Elmer Joseph Anderson & Erma P Gordon Anderson


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Elmer Joseph Anderson (1911 – 1992) &
Erma Phyllis Gordon (1914 -1984)

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Elmer Joseph Anderson & Erma P Gordon Anderson

  1. 1. Elmer Joseph Anderson (1911 – 1992) & Erma Phyllis Gordon (1914 -1984) Elmer Joseph Anderson Born: 23 May 1911, Murray, Salt Lake Co, Utah Died: 11 Feb. 1992, Midvale, Salt Lake Co., Utah Burial: 15 Feb. 1992, Murray City Cemetery, Murray, Salt Lake Co., Utah Mission: to Sweden. May 1931 Returned Jan. 1934 Married: 3 Apr. 1934, Salt Lake Temple, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah Erma Phyllis Gordon Born: 22 Aug 1914, Taylor,Bingham Co.,Idaho Died: 16 Jun 1984, Midvale, Salt Lake Co., Utah Burial: 20 Jun 1984, Murray City Cemetery, Murray, Salt Lake Co., Utah
  2. 2. Children: 1- Alfred Gordon Anderson Born: 15 Mar 1935, Murray, Salt Lake Co, Utah; Died: 22 May 2008 Beaufort, Beaufort Co, South Carolina 2- Carol Dee Anderson: Born: 10 Dec 1936, Murray, Salt Lake Co, Utah 3- Joseph Ervin Anderson Born 26 Jan 1941, Richfield, Sevier Co., Utah 4- Erma Elaine Anderson: Born: 15 Apr 1943, Richfield,Sevier Co.,Utah; Died: 21 Apr 1943, Richfield,Sevier Co.,Utah 5- Vernon Robert Anderson: Born: 18 May 1946, Murray,Salt Lake Co.,Utah Elmer J. Anderson Priesthood Ordinations: Deacon by: Jos. Ahlberg Teacher by: Evald E Nygren 14 Nov 1926 Priet by Raymond R. Rasmusson 12 Mar. 1929 Elder by Raymond R. Rasmusson 14 Apr. 1931 Seventy by John H. Taylor 25 Mar. 1935 High Priest by Joseph F. Merrill 26 Jun. 1949 Patriarchal Blessing by: John M. Whitaker 20 Apr. 1931 Bishop Murray Fourth Ward: Jun.1949 to Oct 1952 & Nov 1956 to Nov 1957 Elmer Joseph Anderson Elmer Joseph Anderson was born 23 May 1911, at midnight at his parents’ home in Murray, Utah (4612 South 2nd West). He is the son of Alfred John Anderson and Anna Erickson Anderson. He was fifth of eight brothers and sisters. He attended schools in Murray completing the 8th Grade. Consistent with the times, as a teenager it was time for him to go to work and start making a living. When he was about 18, working for his Uncle’s grocery store in Salt Lake, he meets his future wife, Erma Phyllis Gordon. At the age of nineteen, Elmer received his mission call to Sweden, the land of his parent’s birth. During his mission he worked in Halsingborg, Vasteras and Norrkoping. Brother Anderson baptized six members to the Church, spent some of his time translating English to Swedish literature for the benefit of the mission effort. He was District President of the mission the last nine months of his service.
  3. 3. Erma Phyllis Gordon Erma Phyllis Gordon was born 22 Aug 1914 at Taylor, Bingham Co., Idaho. The seventh child of ten children of Samuel Arthur and Harriet Louisa Meikle Gordon. During her early life her Father and Mother moved nearly every two years. So she went to several different schools. Namely--South Jordan, Jackson, Cornish, Whittier, Milford, Beaver, South Jr. High, Granite High, Henegars Business College. “While living at 3372 South 11th East the summer before my sixteenth birthday I met a handsome, clean young man, whom I'm sure was meant for me. Elmer Joseph Anderson. I fell completely in love. We went together for about 8 months. Then he was called on Mission. While he was away I did housework in Salt Lake. I moved to Berkeley, California with one family I worked for and I was still in California when Elmer came home from his mission. I came home shortly after he did, when we were together again we knew we were still in love and so on 3 April 1934 we were married in the Salt Lake Temple.” Elmer & Erma went into the grocery business at 11th East and 33rd South, Salt Lake City, Utah. Their first son was born. Alfred Gordon, 15 March, 1935.They did very well there but did not own the building. The building was sold, about 1935 and the Andersons moved to Richards St. between 7th and 8th south in Salt Lake City. They operated another little store. Business wasn't the best, so they liquidated it all and moved to 39th South and State Street. Here their first daughter, Carol Dee, was born 10 December, 1936.
