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Published in: Business, Technology
  • Checkout SocialAppsHQ - it is only $9.99 per month - provides ton more applications and at a much better pricing
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  • There are a few ways to change the tabs on your Facebook page. This is just one option. Northsocial apps make it easy to do so. You actually get 15 apps and a new one comes out every month. If you don't know html or don't have the marketing budget to pay someone to host graphics on your Facebook this is a great option. You get 14 days free so it's at least worth trying out! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I also came across another custimization tool called FanPageGenerator. It's also worth checking out. NorthSocial is only $21.75 a month, which is a lot less time and money than hiring a person who knows html.
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  • 1. Style Your P Alter
  • 2. K.I.S.S.
  • 3. •Keep •It •Simple •Stupid
  • 4. Ps Photo Showcase
  • 5. Ps Photo Showcase Features • Integrated commenting module allows visitors to comment on the images, which drives additional awareness and page traffic. • Extremely elegant and cool image slideshow. • Upload up to 10 large images which are shown in a carousel style left to right slider. • Each image can be hyperlinked to lead visitors back to your web store, or to any other website you choose. • Show off your products, your team, or create a custom slide show for just about anything.
  • 6. Vp Video Player
  • 7. Vp Video Player Features • Displays a large single video which you can embed from YouTube. • Optional title and text block below the video for a full description of the content. • Optional "fan only" feature can be enabled which can make the video viewable by fans only to drive fan conversions. • Integrated comments on Facebook which default to posting on the viewers wall when they comment on your video (drives viral viewership of your content.) • Built in share functionality which can drive additional awareness for your video content and page. • Customized header to strengthen the brand impression on the page.
  • 8. Sw Sweepstakes
  • 9. Sw Sweepstakes Features • This app enables you to run promotional sweepstakes right on your Facebook page. • Grow your fan count with a "must be a fan to enter" function. • Manage all contacts with our free contact management solution, powered by North Contact • Generate an email list of target consumers. • Easily customize the look and feel of the sweeps by uploading images of your choice. • Drive viral growth with a customized share link.
  • 10. Ss Show & Sell
  • 11. Ss Show & Sell Features • Perfect for adding a product showcase to your Facebook page. • Integrated comment area allows users to post comments on each product. • Easily add images and descriptions of your products with a link to your eCommerce site so your Facebook fans are one click away from your online store. • Comments default to wall postings which drives additional traffic. • Custom header enables you to easily manage the brand impression of the page. • Integrated share features drive additional traffic to your mini-store.
  • 12. Tf Twitter Feed
  • 13. Tf Twitter Feed Features • Easily connect your twitter account and have each tweet published into your Facebook page. • Customized header (optional) allows you to easily brand the page. • This app can be made into a fan conversion app by adding an image that will be shown to anyone who isn't a fan of your page. When the user becomes a fan, they will get to see your twitter feed. • Select the number of past tweets you want to display.
  • 14. Rs RSS Feed
  • 15. Rs RSS Feed Features • Customized header enables you to easily control the brand experience on the page. • Images and text are displayed with links back to the source site for additional reading. • Paste any RSS feed (Blog, news, or other) into the admin control panel and you can pull in content onto your page from any feed. • Integrated share features enable readers to share your page and drive additional readers and traffic.
  • 16. Pp Partner Page Promotion
  • 17. Pp Partner Page Promotion Features • Easily create a gallery of other pages you want to share. • Customized header allows you to control the brand impression. • Each page shows their thumbnail image and fan count. • Each page in the gallery can be clicked on if the visitor wants to view that page. • Optional "fan only" feature can be enabled which you can use to drive fan count for your page.
  • 18. Su Sign Up
  • 19. Su Sign Up Features • Easily embed a sign up form into your Facebook page. • Customized header (optional) allows you to control the brand impression for the visitor. • Embed complex forms powered by North Contact which enable you to capture additional customer information. • Manage all registrants with our powerful (and free) contact management tools. • Great for registrations, newsletter sign ups, contact information capture, volunteer forms, and more.
  • 20. Mi Map It
  • 21. Mi Map It Features • Enter your address and this app will embed a google map of your location into your Facebook page. • Integrated directions feature allows visitors to enter their current address which will plot the shortest path to your location. • Customized header enables you to brand the page. • Share functionality allows visitors to easily let their friends know where to find you. • The most robust integration of Google maps on a Facebook page.
  • 22. Vc Video Channel
  • 23. Vc Video Channel Features • Embed an entire YouTube channel into your Facebook page. • Integrated commenting module drives additional awareness and traffic to your page. • Give your users a deep content viewing experience with a featured video along with a slider of additional videos. • Customized header allows you to create a stronger brand impression for your viewers. • Optional title and description text. • Built in share functionality which can drive additional awareness for your video content and page. • Integrated share features help drive additional views and page visitors.
  • 24. Fo Fan Offer
  • 25. Fo Fan Offer Features • If a visitor to your page becomes a fan it will reveal a second image for fans only. • You can easily upload two images to activate this app. • The content management tools allow the page admin to quickly and easily change the promotional offer or message on the page. • This app enables you to drive fan conversions by offering promotions or coupon codes that are only for fans of your page. • Optional hyperlink on the second image enables you to lead buyers to your store where the can redeem any special offer you publish on the page.
  • 26. Fi First Impression
  • 27. Fi First Impression Features • Upload a large image for a completely customized landing page for all new visitors. • Flexible admin tools enable you to easily change the image in seconds. • Custom share settings allow you to manage the content that is spread by users who click the "share" button. • Optional hyperlinks on the page enable you to direct traffic to any other web page inside or outside of Facebook.
  • 28. Yr Yelp Reviews
  • 29. Yr Yelp Reviews Features • Integrate reviews from right into your Facebook page. • Each review is posted with a star rating and an overall star rating. • Works great for nearly any small business that is listed on Yelp, especially restaurants and bars. • Large custom header image so you can create a highly customized feel to the page. • Simple admin tools enable you to easily update the header image.
  • 30. Vw Viral Wave Generator
  • 31. Vw Viral Wave Generator Features • Large custom header image where you can upload an image that will explain the reason people should share this page. • Fully customized share settings which enable you to set the image, title, and text that is spread when visitors click the share link. • Optional "fan only" feature can be enabled which you can use to drive fan count for your page. • Works best with messages that are "share-worthy" so that they naturally achieve viral growth. • Simplifies the natural viral process that is often seen as "copy and paste this text into your status" with a single click.
  • 32. So how does it work?
  • 33. Just use the Control Panel to generate Amazing Tabs!
  • 34. NorthSocial.Com For more information and to sign up go to Save some dough 25% off every month forever & 14 Days Free! USE THESE CODES: • Chandlerbasic25 • Chandlerpremium25 • Chandlerpro25
  • 35. Any questions? •