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Analysis contents kerrang
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Analysis contents kerrang


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • 1. Photos of other articles The image of an individual crowd surfing has takes up half of the The sans serif fontthat will feature in the contents page. It shows the crowd having a good time which suggests continues throughoutmagazine have been that this is what the magazine is all about. The picture itself is of the contents page.added near the primary Kerrangs relentless tour. Kerrang are promoting themselves by showingoptical area .to promote how fun their magazine and tour is. This will make audiences not only Text boxes have beenthe magazine and buy the magazine but also tickets for the tour. placed behind the mainencourage more people heading of ‘THIS WEEK’to buy it. Relentless sponsor Kerrang’s tour so the logo has been place on the and sub headings in picture. The type of people who read Kerrang are likely to drink this drink order to catch the this drink. audience’s attention. The black text boxes andKerrang continues with yellow text clash makingits house style of having the text stand out.the word ‘KERRANG!’ Capitals have also beenboldly displayed. The used for the subword ‘KERRANG’ uses headings and bolded sosans serif font which that it grabs ourgives the magazine a attention encouragingmore informal approach. the audience to look at aThe shattered glass particular section.effect makes ‘KERRANG’look unique which sums The contents pagethe magazine up features a ‘subscribecompletely. This is also now’ advert which wouldpart of the magazines ensure that the audiencehouse style. read and buy the magazine all year round. The audience would feelEach week the display that they are getting aeditor writes a short great deal and savingoverview of what the money by subscribing forparticular magazine will this. The advert featuresbe about. Making it part the block colour red as itof kerrang’s house style. draws your attention to itThe short overview due to this being the onlyfeatures a photo of the part of the contentseditor himself and his magazine where thesignature. This would colour red is used. Theappeal to the magazines colour red also fits nicelyaudience as they would with the other coloursfeel as though it is more such as yellow and white.personal and that theeditor is talking to theindividual personally. In the middle of the contents page the magazine advertises for a ‘Brit pack poster special’. This promotes the magazine as it shows that if the audience Sticking with the red and black theme a red circle buy the magazine this is what they will get. Kerrang has chosen to include with a black star and the words ‘Cover story’ have ‘You Me At Six’ and ‘Bullet For My Valentine’ underneath who are popular been placed on particular articles to highlight that artists. It is likely that the individuals who buy the magazine find that they were featured on the front cover of the magazine. As cover stories tend to be what pulls the audience in first it is likely that they will search for the article that goes with the front cover so having this highlighted makes it easier for the audience.