  4. 4. Elmer went to work for the Clover Leaf Dairy. He was the last one to deliver milk with a horse and buggy. <Clover Leaf Dairy Milk Bottle EXAMPLE, BUT NOT A CLOVER LEAF DAIRY WAGON On 18 January of 1938 Erma’s Father died. “This was a great shock and we were very concerned about our mother so they moved to my mother’s home. We enjoyed being with our mother at this time, and I hope we took some of the lonely hours away for her.” Elmer worked as a meat cutter for Safeway. They moved and bought their first home with Grandpa Anderson's help, financially and with his good wisdom. The home was located at 248 Leslie Ave. in Salt Lake City. Jobs were hard to get, if you got a transfer you just took it regardless. After living there awhile, Safeway moved them to Provo. Elmer’s brother Irvin took over the house and they rented in Provo for about a year. Typical Safeway Store 1940’s Road Trip to Richfield
  5. 5. About 1940 Elmer was transferred to Richfield, Utah. In Richfield, they lived at 706 East 2nd North. Elmer was made manager of the meat department in the Safeway store. “These were very happy years for us and our children. Later durin 1940 we were transferred to Richfield. Our second son Joseph Ervin was born in Richfield, 26 January, 1941.” On the 8th of March 1943 they received the, sad news of Erma’s dear Mother, she died. One month later on 15 of April, 1943 their sweet baby girl Erma Elaine was born. She was a beautiful redhead. But she was only meant to come to earth for a body. She died 20th of April, 1943. She died of a blood disease. FIND A GRAVE http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=126530 World War II - February of 1944, received the news of Erma’s brother, Vernon W. Gordon. He had been killed in the Pacific Theater in service of his Country. Soon after in July 1944 received the news of Elmer’s brother, Neils R. Anderson, had been killed in France in the service of his Country. These were the sadness’s of Richfield. They were in Richfield for seven years 1939 to 1946. In 1946 they moved back to Murray, Utah, at 335 Vine Street. They had their home built by Luke Morris of Murray. After the home was built they had a store built, Murray Park Grocery. The store was connected to the home. Their last son from heaven was born at this address. Vernon Robert was born 18 March, 1946. They ran the store for about two years. It was pleasant and our children were happy.
  6. 6. Elmer’s Mother: Anna Erickson Anderson died 13 Dec 1947 at Murray, Salt Lake Co., Utah. Then his Father, Alfred John Anderson died: 19 Sep 1948 at Murray, Salt Lake Co., Utah. At that time the store was sold, Elmer and family moved to his parents home, his childhood home, at 4612 So. 2nd West in Murray, Utah. Elmer again went to work for Safeway with whom he was very efficiently employed for the next 35 years. Erma spent several years working at J.C. Penny in Murray during this period. Bishop Elmer J. Anderson newly formed Murray Fourth Ward: Jun.1949 to Oct 1952 & Nov 1956 to May 1957 June 1949 Elmer was made Bishop of a newly organized ward, Murray 4th Ward. He served well and the ward grew, then he was released in Oct. 1952. He served on the High Council for about a year. Then was made Bishop of the 4th Ward again Nov. 1956. He served this time for about year was released May 1957. During this time Erma worked in the M.I.A., Primary, Sunday School, and the Relief Society, also served on the Stake M.I.A. and the Stake Genealogy committee. In December, 1962 they moved from their Murray home to 430 Wood St. in Midvale, Utah. “We bought this home new and have enjoyed many good times here. We feel the ward we live in, the Midvale 5th, is the best in the Church. We have watched this part of Midvale grow and grow.” Elmer worked as Meat Dept. Manager at ‘Safeways’ Midvale store until he retired, about 1972.
