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Poster planning

  1. 1. For our poster we took pictures against a green screen. We chose one of the major storylines from the “Hilltop Farm” trailerPhotography for Poster
  2. 2. We started to think who theposter should look... In the storyline of these 3 characters Archie is the “player” who is cheating on his girlfriend (Bella) with a girl who doesnt care about anything but herself not about the damage she is causing (Sambuca) We wanted the poster to look powerful and for the audience to know what is happening even from just looking at the picture and not seeing the trailer. Archie will be in the centre anchoring the poster as Bella and Sambuca will be either side land further back than him, he crossed his arms to make him look more powerful although he has control over these 2 girls, he has a smug look on his face suggesting to the audience he is not bothered about the hurt he has caused. Archies Clothing -He is wearing casual clothing -The t-shirt has half a girl on either side of it suggesting to the audience he doesnt know which girl to choose on either side of him. -Gelled hair showing that he takes care of his appearance
  3. 3. Bellas Costume...The costume and makeuphad to represent to theaudience what kind of Plain little make-up,character they are. makes her look innocent No fake tan to look natural Straight natural hair and to show she doesnt need to make a massive effort to look pretty The white top represents her to the audience as an “Angel”
  4. 4. Positioning... We took some shots of Bella straight on looking at the camera with a sad emotion on her face to look hurt.We then thought it would bebetter is Bella turned herselfslightly to the left so when weput the poster together she willbe turned slightly towards Archieso it anchors him
  5. 5. Positioning... In this shot Bella would be looking over in disgust at Sambuca, again this will represent to the audience that they are fighting over Archie. Another idea was for Bella to look over to the left but while have the rest of her body still front onto the camera and slightly turned to the left.
  6. 6. Sambucas costume... Allot of black eye make-up toSambucas costume makes it make her look unnaturalclear to the audience straightaway that she puts in allot of Red Lipstick and a Red topeffort in her appearance makes it a clear sign ofeveryday “danger” the audience will be able to realise just fromThe feather bower which seeing this colour that she ishangs of one shoulder gives going to cause allot ofthe impression to the problems.audience that she likesgetting attention of males. We chose Sambuca to wear red lipstick and a red top toBy wearing this she makes it make her resemble andclear that she doesnt care “devil” and for Bella to be inwhat anyone things about a white top resembling anher “Angel”Jewellery showing she caresabout material things Black-combed hair makes it clear she took a while to get ready
  7. 7. Positioning... Her facial expression looks like she is not bothered about anything. Sambuca is turned slightly to the right but still has her body turned straight in towards the camera. When we Photoshop the 3 characters in the pictures Bella and Sambuca will be anchoring Archie as they are either side of him and Archie will be in the middle slightly in front of them to make him look bigger and dominating
  8. 8. This shot is just another idea we could use on the poster... The red lipstick she is holding looking very confident represents to the audience that all she cares about is makeup, looking good and herself no one else.We tried to do another shotwith the lipstick showing thatshe doesnt care about anyoneelse apart from looking good,but i think this picture doesntdraw the audience in, as she hasno eye-contact.
  9. 9. Contrasts Between... Bella Sambuca Bella has her arms Facial expression contrasts crossed to show the Bella as she looks like she audience she is angry is not bothered about and unhappy what shes done. ( shows no emotion) Her facial expression is contrasting Sambucas, Bella is scowling at the camera Sambuca is holding a piece and looks bothered about of her hair this suggests to something, while Sambuca the audience that she is only looks bothered about seductive, confident and herself! self-centred Bella is wearing very Sambucas clothes are casual clothing and isnt hanging off her which gives showing any flesh the impression she wants to showing the contrast of show as much flesh as that she has respect for possible for male attention herself by not flaunting her body on show. Total Contrasts in costume Tanned Pale -Sambuca looks dressed up for just a normal day with a massive amount of effort - Bella looks casual and natural.
  10. 10. Ideas... We tried another idea instead of photo shoping Bella and Sambuca either side of Archie, they could both be on the right side of the poster and Archie still the main character of the poster Archie would be looking like he still hast to choose between them and the audience can see the contrast as they are back to back Sambuca looks seductive Bella looks angry and upset
  11. 11. Ideas...We tried another idea of them Bella is just looking atlooking at each other in disgust, Sambuca in disgust, herthis makes it clear again to the eyes are looking towardsaudience that they dislike each towards the flesh she hasother on show with her feather pulled off her shoulder Sambuca still has a piece of hair trying to look sexy but while giving evil looks over to Bella Sambuca still has her red lipstick in her hand, showing again how she just cares about how she looks and herself