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Executive Coaching:  Why and How
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Executive Coaching: Why and How


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Published in: Business

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  • 1. Executive Coaching Why and How Joe Casey (609) 921 1521 All rights reserved.
  • 2. Why Do Leaders Seek Coaching? Develop High Potential Managers 28% Facilitate Transitions - In or Up 19% Organizational Dynamics 13% Act as a Sounding Board on Strategy 13% Address Derailing Behaviors 12% Enhance Team Interactions 11% Other 4% 4% 2
  • 3. Approach My Approach Benefits
    • Business and Results Focused
    • Research-based
    • Driven by Data from Multiple Perspectives
    • Inside – Out Approach
    • Experiential Learning Process
    • Accounts for the Context & Stakeholders
    • Better Results in Key Areas
    • High Impact Change
    • Tests Key Assumptions
    • Clarity, Perspective and Self- Awareness
    • Measures Progress and Results
    • Builds a Plan for Sustained Growth
    . 3 Awareness Reflection Insight Informed Action* * Adapted from Rock, D.( 2006) Quiet Leadership
  • 4. Timeline Example of a Six Month Process Current State Where You Are Transition State Closing the Gap Future State Where You Want To Go 21 22 23 24 25 26 Future Assessments & Interviews Feedback Coaching Sessions Joint Meeting with Manager Mini-360 Situation Analysis Cycles of Awareness Reflection Insight and Action 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Initial Meetings Goal-setting and Action Planning Assess Progress Develop Plan post-coaching
  • 5. Curious? About : Your personality and how it influences you as a leader? Your core values and what motivates you? Your tendencies under stress and why you could derail? Your emotional intelligence ? How you prefer to think ? How you prefer to learn ? What others see as your strengths and… What you should do differently ? 5
  • 6. Assessment Options Self Others
    • 360 Interviews – to see how key people you work with experience you and your behaviors as a leader
    • EQ-I 360 - to give you data on how others view your emotional intelligence
    • CCL Benchmarks 360 - to gather ratings from your boss, team and peers on specific leadership comptencies through an on-line survey
    • Hogan Assessments – to learn more about your personality, values, motivators and your tendencies under stress
    • EQ-I – to benchmark your strengths and weaknesses in emotional intelligence
    • LSI – to highlight how you prefer to learn
    • NBI – to show you how you prefer to think
    Unlocking Insight Through Different Perspectives 6
  • 7.
    • Joe Casey is an Executive Coach based in Princeton, NJ. In addition to his training, he brings extensive experience with individual and organizational change from his work with C-level executives and leading global teams and initiatives.
    • Leadership Experience
    •   Prior to becoming an executive coach, Joe spent 26 years at Merrill Lynch, where he was most recently Senior Vice President and Head of HR for the Global Markets and Investment Banking business. At Merrill, Joe held various leadership roles including Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer for Global HR and Head of HR for the ML & Co. Corporate groups. As COO, Joe led a global organizational redesign that led to an annual cost reduction of $100mm and improved client satisfaction levels.
    • Education and Training
    • Joe earned an MS from the University of Pennsylvania in OD, an MA in Executive Coaching from Middlesex University (UK), and a BA in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. In college he was a cartoonist for the daily newspaper and brings visual problem-solving skills - and some humor - to his executive coaching.
    • Continuing his professional development he is currently in the Columbia University Coaching Certification Program. He is certified in the Hogan Assessment Series, the EQ-I, the EQ 360 and the Center for Creative Leadership suite of 360 degree assessments.
    • Personal
    • Joe is a dedicated husband and father of four, an avid sports fan and is training for his ninth marathon.
    • ( 609) 921 1521 [email_address]
    Bio 7
  • 8. Clients Clients Sectors Senior Executives - to enhance leadership skills and impact. High Potential Leaders - to prepare for future advancement by addressing key development needs. Promoted Leaders - to work on what it will take to excel in the new role. Newly-hired Executives – to rapidly get up to speed to succeed.
    • Financial Services
    • > Investment Banking
    • > Sales and Trading
    • > Asset Management
    • > Wealth Management
    • > Corporate Functions including
    • Technology, Finance, Law and HR
    • Professional Services/ Consulting
    • Entreprenuers