  7. 7. Erma went to work for Jordan School District in 1963, in the kitchen of nearby Elementary School, cooking the meals for all the children there. Erma’s quote: “it’s hard work but I like it. I can’t remember when real work was easy.” Erma stayed active with her Gordon genealogy work. Between 1961 to 1974 one project involved locating and installing a headstone for her Great Great Grandparents, Foster Gordon & Frances Hogg. Elmer Joseph Anderson "I have known the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day-Saints to be the only true Church, and in a person’s life the only way to live to be really happy. My prayers have been answered many times and I have felt my Father-in Heaven very close to me several times. I pray earnestly I can live so I can always know that my problems can be solved with the Spirit of Christ." Erma Phyllis Gordon Anderson “I believe that I have tried to do those things which are right. Making many mistakes. I have a testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel and I'm sure for true happiness it's the only way to live. Through prayer and with God's help I hope I can continue faithful until the end.” Elmer and Erma Anderson celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on 13 March 1984 Erma Phyllis Gordon Anderson Passed Away: 16 Jun 1984 at Midvale, Utah Burial : 20 Jun 1984, at Murray City Cemetery, Murray, Utah Elmer Joseph Anderson Passed Away: 11 Feb 1992 at Midvale, Utah Burial: 15 Feb 1992, at Murray City Cemetery, Murray, Utah
  8. 8. Elmer J Anderson, "United States Census, 1940" https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/VT4C-5VZ event: Census event year: 1940 name: Elmer J Anderson event place: Ward 1, Provo, Provo Election Precinct, Utah, Utah, United States gender: Male age: 28 marital status: Married race (standardized): White relationship to head of household (standardized): Head birthplace: Utah estimated birth year: 1912 residence in 1935: Salt Lake, Utah Household Gender Age Birthplace head Elmer J Anderson M 28 Utah wife Erma G Anderson F 24 Idaho son Alfred G Anderson M 5 Utah daughter Carol D Anderson F 3 Utah
  9. 9. Elmer J. Anderson – Obituary Deseret News Feb. 13 1992 http://www.deseretnews.com/article/209704/DEATH--ELMER-ANDY-ANDERSON.html?pg=all
  10. 10. http://www.findagrave.com/cgi- bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=Anderson&GSfn=Elmer&GSby=1911&GSbyrel=in&GSdy=1992&GSdyrel=i n&GSst=47&GScnty=2791&GScntry=4&GSob=n&GRid=36234&df=all& Elmer Joseph "Andy" Anderson Birth: May 23, 1911, Murray, Salt Lake County, Utah Death: Feb. 11, 1992, Midvale, Salt Lake County, Utah Burial: Murray City Cemetery Murray, Salt Lake County, Utah Plot: 08 094 5 http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=49906 Erma Phyllis Gordon Anderson Birth: Aug. 22, 1914, Bingham County, Idaho Death: Jun. 16, 1984, Midvale, Salt Lake County, Utah Burial: Murray City Cemetery Murray. Salt Lake County, Utah Plot: 08 094 5 Your tombstone stands neglected and alone. The name and date are chiseled out on polished, marbled stone. It reaches out to all who care. It is too late to mourn. You did not know that I exist. You died and I was born. Yet each of us are cells of you in flesh, in blood, in bone. Our heart contracts and beats a pulse entirely not our own. Dear Ancestor, the place you filled so many years ago. Spreads out among the ones you left who would have loved you so. I wonder as you lived and loved, I wonder if you knew That someday I would find this spot and come to visit you.
  11. 11. Elmer Joseph Anderson L to R: Ruth (front) Irvin (back) L to R: Viola, Elsa (back) Elmer (Front) Elsa(sitting) Harry (in Elsa lap) Irvin (back) Ruth (front) Elmer (front) Viola (back) 1912 1914 Back Ruth & R. Hall Back: Ruth, Elmer Front: M Forsberg, B Blazard, Elmer A. Front: Harry, Milton 1920-21 1923-24
  12. 12. Erma Phyllis Gordon Jim (back) Hattie holding Vera 1919 Erma P. & Vern Gordon Vern, Hazel & Roy- Erma in chair 1924 Vera & Erma Gordon 1928-29 1930
  13. 13. 1931 1931 Weekend before Elmer leaves for Swedish Mission
  14. 14. About the time 1931 Mission Elmer meet Erma
  15. 15. Just Married Our 1st Car Our 1st Store and 1st Child
  16. 16. 1939 to Richfield 1939 1941 1942 1943 Visit Mother Gordon 1944 Visit Anderson Grandparents Our Street Richfield
  17. 17. 1944 1946- Vine Street, Murray Park Grocery
  18. 18. 4612 So 2nd West, Murray, Utah Front Yard Back Porch Front Porch Honeysuckle Bush
  19. 19. Bishop: Murray Fourth Ward: Jun.1949 to Oct 1952 & Nov 1956 to May 1957 Bishoprics 1959 – 25th Anniversary 1960
  20. 20. 1962 – 430 Wood St. Midvale, Utah 1965
  21. 21. 1970 – 1975
  22. 22. 50th Anniversary 1984
  23. 23. 1991 Elmer Age 80