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Images of celebs
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Images of celebs


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. RihannaThe colour red symbolises love and sex. Thiscolour suggests a more feminine side toRihanna .The wall, Rihanna’s hair and lips arered which link into this. The pose of her bitingher thumb whilst using direct address is veryplayful which would appeal to her audience asthe majority of her audience find herextremely attractive. This picture follows therule of thirds. Drake This is a simple yet effective image of Drake as the white background contrasts with the black hoody he is wearing. The use of thirds has been used in this image which allows Drake to be in the centre of the image. Drake has been placed in the middle of the shot so that his face immediately becomes the main focus. The colours used in the image are boyish dull colours which makes the high key lighting used on his face stand out as he is what makes this image so succesfull. Taylor Swift This particular portrait of Taylor Swift makes her look very young and innocent. The reasons for this are that the picture uses pastel bold colours which soften the image making her look free spirited. The high key lighting brightens the image which gives Taylor an angelic look. This technique used along with the focus shot enables Taylor to stand out as she is the main focus in this image.
  • 2. Lady GagaThis particular picture of lady gaga uses the colour scheme black andwhite; this technique is called binary opposition. The white backgroundcontrasts with her pale skin and hair making the bright red lipstick andblack leotard stand out. The black leotard is tightly fitted to Lady Gaga’sbody to enable her to show off her figure. The colour black symbolsstrength and evil. This colour goes well with Lady Gaga’s pose as the poseshows she is confident which suggests that she is a strong, powerfulwoman. Whilst the red lipstick symbolises love and sex giving the imagemore of a softer side. Destinys Child This photo of Destiny’s Child uses the rule of thirds. High key lighting has been used in this photograph with colours such as white and gold being used. The white and gold colours used give an angelic look to the girl band.