Talking to the School counsellor is not just for crazy people | STUDENT PRESENTATION 2012


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Talking to the School counsellor is not just for crazy people | STUDENT PRESENTATION 2012

  1. 1. Talking to the School Counsellor –it’s not just for crazy people.
  2. 2. Sometimes life isnt just kittens and roses
  3. 3. You might feel like you want to escape
  4. 4. Sometimes things don’t go exactly how we planned
  5. 5. Our families can bedifficult/weird/annoying
  6. 6. The pressure from our parentscan be intense and unrealistic
  7. 7. Messages from social media can be misleading and fake.
  8. 8. Stress can really be overwhelming
  9. 9. But, you’re not alone!
  10. 10. School Counsellors can help!• …Along with so many other support services that your school offers! That is your Year advisor and assistant, careers advisors, teachers, friends• Jocelyn is here Thurs and Friday, Kris is here Monday and some Wednesdays.• Our office is next to Mrs Fields’, near the pigeonholes in the main building.• We have lots of resources and ways we can help solve problems and flip your thinking into the positive.• We can’t ‘fix’ you/it, but support you discover new tools and ways of viewing things to improve your outlook and cope with life.• Our service is confidential in most circumstances. We don’t share the conversations with others.
  11. 11. Just relax! (yeah, but how?!)
  12. 12. 4 EASY WAYS TO IMPROVE WELLBEING• BREATHE! Deeply and from your tummy• HYDRATE! Drink water, without additives• NOURISH! Your body needs fuel and nutrients, every few hours.• SLEEP! Turn off electronics by 10pm! Have regular bed times and aim for 7-9 hours a night.FACTOID• Your brain is 3% of your body mass but chews through up to 25% of your energy…. When you eat youre feeding your brain and your thoughts and your feelings
  13. 13. You have a choice!
  14. 14. What’s my point?
  15. 15. Yeah, but srsly…• If you need to talk to someone about life, the universe or anything, pop in to see us before school or at the breaks.• Don’t leave it until the problem is massive! A little problem is easier to solve.• If you’re worried about a friend, let someone know. A problem shared is a problem solved…• Outside of school hours you can call KidsHelpline 24 hours a day on 1800 55 1800 or go online