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Storyboard A2 Media

  1. 1. Storyboard for “The Torment” teaser trailer – A2 Media Studies by Jodie Battershell
  2. 2. Distribution Ident No sound. 0-2secs
  3. 3. From fade to black: Medium long two shot. High key lighting. EXT. Estate agent and EmilyDiegetic sound: “your keys miss richards, theres one missing but its not important” 2-7secs
  4. 4. Quick cut. Close up. Keys being handed over. Diegetic sound: keys clinking, background ambient.7-9secs
  5. 5. From the directors ofINSIDIOUS 9-10secs
  6. 6. Fade in. Establishing long shot of house. High key lighting. Non-diegetic soundtrack begins.10-12secs
  7. 7. Quick cut. Low angle close up. Medium key lighting. Emily looking up around house, moves in acircle. Non-diegetic soundtrack.12-14secs
  8. 8. Quick cut. Medium shot. Medium lighting. Emily on phone. Diegetic sound: “ive moved in thespare rooms locked but oh well”. Non-diegetic soundtrack fades. 14-17secs
  9. 9. Quick cut. Long shot. Emily walking into kitchen. Non-diegetic soundtrack.17-18secs
  10. 10. Quick cut. Over the shoulder shot. Emily making tea. Medium lighting. Non-diegetic soundtrack.18-20secs
  11. 11. Quick cut. Medium shot. Emily turning round to door closed. Non-diegetic bang and soundtrack.Diegetic emily in shock. 20-21secs
  12. 12. “TerrificallyTerrifying” Empire 21-22secs
  13. 13. Long shot. Low key lighting. Emily running down hallway. Non-diegetic soundtrackintensifies. Diegetic screaming. 22-22.5secs
  14. 14. Quick cut. Close up. Low key lighting. Emily in fire place. Diegetic: “leave me alone” non-diegticsoundtrack.22.5-23secs
  15. 15. Quick cut. Close up. Very low key lighting. Emily hiding round corner. Diegetic heavybreathing. Non-diegetic soundtrack and bangs. 23-23.5secs
  16. 16. “A must see” The Guardian 23.5-24.5secss
  17. 17. Extreme close up. Low key lighting. Highlighted missing key. Non-diegetic soundtrack.24.5-25.5secs
  18. 18. Extreme close up. Low key lighting. Highlighted missing key. Emily bends down to pick it up.Non-diegetic soundtrack. 25.5-26secs
  19. 19. Quick cut. Very low key lighting. Close up ouija board and key. Non-diegetic soundtrackintensifies. 26-27secs cut to black
  20. 20. Quick cut from black. Extreme close up. Low key lighting. Key moves. Non-diegetic soundtrackwith loud sharp noise. 27-27.5secs
  21. 21. Quick cut. Over the shoulder medium shot. Low key lighting. Emily scared to look behindshoulder. Non-diegetic scream soundtrack continues and intensifies to climax. 27.5-28secs
  22. 22. Billing block title. Non-diegetic soundtrack reaches climax and ends. 28-29secs
  23. 23. High angle long shot. Low key lighting. Emily walking down stairs to closed door.Diegetic footsteps and heavy breathing. 29-30secs
  24. 24. COMING SOON 30-31secs
  25. 25. 31-35secs
  26. 26. Quick cut. Close up. Low key lighting. Door opening. Non-diegetic rusty door hinge noise.Diegetic heavy breathing. 35-37secs
  27. 27. Quick cut. Close up zooming in. Low key lighting. Jessica in doorway. Light swinging changing thehighlights on her. Non-diegetic scary laughing. 37-38secs
  28. 28. Extreme close. Low key lighting (light changing highlights). Static editing (non-diegetic)38-38.5secs