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  1. 1. Johnson 1Jodi JohnsonRyan BartlettEnglish 1016 February, 2012 Bad HabitsBefore I started college being punctual was a huge problem in my life. Even simple things likegetting out of bed on time, or stopping myself from doing just one more thing before I left thehouse were habits that were hard for me to form. One day I decided that enough was enough. Idecided that being late to everything I went to wasn’t going to get me where I really wanted to bebut I didn’t realize this until I learned the hard way.I’m someone who loves to travel and likes to do so often when I get the time or funds. So duringmy last year of high school I decided that I would plan a trip to go to Japan. Knowing that the tripwould be expensive, I got a part-time job and started saving. Along with that I applied for and gotaccepted into an exchange program to go into Tokyo. My grades were alright and some of mygood friends applied to go to the same exchange program so I was excited. This was because Iassumed that if I kept my grades up that this trip would be the best trip of my life. There was noway that this could go wrong, because all I had to do was show up to the exchange programsmeetings and I would be ready to go.In order stay a member of the exchange programs we were assigned to go to several meetingsbefore the beginning of the trip.
  2. 2. Johnson 2One of the first meetings we had to do was a garage sale. The sale went perfectly, but the nextmeeting, which was the carwash, went horrible. I showed up late and unprepared. There wereother people at the meeting who had already washed about four cars when we only had aboutnine. Showing up late, I killed my reputation with everyone because it seemed as if the trip wasnot important to me. I remember that even though it rained heavily, people still came to help out.When this happened I thought I had finally learned my lesson about being punctual.The next time I saw everyone from the exchange program was before we left to Japan. The nightbefore the morning of the trip, I told myself that I would pack everything that I needed into onlytwo bags. I set the alarm clock to 5:00am even though the plane left at 10:00am. In the nightbefore 5:00pm slowly became 6, then 7, and then 11:00 o’ clock at night. I kept telling myself that Iwould pack for the trip; instead, I kept putting it off so that I could do other things. Eventuallymidnight came, and I sat down in the middle of my bedroom to draw up a list of items to packwhile I watched T.V. The Simpsons, my favorite show, ran in the background as I brainstormed allof the things that I might need during a two week stay in a foreign country. Would it be alright tobuy a few things before I went on the trip? It would be fine of course, it was midnight, and Ithought my four hours of sleep would be easy to function on if it was only a plane I needed tocatch. But before I got to finish making my list, packing, or finish watching television, I had fallenasleep!The next thing I knew I was waking up. It was bright outside, unusually bright for 5:00am in themorning, so I instinctively looked at my clock and was in shock. It was already 8:00am and I hadn’teven packed. The plane would leave in two hours and it took 45 minutes to get there!
  3. 3. Johnson 3Quickly I gathered clothes, perfumes, my purse, blankets and presents and threw them all into myluggage bags. I didn’t have time to pack anything warm, but I was sure that I would get at least onechance to go shopping if I really needed to, but whether I could or not didn’t matter at themoment. The main thing I wanted to accomplish was to try and get to the airport on time. Aboutan hour later I had time to get in the car and ride to the airport, but the only thing is that thetraffic was horrible. It was Memorial Day weekend so everyone was out and trying to get to theirdestinations. I remember my father even saying that I had pushed my luck too far, and he wasright! Because I got there so late that I ended up refunding my ticket because I didn’t catch theplane in time.Needless to say, It all ended in catastrophe, but I definitely learned my lesson. From that day on Istruggle with being on time, but I am a lot better then I was before and even though it was a badexperience, I’m still thankful for it because it could have been a lot worse then it was. I could havenever gotten the chance to go back to Japan again, but in the spring after I tried again and wassuccessful and on time.