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Music video analysis  katy perry, taylor swift, flo-rida
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Music video analysis katy perry, taylor swift, flo-rida


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. Genre elements Conventions presented in Teenage Dream-Katy PerryCharacters –representations,stereotypes,behaviour, bodylanguage, specificactors/starsKaty Perry. The recognisable artist has been placed in the music video andis shown to be wearing little clothing. Little clothing is often worn in popmusic videos to make the artist look more of a sex object and appeal toaudiences. This is a repetitional theme using Steve Neal’s repetitionaltheory.The Party atmosphere is used as teenagers like to have a good time andparty. Partys are also associated with Summer which is the season themusic video has been shot to look like.Narrative events –howis the narrativeordered andstructured?The narrative structure of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream is narrative yet hasan abstract feel to it as the music video as a whole tells the story of asummer romance yet the abstract feel shows a variety of clips taken fromsummer.Iconography – props,symbolic codesSunglasses, hair blowing back in the wind from the car gives the musicvideo a summer feel and makes Katy look free.In the video you see teenagers jumping and running whilst taking parts oftheir clothes off as though they are heading to the beach. This creates afun atmosphere for the music video.Props such as bikes and skateboards have been used to give a ‘young’effect to the video as these objects are usually stereotyped for a youngeraudience of teenagers. This would appeal to Katy Perry’s target audienceand uses Neals theory of repetition.Close-up clips of ice pops have been used to again highlight summer.These particular objects have been edited in slow motion to reinforcewhat teenaged like. The colour red is fairly dominant as the music videoenters a party atmosphere which symbolises love/passion or danger.Smoke and bright colours are also used. These colours are often used inpop music videos, appealing to teenage audiences. Steve Neal’s theory onrepetition is applied here.Setting- mise en sceneSetting- mise en scene The beach has been chosen as a setting as audiences associate the beachas a happy, positive, fun place to be. The clip shows teenagers runninginto the sea having fun.There is lots of greenery shown in this particular music video. Thefields/trees give a natural feel to the video and suggest Katy Perry is free.This would appeal to teenage audiences as teenagers want to be free andhave independence much like Katy Perry is shown to have.Throughout the music video the colour has been dulled and the use ofpastel colours are used- this gives a ‘dreamy’ effect to the video. Musicvideos often use this technique which is part of Steve Neals theory onmusic videos repeating certain aspects so that they create the perfectmusic video.
  • 2. Technical and audiocodes – camera use,editing, lighting,diegetic/non diegeticsound, sfxThere are a lot of close up shots in the music video especially at partssuch as showing Katy Perry with her love interest. Steve Neal believesmusic videos repeat themselves; Katy Perrys video reinforces his theorythrough the close up shots showing how happy she is. Slow motion hasbeen used to emphasize the summer ‘fun’ that they are having.Handheld camera has been used at the start of the music video giving it amore personal touch, although handheld camera is not used throughout.What ideologies are encoded in the music video? What does the genreseem to say about what it is like to live in the world?Katy Perry’s music video for Teenage Dream shows a more genericnarrative not a niche audience appeals wider audience convention.What ideologies are encoded in the music video? What does the genre seem to say about what it islike to live in the world?Katy Perry’s music video for Teenage Dream shows a more generic narrative. Her video is notaimed at a niche audience with it appealing to a wider audience. Stereotypical conventions havebeen used. Katy Perry as an artist however can use abstract narratives for example her music videofor California Girls features a world made out of Candy. This is a rejection of Neal’s theory as noone has done this as a music video before.Genre elements Conventions presented in I Knew You Were Trouble- Taylor SwiftCharacters –representations,stereotypes,behaviour, bodylanguage, specificactors/starsTaylor Swift appeals to teenage girls. Her outfits have been specifically chosenthat of what a teenager would wear. As Taylors audience are teenagers andyoung girls she is represented to be nothing but a young teenager goingthrough boy problems which all girls can relate to. Her outfits are not chosento make her look sexy but instead pretty. This follows Steve Neal’s theoryas all music videos dress a certain way to appeal to a certain audience. It isrepetitive.Narrative events –how is the narrativeordered andstructured?This particular video of Taylors follows a narrative. The narrative isbased around the love interest which is common throughout Taylorsvideos as she mainly sings about relationships. There are flashbacks ofmemories in the video also.Iconography – props,symbolic codesGuitar has been used when the various shots of people having fun are shownand highlights summer fun.The Music video shows the love interest getting a tattoo giving him an edgeand stereotyping the bad boy image hes supposed to be playing. There isalso part of the clip where a police car is shown which represents rebellion.Fireworks and fire are shown in the music video representing therelationship.
