consistent light and expected life. The NTL Series tunnel luminaires are the most technologically advanced LED tunnel lighting products on the market. This cutting-edge solution incorporates our latest technology for a minimum life span of 10 years without compromising lighting intensity. The NTL Series allows you to achieve significant energy and maintenance cost savings through our simple user-friendly network management interface. Find out more at our website for more detialed Information. LED 隧道灯 LED Tunnel Light
  • LED Landscape Lighting We insist that the skillful staff and services is the same important with the good quality products.We keep to meet our customers’need through working under high efficiency and good taste products.All the products at our show room can be used for outdooor building wall walling,projecting,highlighting the outline,underwater decoration,bridge decoration to achieve colorful effects in different projects. We are now developing the high power is our dream to keep running ahead in the LED lighting industry. LED 景观照明 LED Landscape Lighting
  • LED 景观照明 LED Landscape Lighting LED DISPLAY
  • LED 景观照明 LED Landscape Lighting LED DIGITAL TUBE LED Digital Light Tube is an advaced kind of decoration and illuminating product based on light source of red,green and blue LEDS,It introduces advanced microelectronic and digital technology and adopts excellent elements that ensure the eminent reliability of the product.It can create different kinds of effects including color change,colorchase,transition gradual change,gray scale change and seven-color change through adding baffling color and rich illuinating effects
  • LED 景观照明 LED Landscape Lighting LED ROPE LIGHT
  • LED 景观照明 LED Landscape Lighting LED STRIPE
  • LED 景观照明 LED Landscape Lighting LED Module
  • LED 景观照明 LED Landscape Lighting LED NEON FLEX
  • LED 景观照明 LED Landscape Lighting LED wall washer Hi-power Wall Washer is powered by 1 W LED,and it provides a even and wide color for surfaces, mainly walls. Connected this kind of products can provide huge project color changing requirement.
  • LED 景观照明 LED Landscape Lighting LED flood light
  • LED 景观照明 LED Landscape Lighting LED underground lamp/ underwater lamp
  • 太阳能 LED 路灯 Solar LED Street Light Solar Powered LED Street Light The Neolux solar powered LED light unit is a green lighting solution which requires no civil electricity and cable lying. With solar panel and LED lamp head combination, The Neolux street lighting unit is capable to provide 2000-10000 lumens for 30 to 50 hours of lighting. Poles are made to British Standards and customized to buyer's country solar code.
  • 太阳能风能 LED 路灯 Solar&Wind Hybird LED Street Light Solar & Wind Hybrid LED Street Light The NeoluxHybrid series wind / solar hybrid LED light unit is a green lighting solution which requires no civil electricity and cable lying. With solar panel and wind turbine combination, The NeoluxHybrid street lighting unit is capable to provide 2000-10000 lumens for 30 to 50 hours of lighting. Poles are made to British Standards and customized to buyer's country wind code.
  • 太阳能 LED 庭院灯 Solar LED Garden Light Neolux Solar LED Gargen Light With years of experiences in LED lightings and solar products, Neoux provides a quality Solar LED Garden Light solution for most of private and public applications. These lights can be operated for 3~5 days with only one day full charge. Also, our strong sourcing capability ensures that your unique requirement will be well serviced.
  • 国智光伏太阳能产品 Neolux Solar Products √ 太阳能组件 Solar Module √ 太阳能发电系统 Solar Generation System √ 家庭太阳能系统 Home Solar System √ 光伏建筑一体化 Building Integrated PV Neolux PV-Solar Products Neolux provides a wide range of Solar PV Products, which inludes Mono-crystal and Multi-crystal panel, tint film solar. These products can be used for many applications, such as Home Solar System, BIPV and Solar Power Generation System. We have shipped over 50 mega watts of all kinds of Solar PV Products all around the world. We provide an OEM service for most of our Solar PV Products. Please feel free to contact us for more information.
  • 国智光伏 - 家用太阳能系统 Neolux PV-Home Solar System
  • 项目锦集 Cases 上海 未来资产大厦 Future Asset , Shanghai 米兰品诺连锁餐厅 Chain restaurant , Milan
  • 项目锦集 Cases 深圳珠宝店 Jewelry store, Shenzhen 北京民生银行 Minsheng Bank, Beijing
  • 项目锦集 Cases 悉尼火车站 Railway station, Sydney 北京广东大厦 Guangdong building, Beijing
  • 项目锦集 Cases 长春政府大楼 Government building, Changchun 深圳市公安局 Police Bureau , Shenzhen
  • 项目锦集 Cases 天津设计院办公大楼 Designing institute building, Tianjin 成都香格里拉大酒店 Shangri-la Hotel , Chengdu
  • 项目锦集 Cases 惠阳金鼎大酒店 Jinding Hotel, Huiyang 杭州冠盛大厦 Guansheng building, Hangzhou
  • 项目锦集 Cases 江门电信大厦 Telecom building, Jiangmen 南昌红谷大厦 Honggu building, Nanchang
  • 项目锦集 Cases 西班牙马德里 光伏建筑一体化 (BIPV) 系统 BIPV in Madrid, Spain ; 南非,家庭太阳能系统 Home Solar System in South Africa
  • 项目锦集 Cases 中国山东, LED 路灯照明工程 ( 一) LED Street Lighting Project in Shandong 中国山东, LED 路灯照明工程 ( 二) LED Street Lighting Projectin Shandong
  • 项目锦集 Cases 菲律宾, LED 路灯 Philippines,LED Street Light 中国安徽 LED 隧道 LED tunnel light, Anhui
  • 项目锦集 Cases 中国青岛 商务酒店 Business hotel, Qingdao 阿联酋 LED 景观照明 LED Landscape Project inJumeira, UAE
  • 中国福州, LED 平板灯应用 LED Panel Light Case in Fuzhou 项目锦集 Cases 中国苏州工厂照明 Factory Lighting in Suzhou Province , China
  • LED 吊顶灯案例,长春 LED Ceiling Light Case in Changchun LED 显示屏,上海 LED Display Screen , Shanghai 项目锦集 Cases
  • 遍布全球的销售网络 Market network throughout the world 产品遍布:中国(大陆及港、澳、台)、马来西亚、菲律宾、印度尼西亚、越南、泰国、新加坡等东南亚国家;澳大利亚、新西兰 等太平洋国家;英国、土耳其、西班牙、北美等欧洲国家;尼日利亚、马达加斯加、赞比亚、南非、肯尼利亚等非洲国家;印度、 巴基斯坦灯南非国家;沙特阿拉伯、伊朗、阿联酋等中东国家;智利、巴拿马、巴西、委内瑞拉、哥伦比亚等拉丁国家。
  • 减缓地球变暖,您可以做得更多。。。。。。 You can do more to slow down the global warming...... 更多详情,可查询 : You can find more detail informations in the website: