Wine market business-led responses
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Wine market business-led responses



My conference on a brand-new, business-led initiative in the field of international wine markets. At COPA-COGECA, Brussels, 2009 .- Growers, wineries and coops integration as a way to provide ...

My conference on a brand-new, business-led initiative in the field of international wine markets. At COPA-COGECA, Brussels, 2009 .- Growers, wineries and coops integration as a way to provide importers with a comprehensive business solution.



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Wine market business-led responses Presentation Transcript

  • 1. VINISPANA SPANISH WINE LEGACY A business-led response for a global environment. Joaquín Gómez Moya Director General
  • 2. Question How many times have we not wanted to see what was staring us in the face? How many times have we refused to talk about what lay ahead? Through fear • Of not going along with the majority. • Of having to rethink our prejudices. • Of having to adopt a new position.
  • 3. ¿Es esta política la fórmula adecuada? D B=V (p - cv) – CF – M – F D V=V [M [Sales Force, Branding [relevance]], [ee, ep, es, ec]] D p=p [M [Distribution, Branding [positioning ]],[ee, ep, es, ec]] … D Entonces • ¿por qué hablamos más de inmovilizaciones, destilaciones y chaptalización que de Sales Force, Branding, etc.? • ¿en qué necesitamos ayuda? D ¿En lo que nos dará mercado? D ¿O en lo que nos hará más dependientes? D cv ≠ B • Beware yield transferences by prices
  • 4. D The international market does not exist. There are only markets. D G e o g r a p h i c a l l y: • Through development, language, accessibility, legislation, distribution structure, product maturity, comsumer habits. D D e m o g r a p h i c s , p y s c h o l o g i c a l a n d s o c i o l o g i c a l aspects: • Through income, identity groups, cultural level, urban/rural environment... D There is no wine. There are wines. D Icon Wine is a luxury product. • It competes with jewellery, golf club membership, a love of books… D Premium Wine is a gourmet product. • It competes with caviar, French cheese, bluefin tuna.., D Value Wine is food and drink. • It competes with beer, water, orange juice, tea, vodka. Wine markets
  • 5. Global enterprises: • Multi-product and multi-market businesses: • • • Tea Vodka Coffee Wine Juices Soups … Vineyards in France, Chile, Australia,… Offices in Europe, N. America, Asia,… • They transfer knowledge and resources from certain markets and products to others. • They study the consumer and pre-empt them: Experiments, innovation. • They have the trading and financial capacity to compete. • They have the power of negotiation. • They know how to attract valuable personnel and keep them.
  • 6. CCAE’s vision D Face facts. Take risks. D The need for inter-cooperational projects, D At European level too, D Driving forward business projects. D Asking for public support, not because of what we are, farmers, but because of what we do.
  • 7. Euskadi Navarra Madrid Cataluña Castilla la Mancha Aragón Galicia Andalucía Castilla y León Comunidad ValencianaExtremadura Murcia Asturias Cantabria The Vinispana Group ZONE DO/PGI 1 JUMILLA 1 2 CAVA – CONCA BARBERÁ – PENEDÉS – CATALUNYA 4 3 RIBERA DEL GUADIANA / TIERRA DE EXTREMADURA 1/1 4 MONTILLA-MORILES / TIERRA DE CÓRDOBA 1/1 5 PRIORAT – MONTSANT- TERRA ALTA – TARRAGONA – CATALUNYA 5 6 RIOJA / TIERRA DE ÁLAVA 1/1 7 RIBEIRO 1 8 CARIÑENA 1 25,000 FARMERS >20,000 Ha. 6% NAT. PRODUCTION 14/3 1 2 5 6 7 3 4 8
  • 8. Vinispana A comprehensive and trustworthy business solution in one single catalogue. D First Catalogue D Second Client focus
  • 9. Drive and organisation: The keys to success D Strategies: Executive Council Long term vision D Organisational structure: Director Transparency Communication Loyalty D Proceedings: The wine cellar link Double-check Response within 24 hours Follow up
  • 10. Vinispana Spanish Wine Legacy D OBJECTIVE Launch international brands Group together our supply Grow in size, capacity and negotiating power D INVOLVEMENT Proximity to the market Vision and projecting into the long term Method, professionalism Teamwork D BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE The profitability of our sales is the best guarantee of our profits. We do NOT lobby. The brand as a two-way street: We learn from the market and pass it on to the wine cellar. We share our values.
  • 11. FH Finca Hispana Spanish Legacy - Knowledge and elegance with Spanish roots. D First Culture, Elegance D Second Origin, Personality
  • 12. Thank you, Joaquín Gómez Moya.