Your brand is your nonprofit's personality AND your brand is more than a cosmetic


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Presentation at Women in Development of Northeastern, NY

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  • Branding is the process of developing a clear, cohesive organization identity and communication system that helps you achieve your goals, i.e. raise more money and visibility.
  • Branding is the process of developing a clear, cohesive organization identity and communication system that helps you achieve your goals, i.e. raise more money and visibility.
  • Who do we serve? What do they need/want from us?
  • Into Focus: Benchmarks for Nonprofit Video and a Guide for Creators More than ½ of all Internet Content is video. Every month 4 billion hours of video are viewed on YouTube. Every year, more than 350 million videos are shared on Twitter. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that video is an immensely powerful form of communication. Today, more than ever, actions on a screen really do speak louder than words on a page. A well-presented video message has the capacity to reach beyond the physical senses to engage our emotions, ignite us to take action and inspire us to share. In the “new world order, attention is the currency, and content, especially video, remains king. The video train has left the station. Is your nonprofit on board or running to catch up?
  • Your brand is your nonprofit's personality AND your brand is more than a cosmetic

    1. 1. Your Brand is Your Nonprofit’s Personality:What Does Yours Say About You?
    2. 2. Lose the Lipstick! Your Brand is More Than aCosmetic.
    3. 3. Starbucks
    4. 4. Target
    5. 5. DSW
    6. 6. American Diabetes Association
    7. 7. Habitat for Humanity
    8. 8. YMCA
    9. 9. Salvation Army
    10. 10. Susan G. Komen for the Cure
    11. 11. Boys Scouts of America
    12. 12. Agenda• What’s a brand?• So what and who cares?• How to build a brand or change the one you’ve got.• Ready. Set. Express yourself!• Let’s recap.
    13. 13. What’s a brand?Brands are toorganizations whatpersonalities are topeople. They can beexciting or dull. Director obtuse. Smart ordumb.
    14. 14. What’s a brand?But brands are morethan cosmetic. Theyare your organization’sDNA.
    15. 15. So what and who cares?A strong, differentiated, relevant brand can helpyou:– Attract more funding or retain the funding youhave.– Gain greater political clout.– Attract the best talent.– Get the recognition you deserve.– Become more focused and effective.
    16. 16. Why worry?Whether or not we want to be, we are a brand.We’re out there – people will form opinions about us.Those opinions will be positive, negative, or ambiguous.They’re probably not going to be neutral.We’re going to be visible or invisible.We’ll get credit for the things we do, or we’ll continue to do things and not get credit.We’ll be either understood or misunderstood.We can be either a good brand or a bad brand;A clear brand or a confusing brand; a helpful brand or an irritating brand:A responsible brand or an irresponsible brand.- From Branding the AIGA in Branding for Nonprofits by DK Holland
    17. 17. News flash!You already have abrand.It’s what people sayabout you when you’renot in the room.“Everyone has a brandby design or default.” –Lida Citroen
    18. 18. Raise your hand if…Your logo and other elements of your brand identitywere created by an amateur.Your website, brochures and other communicationstools are created on an ad hoc bassis and don’t looklike they come from the same organizationYou DON’T repurpose content. Every time you createnew content you start from scratch.Your brand is generic. You organization looks andsounds pretty much like everyone else.
    19. 19. Seriously…we can do better! AkaHow to build a brand or changethe one you’ve got.
    20. 20. Do an audit.– What is our visionand mission?– What are our values,i.e. what do we standfor?– What do we dobetter than anyoneelse?
    21. 21. Assess your competition.
    22. 22. Keep your audience(s) in mind
    23. 23. Use your assets wisely.What are our tools?Our name,our mission, initiatives, and values,our visual identifier (aka logo),and the talents, understanding, and hard work of thepeople who create, administer, service, design, write,edit, govern, and deliver all that we do.
    24. 24. Name• Choose your namewisely– Acronyms only if theymake sense, e.g. MADD
    25. 25. Logo• Get a professionallydesigned logo.
    26. 26. Text• Write good (no GREAT!) copy– Active vs. passive tense– Tell stories– Use proper grammar– Edit, edit and edit some more!
    27. 27. Images• Use beautiful photos andvideo – EVERYWHERE–– Google Images• REMEMBER: Design andcreate content for youraudience, not foryourself!
    28. 28. YouYour organization willbe judged by the “colorits skin” but you willalso be judged yourcharacter.
    29. 29. Ready. Set. Express Yourself!
    30. 30. Create a website that peopleWANT to visit.Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project
    31. 31. Shoot video or die!
    32. 32. Use REAL photographyEVERYWHERE!
    33. 33. Use REAL photographyEVERYWHERE!
    34. 34. Community Cradle
    35. 35. Independent Living Center of theHudson Valley
    36. 36. Albany Med Faculty Physicians
    37. 37. Let’s recap.
    38. 38. Key concept #1Branding is important. Brands are toorganizations what personalities are topeople. They and can make or break yourorganization.
    39. 39. Key concept #2Creating a brand involves assessing theWHOLE of your organization and theenvironment in which your work. Do thisBEFORE applying cosmetics.
    40. 40. Key concept #3Build your brand with your audience(s) inmind because beauty is in the eye of thebeholder. You are not designing for you!
    41. 41. Key concept #4You organization will be judged by the “colorof its skin” but it will also be judged by thecontent of its character. Make everyinteraction count.
    42. 42. Learn more• Branding for Success: A Roadmap for Raising the Visibility andValue of Your Nonprofit Organization and Aha! Moments inBrand Management by Larry Checco• Brandraising: How Nonprofits Raise Visibility and MoneyThrough Smart Communications by Sarah Durham– Check out their Branding Scorecard at• Branding for Nonprofits: Developing Identity With Integrity byDK Holland• Into Focus: A Benchmark Guide to Effective Nonprofit Video bySee3, YouTube, and Edelman
    43. 43. Connect with me!Jocelyn HarmonEmail: jocelyn_harmon@yahoo.comBlog: www.marketingfornonprofits.orgLinkedin: @jocelynharmon