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  1. 1. Jodi JohnsonRyan BartlettEnglish 10122nd February, 2012 Musician’s Abode The time is 9:15pm and the event has been scheduled to last until at least 1:00amthe following morning. It is lively and people of all ages have come to visit the famousmusic venue, but the down-to-earth occupants chat casually with one another as if they hadknown eachother all their lives. Among the line-up of bands scheduled to perform howeveris one that has a unique take on what someone would normally classify a rock band to be.Outside the venue I meet a musician. He is probably in his early 30’s and a couple inchesshorter then myself, with shoulder length hair and a happy go-lucky personality. Hedoesn’t seem busy, so I introduce myself. He’s friendly and doesn’t mind shaking hands. Iask about himself and his band and he explains that he’s there with one of the band’sperforming from overseas. The band is what he describes as, “combinng the softness of afalling feather with the heaviness of a hurricane”. He told me he would perform soon so Iwaited inside and found other people to converse with. The event lasted for about 5 hours. After meeting up with the member of one of thebands to perform, I went inside and sat on a large red couch. It was the lounge area. Afterordering a drink I looked around and my attention fell onto the features of the venue. There
  2. 2. was an upstairs that seemed to be busy, but not as active as the floor down below where Iwas. I wasn’t use to the culture of the venue so I stuck out like a sore thumb. Two guys,probably around their early twenties, about the same height as my 5’ 4” frame approach meand ask me where I’m from. I tell them I’m not from around the area and ask them theirimpressions of the bands playing. They tell me about how celebritys come often and thattonight they had heard a guest celebrity (a comedian) was scheduled to perform with one ofthe ending bands. After some time the guys left. Again I saw the man who had promised me ainterview after the live and he nodded in my direction. He was still busy. Helping withunloading drums it seemed. Another hour went by. It was about 11:00 and it was probablytime for the band I was interview to go up. Sure enough I was right. The vocalist was apetite female, around my height with a friendly personality. When the band performed theywere exactly as the man I had met described, “the softness of a falling feather and theheaviness of a hurricane”. I assumed that the heaviness was the guitar and the fallingfeather was the vocalist’s voice. After their performance I asked people what they thought about the bands. I askedfirst about the band of the man I had just met outside, its name was Kazha. At first when Iasked they didnt know who I was talking about, then I clariefied that it was the band whohad come from overseas. The first guys response was "They were pretty kickass." and theresponse from the other was one of dis-interest, " The vocals were a bit different from whatIm use to, but I wouldn’t mind see them again.".
  3. 3. During my observational visit I learned that people at the concert were genuinelypolite and friendly. I had never been to one before, so it was a new experience for me and Ithink it would be for anyone similar to me. I was most surprised by the venue because itwas hard rock but I spotted about half a dozen elementary age young children there(probably the children of the bandmen) even though it was a venue where it was 21 andover. That was something I thought could be considered contradictory about thevenue.Something else that was a bit contradictory was that not many people were as wildlydressed as I thought they would be. After the concert had finished, it was around 12:40am and I stood outside, a little bitnervous, and got ready to interview the band I had planned to interview. I was getting a bittired so I turned around to leave, but came back after thinking I should give it a second try.I looked through the venue once more and felt someone tap me on the shoulder. It was theman I met from the band. His happy-go lucky demeanor was the same as it was about 3hours ago and I was quite impressed since it was almost 1:00am in the morning. He told methat it was their first time performing in Hollywood and that he was from Japan, but movedto the States about 3 years ago to build up his band. He’d been in a 27 state tour with theband but had trouble telling me much else so he told me to wait. He came back with theother 2 members of his band and we didn’t get to interview, since the vocalist said she’dprefer doing the interview via e-mail so she could think about the questions, I still had a lotof fun chatting with them after the concert. The vocalist, who’s name was Kazha Oda, wasvery kind and gave me a copy of her album for free after we exchanged e-mails.
  4. 4. I think what made the concert extra-special that night was that celebrities came to guest-sing with the vocalists of the bands, and the bands afterwards were very easy to talk to.Overall it was a very relaxed venue and I would look forward to going back again.