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  • 1. Key Props!We will be using many different props in our musicvideo but this PowerPoint features the most iconic ones.
  • 2. The Ring• The ring is a main symbol of her relationship as she is engaged to be married. The ring also signifies the end of her relationship when it is removed and thrown.
  • 3. Snow White Doll• We decided to add in using the doll as it links in with the song lyrics ‘Snow white said when I was young’ and links to the whole fairytale idea which is the main theme of the song.
  • 4. Photograph (Ripped)During the music video when Imogen isat the dressing table she takes down aphotograph of her and her fiancée andthen later on in the video she takes thisphotograph off of the fridge and rips itup. This is key as this is what sparks thefinal argument between them.
  • 5. Smashed Wine Bottle• The smashed wine bottle is significant of their relationship as it is smashed during an argument and is cleared away when she is about to leave him. It signifies the turning point in the relationship and the moving on.
  • 6. Wedding Magazines/Photos• With these props its a constant ‘her reality vs. her fantasy’ the wedding magazine and photos are key as they are her fantasy/dream.
  • 7. Empty Glass• Okay so not an important one but probably my favourite! We had to set the table up to make it look like Imogen and her fiancée had just had dinner, we created this by setting up the table with plates etc. To make the wine glasses look more believable I poured some strawberry Ribena into them to make it look like they had been drinking wine, we done this also with the smashed wine bottle on the floor.
  • 8. To Me, You Are PerfectThese are theplac-cards wehave chosen touse from the‘Love Actually –To Me You ArePerfect’ scenefor ourintertextualreference to thefilm.
  • 9. To Me, You Are Perfect As our chorus isnt that long we decided to only take four plac- cards from the original and add on ‘Always’ in ‘& my wasted heart will always love you’. As these four were in our opinion the most important plac cards as they feature the main message and humour. Our audience will be able to identify that it is from Love Actually.