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  • 1. BREAST CANCERJocelyn Morales 4c
  • 2. BREAST CANCER There are about 200,500 cases of breast cancer reported in the United states. http://www.breastcancer.org/symptoms/understand_bc/statistics.jsp
  • 3. WHAT IS BREAST CANCER? Breast Cancer is a Malignant tumor. It starts in the cells of a breast. A Malignant tumor is a group of cancer cells that can grow into surrounding tissues or spread to some parts of your body.
  • 4. WHAT CAUSES BREAST CANCER?  The causes of Breast cancer is unclear. It’s a tumor that starts in the cell of the breast. This tumor grows. It can also be in women or men.http://www.cancer.org/Cancer/BreastCancer/DetailedGuide/breast-cancer-what-is-breast-cancer
  • 5. WHO GETS BREAST CANCER? Women Men Breast cancer is the •Breast cancer may most common cancer occur in men. Men among women. The develop breast cancer chances of a women at any age , but its having breast cancer usually found in men sometime during their between 60-70 years lifetime Is a little less 1 old. Male breast cancer in 8. makes up less than 1% About 230,480 Breast of all cases of breast cancer in women. cancer.
  • 6. SYMPTOMS  A lump around the breast  Swelling under the armpit  Change in size, color or temperature in breast  Sometimes Pain in breast area  Blood can come outhttp://www.webmd.com/breast-cancer/guide/understanding-breast-cancer-symptoms
  • 7. WHAT TREATMENT CAN THEY TAKE? The three major treatments of breast cancer are: Surgery Radiation Drug therapy Breast cancer treatments are identified as local or systemic: Local Treatment are considered local therapies. Systemic Treatment is drug treatment it helps because it affects the whole body.
  • 8. SOME ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGK2B8BoSkc
  • 10. HOW MANY SURVIVORS? There are 9.8 million survivors in the United States. 64 percent of adults whose cancer is diagnosed today can expect to be living in five years. The majority of breast cancer survivors are aged 65 or older. Seventy-nine percent of childhood survivors will live five years after after diagnosis and 75 percent will be living ten years following diagnosis.