  • 3. Setting- mise ensceneSteve Neal’s theory of Repetition is used in the music video through the car.Much like Katy Perrys Teenage Dream video the rooftop down car is usedfor Taylor and her love interest. This could symbolise her being free andhighlights the season of summer. Summer is the month people generallyassociate love with I.e. summer romance. Various clips are used to show therelationship between Taylor, her love interest and friends which tells thestory and after analysing other music videos is a common theme to use. Therave is used for the build up of the song and shows people dancing, havingfun and the band playing. This would appeal to audiences through teenagerslike to have fun and go partying. Steve Neal’s theory of repetition is used herethrough pop music videos usually showing some kind of rave or party.Technical and audiocodes – camera use,editing, lighting,diegetic/non diegeticsound, sfxAt the start of the music video a long shot is used to establish location. Thelocation shows Taylor alone with a mess around her to which suggests therewas a party going on but everyone has gone and left her.Part of the music video shows a rave which uses low key lighting. Fast pacedediting, including quick cuts are used at quicker parts of the song making itcontrapuntal. It is common for quick cuts to be used in pop music videosreinforcing Steve Neal’s theory.Medium close ups and close ups were constantly used throughout the videoso that the audience recognised the characters expressions. Whenever TaylorSwift and the love interest are shown close there is always some kind of lightshown which could represent that there is hope for the relationship.What ideologies are encoded in the music video? What does the genre seem to say about whatit is like to live in the world?Taylor Swift uses stereotypical conventions which would appeal to her target audience and follows SteveNeal’s theory as a result of this. As a Taylor Swift fan I have seen most of Taylors music videos and knowthat her music videos follow a similar pattern with the love interest in the narrative. The music videogives the idea on how focused we are on relationships and how things can either go right or wrong.Taylor Swift’s genre is pop/country.Genre elements Conventions presented in I gotta’ feeling’- Flo-Rida
  • 4. Characters –representations,stereotypes,behaviour, bodylanguage, specificactors/starsFlo Rida appeals to teenage audiences. He is made to look powerful anddominant in his videos which is a stereotypical look for artists such as himselfto want to appear like. He uses typical conventions to which his genre isassociated with which reinforces Neal’s theory as most artists do this.Narrative events –how is the narrativeordered andstructured?Flo-Rida’s music video begins with him flying off to the airport andarriving at specific places giving it a narrative feel however it thenchanges to abstract as it shows him in different country’s having fundoing a variety of things. Home footage is also shown.Iconography – props,symbolic codesIn one of the clips we see Flo-Rida having an interview wearing a gold chain.The gold chain represents bling and is a stereotypical piece of jewellery that apop/rap singer would have appealing to Neal theory. An ipad is also used in aclever way by him placing it over his face and moving it across to showvarious shots of himself, I’ve never seen this be done before and so rejectsNeal’s theory as a non stereotypical convention.Flo-rida seems to be in a robe at one point in what looks like a nice hotelroom, this is another example of how rich he is.The different shots of cars are a representation of Steve Neal’s theory ofrepetition as it is a common prop used in this particular genre.Flo-Rida is wearing sunglasses a lot in his video giving him a mysterious edgebut also being a stereotypical convention of the rap genre.Surprisingly their was hardly any females in the music video but when theirwas they were wearing little clothing which is common for the genre he isaimed at.Setting- mise ensceneFlo-Rida is shown at a concert in parts of the video- which angle?He is shown in different parts of the world next to well known buildings suchas Eiffel Tower in Paris. This shows how rich he is as he is able to do this andthe lifestyle that he has.A variety of shots are shown in the music video for example when Flo-Ridagoes surfing, driving a car/motorbike, partying, gym, running. These have allbeen specifically chosen as they would appeal to Flo-Rida’s audience. Gymand running represents Flo-Rida maintaining his body, keeping fit with a goodbody whilst the car for males as it is a stereotype for males to have nice cars.Surfing has been chosen to make Flo-Rida look more down to earth as at onepoint he falls off and is laughing, this would appeal to his audience.Aswell as being shown in the gym Flo-Rida is also shown boxing giving him astereotype and making him look powerful through strength.Technical and audiocodes – camera use,editing, lighting,diegetic/non diegeticsound, sfxThe handheld camera towards the end of the video gives the ‘home footage’effect. This effect gives the audience a glimpse of what his lifestyles like. Italso makes the audience feel like they know him more on a personal level asthey are seeing him hanging out with his friends being ‘normal’.Flo-Rida is also shown singing to the screen matching the lyrics. This will looklike he is singing to the individual watching the video personally capturingtheir attention.At the end of the video a montage of different pictures of Flo-Rida having agood time is shown and as the montage zooms out you see it is made out ofFlo-Ridas face which then dissolves into his real face with the music video
  • 5. ending.The variety of clips shown differed from fast and slow pacedin order to keepup with the speed of the song, there are also a lot of quick cuts.What ideologies are encoded in the music video? What does the genre seem to say about whatit is like to live in the world?Flo-Ridas music video follows a common narrative with stereotypical conventions used. Themessage he is trying to portray is all about having fun and the lifestyle most of us wish to have.This also contrasts into the actual lyrics of the song ‘I Gotta Feelin’.