Kerrang double page spread


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Kerrang double page spread

  1. 1. The house style is still being continued onto the double page spread by the colour black being mainly A white column has beenIn the primary optical area the used. The article also uses a similar font to the one on the front cover and contents page and uses the placed down the right handmagazine trys to promote itself same effect i.e. ‘KERRANG’ font looking like shattered glass. side of the page to showby having the word ‘NEW’S’ that it is different to thewrote in large red letters. The A quote from the interview of My Chemical Romance has been used to let the audience know what the main article of My Chemicalcolour red stands out against the article is about. The audience will want to know what MCR stands for and so will end up reading the Romance. A red arrow hasblack background making our article to find out. The sans serif font used for this quote has been bolded uses the colours red and white been placed at the top ofeyes drawn to it more easily. so that it stands out against the black background. this column to capture the reader’s attention andKerrangs website has also been encourage them to readadded underneath news to what the arrow is pointingpromote its website so that its all at. The white columnabout Kerrang. features mini snippets explaining what the bandsThe words ‘worlds exclusive’ new tracks sound like.have been bolded to make itstand out more. Also ‘Exclusive’ The explanation uses sansmakes the audience want to serif font and is colouredknow what exclusive news black whereas the headingsKerrang has got therefore making of the song names arethem go onto Kerrangs website bolded and coloured find out the gossip. It also This has been done to dividemakes the audience think that the explanation and songKerrang magazine gets all the titles up and allow the songexclusive gossip. They will be titles to stand out more.more likely to buy the magazineagain because of this. The large red ‘M’ starting the article is usually usedThe main image takes up one in story books and helps towhole page of the double page capture the audience’s eyespread. It shows the lead singer of so that the audience is The images are in black and white so that more likely to read theMy Chemical Romance in mid Most of the double page spread is filled with images it fits in with the black background and whole article. The contrastsong. The image looks as though it which would appeal to Kerrangs audience as the type does not look too cluttered. The black and between the blackhas been took without the singer of people who read this magazine would rather look white images also fit with the bans background and white textknowing which gives the article a at pictures and read a short article than a long article personality and who they are the band from the article allows itmore secretive feel. This image with no pictures. The images make the article less are quite edgy and the colour black to stand out. The text fromhas also been used to intrigue the boring to the audience. None of the artists are associated with darkness and edge. the article also uses theaudience so that it makes them looking at the camera so the article looks like it has Although the band themselves dress and font sans serif creating awant to know who it is, therefore been put together without the band knowing again act like the stereotypical rock band the more informal approach toreading the article. giving a more secretive feel to the article. genre of their songs is pop rock. the reader.