PSR Spring Newsletter 2013


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PSR Spring Newsletter 2013

  1. 1. INSIDE TRACK GAME-CHANGING RECRUITMENT NEWS SPRING 2013 NEWSLETTER ACROSS THE BOARDWhen we set up in business, our aim was to quickly position ourselves as the “one-stop shop” for allour clients’ recruitment needs in Sport, irrespective of their sporting discipline or the nature of therole they were seeking to fill - a truly across the board service.The response has been phenomenal, and we have made huge in-roads into the development of PSRas the place for our clients to turn.As part and parcel of the service we offer, we like to keep our clients informed as to our activities.And so, we would like to welcome you to our inaugural newsletter.In this issue, we are delighted to announce the successful placement of Sven Goran Erikkson asTechnical Director at Al Nasr Sports Club in Dubai. Conducting business in the Emirates is always areal pleasure, and Sven has taken on a fantastic role at the oldest Professional Football Club in theUAE.We also look to the imminent start of the Formula 1 season. Our recent expansion into Motorsportrecruitment sees us move into new territory for the PSR team, but one in which we are all hugelyinterested (as fans!) and looking forward to growing as part of our brand.Finally, we take a look at the Football and Rugby worlds. In Football, recruitment is strong at presentas we come towards the end of the 2012-13 season and we prepare for close season and the flurry ofrecruitment activity it often brings!The Rugby world has certainly had a busy start this year - a combination of the eagerly awaited launchof the Rugby League Season, the RBS Six Nations competition and the preparations for the RugbyLeague World Cup mean all aspects of the sport are moving at a fast pace - we outline how theexcitement is keeping PSR busy at the heart of the action.As ever, we would love to talk to you about any recruitment requirements you may have.Please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0113 2428489.Yours in Sport,The PSR Team
  2. 2. GAME-CHANGING RECRUITMENT NEWS SPRING 2013 NEWSLETTER INSIDE TRACK STARTING GRIDAs we compile this newsletter, the start of the F1season is just around the corner. With newteams and technology offering faster track timesthan ever before, hopes are that this season willprove even more exciting than last, when 7different drivers won the first 7 races and theChampionship went right down to the wire.Whilst F1 is probably the highest profile of theMotorsport competitions, the sport as a wholecontinues to move forward at an incredible pace, Expect to Win,with 2014 to see the launch of the hotlyanticipated FIA Formula E Championship. Prepare to Win, Execute to Win.The need for highly specialised recruitment isechoed across all Motorsport disciplines - and for Red McCombstop candidates, Motorsport will always be a huge Lead Investor, USGPdraw as an exhilarating, challenging andinnovative environment.Despite this, Motorsport recruitment is a largelyneglected market in terms of specialistrecruitment agencies.This, combined with the introduction of someoutstanding potential candidates to ourdatabase, means we are hoping to have a strongrole to play in offering specialist recruitmentadvice across the Industry.
  3. 3. GAME-CHANGING RECRUITMENT NEWS SPRING 2013 NEWSLETTER INSIDE TRACK ON THE BALLFootball as we know it - “Soccer” to the rest of covering the technical aspects of all areas of thethe World - is of course central to our activities Club, from upgrading the youth system throughat PSR. to assisting Manager Walter Zenga with the first team.Assisting in diverse placements throughout thePremier and Football Leagues, with roles ranging Here in the UK, as the domestic seasonfrom CEOs to Executive Chefs, PSR have been approaches “the final hurdle”, excitement mountsdelighted with the Industry’s response to our and reputations stand to be made or However, nothing is more certain than thePSR’s Directors were delighted to act as brokers essential off-field teams will need regenerating -in one of global football’s most eye-catching even in some cases rebuilding - and there will beJanuary moves; negotiating the appointment of a flurry of recruitment activity leading up to the all-Sven Goran Erikkson as Technical Director to Al important close season period.Nasr Club in the UAE. PSR hope to be instrumental in assisting with thatSven’s appointment underlines Al Nasr’s desire to process, and have access to some exceptionalbring long-term success to the Club, with a remit potential candidates for key roles.
  4. 4. GAME-CHANGING RECRUITMENT NEWS SPRING 2013 NEWSLETTER INSIDE TRACK SET PLAYAs the 2013 League Season kicks off,preparations ramp up for the 2014 World Cupand the RBS 6 Nations is well underway, Clubsof both codes are experiencing a period of There is far too much talk abouttremendous activity, on and off the field of play. good ball and bad ball. In my opinion, good ball is when youDeveloping relationships with Clubs of both have possession and bad ball iscodes has been of paramount importance to the when the opposition have it.PSR Team since our incorporation; indeed PSR’sinvolvement in Rugby League was self-evident as Dickie Jeepskey match sponsors of the televised game onFebruary 23rd between Hull FC and WarringtonWolves. WORKING WITH PSR We hold an extensive database of highly skilledOur efforts to build a strong and extensive candidates suited for positions across the Sportsnetwork of contacts has proved highly successful, Industry, many of whom already hold positions in Sport. All our candidates are fully screened to ensure they are aplacing our Team at the heart of the action in true fit to our client’s roles.terms of candidate selection and placement. From commercial and marketing roles through to coaching and sports science positions, PSR can coverOver recent years, as Clubs have actively sought recruitment requirements for all aspects within the dailyto increase levels of professionalism and expertise function of a modern day sports organisation.across all tiers of the corporate structure, the For further information, please contact Jodie Rockettresulting requirement for astute and capable or Charlotte Stuart on 0113 2428489.candidates at all levels has grown exponentially.Happily for us at PSR, such growth is reliant upona successful recruitment process.The personalised service offered by the PSR Teamensures that we can source and select the highestcalibre of candidates for all key roles.