Ways To Submit Your Resume

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This presentation goes over the most common ways to submit your resume to an employer.

This presentation goes over the most common ways to submit your resume to an employer.

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  • 'The site http://www.jobscan.co is also a great place to identify keywords for your resume. All you do is paste in your resume plus the job description, then Jobscan analyzes your job description for you automatically and identify the most important keywords for you! it literally takes seconds and it so worth the copy and paste. Saved me so much time AND I got more interviews using Jobscan! I recommend as well! '
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  • 1. InovaHire.com
  • 2. There are multiple ways to submit your resume and the best way to submit your resume depends on the company and the position you are applying for. InovaHire.com
  • 3. A lot of companies allows job seekers to submit their resumes online through their company website. Normally there will be an area allowing you to do this. This is a great way to guarantee your resume will at least be received. InovaHire.com
  • 4. Submitting your resume through a job board such as InovaHire is one of the best ways to submit your resume. Both you and the employer are on their for the same cause and the site provides you with an easier way to communicate. InovaHire also allows you to interview live online which helps speed up the interview process! InovaHire.com
  • 5. I would only recommend e-mailing your resume if the company specifically prompts you to do so. Also, you want to make sure that the person you are submitting your resume to really is who they say they are! InovaHire.com
  • 6. Mailing your resume will take longer than the other methods but it isn’t a bad alternative. Make sure you are addressing the letter to the correct individual and be sure to put a return address on the envelope incase it goes to the wrong person! InovaHire.com
  • 7. This isn’t possible with every company but for the ones it is, it isn’t a bad alternative either. It shows initiative and interest and with you there, can make sure the company has received your resume. InovaHire.com
  • 8. Unless a company specifically asks you to fax your resume, avoid submitting your resume this way. It is very easy for someone else to discover your information, easy for your resume to get split up and, there is a high chance your resume won’t be received and tossed away! InovaHire.com