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References - Funding & Investment Opportunities - Projects - …

References - Funding & Investment Opportunities - Projects -

Who we are - What we do - How we do it -
Building Bridges Between Science and Market
Management Services to Innovative Organizations
Helping Technological Companies to Start Business Internationally

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  • 2. 2  Who are we? Your team  What do we do? Management  Why Alma M&E? We monetize  How do we do it? Goals . Team. Customers  Whom do we deal with? Funds. Technological companies. Innovators  We work for you …  … from executive to executive  Services: Management  Services: Execution  Services: Human Link  Services: Funding  Our model  Projects and Reference on 2013  Let’s get to know each other better Alma M&E - Index
  • 3. 3 Who are we? •The executive management team that takes your project as its own project. •Specialists in Biotech, Cleantech, Agri-food and (NMP) Nano- and Microtechnology businesses. •We give a shape to projects with a soul (alma). What do we do? •We provide Interim Management and Part-time Management services •upon the basis of a passion for excellence on innovation •and our broad expertise acquired at •technological, ground-breaking companies •where we have led multidisciplinary teams through high complexity environs. Why Alma M&E •We monetize technology, knowledge and innovative ideas •joining your organization with a specific mission and on a interim basis, •saving fixed costs and overheads, making for a slim, fit structure, •preventing your permanent team so to rust as to erode with regards to the next stage. Who? What? Why?
  • 4. How? To whom? How do we do it? •Targeting and achieving Goals, •identifying risks and needs, •analyzing competitors, •optimizing your growth budget, •setting up the best fit practices and procedures. •Overall, building a Team; •performing joint ventures, joint development agreements, licensing agreements; •fielding markets and landing customers. Whom do we deal with? •To Venture Capital Funds •And to Innovative Companies, •Or Technology-based, Knowledge- based •undergoing processes of: •funding , searching both for investors or for projects to invest in; •technological development, industrial scaling up, product engineering; •outreach, searching for technological or industrial partners, •international expansion; •turnaround, realignment, starting- up, business modeling or strategic definition. 4
  • 5. We work for you… MANAGEMENT SERVICES TO INNOVATIVE ORGANIZATIONS Manufacturing: Partnerships. Agreements. Followup. Commercialization: Placement // Agreements // Brokerage and Followup Internationalization: Strategy // Planning and Organization // Action Items // Followup Projects Management: Leadership // Goals // Sourcing and Organization // Methods and Tools Human Link: Continuity plans // Mentoring // In- company Coaching // Placement BUILDING BRIDGES BETWEEN SCIENCE AND MARKET Assesment: Pre Due-Dilligence // Action Items // Selection Strategy: Advisory // Organizational Cons. // Operational Cons. // Funding & Fundraising: Initial Assesment and course of action recommended // Presentations and partnerings // Agreements Negotiations: Terms Sheet // Due-Dilligence // Partnership Agreement // Investment Co-Funding: Company fielding // Management 5
  • 6. … executive to executive WE TELL YOU WHAT YOU WOULD TELL YOURSELF, WERE YOU IN OUR BOOTS  Executive experience  We indentify risks  Expertise and knowledge  Organization and management WE ADD ON YOUR EXECUTIVE SKILLS  Confidentiality, no disclosure  Rational criteria  Contacts  C-level  All around the globe  In different industries  We shorten your project times and save time 6
  • 7. Services Management: •Executive team sourcing customer-centric. We perform and deliver as executives. Your executive. •Assesment. Strategy guidelines. Advisory. General management. Execution: •We have already done it. We do not deliver a power-point recipe, we cook it! •We evaluate, strategize, negotiate and follow it all up: •Joint developments. Consortiums. International negotiations and development. In-, out-, licensing. Joint ventures. Human link: •We are aware your human resources is your most valued asset in the company. Our company. •We perform a thorough job to develop your team. Our team.- •Supporting the progress: mentoring. Ensuring continuity: coaching. Team-building. Funding: •Your business needs the right partners and investors to growth. •We shall carefully select partners, those who bring value to your project. Our project.- •Partnerings. Funds. Co- funding, co- investments.
  • 8. Our model VALUES Discretion.  Out of respect to our customers Confidentiality. Out of respect to your technology, to your business Fair-play. Out of respect to our competitors PHILOSOPHY  Management.  Goal-led.  Executive Intelligence  Resolution, Effectiveness.  Integrity  Solidity, long-lasting work  Documents and deliverable are customer’s property 8
  • 9. Projects, References 11. Innovative and technological companies acceleration program. MENTORING – CONSULTANCY – FUNDING (In the making) 10. Biohealth Venture Capital Fund round. FUNDING. (Current) This is OPP #4 • Tickets as from 0.5 Mill. € 9. Optics / Cleantech: FUNDRAISING (Current) This is OPP #3 • Investors Relation Management. 8. Venture Capital Fund. PORTFOLIO analysis and MANAGEMENT. (Current) This is OPP #2 7. Nanotech startup.– FUNDING & GENERAL MANAGEMENT. (Current) 6. Biotech Investor.- Investment Opps prospect and ANALYSIS. (Current) This is OPP #1 in our portfolio 5. Technological and Knowledge-based Companies Cluster.- MENTORING & FUNDING (Concluded). 4. Communication Platform / Digital Newspaper. GENERAL MANAGEMENT (Concluded) •Organizational TURNAROUND. • Readers x4 in 4 months time. 3. Medical Devices company.- MANAGING DIRECTION (Confidential Company – CONCLUDED Aug. ‘13) • Biz. Plan. - Board workflow. IP preliminary assessment. Controlling procedures. - Short term treasury planning and management. - • Int'nal Outreach and Biz. Dev. 2. Biotech cluster.- INTERNATIONALIZATION to US market - MENTORING 1. Nanotechnology company.- ADVISORY & CONSULTING . 2013
  • 10. 10 Get to know Joaquín Gómez-Moya (Linked In) Get to know Fran Fernández (Linked In) Visit our Web – Follow us in Twitter - @AlmaManagement Verify our contacts, projects and partners – Alma at Linked In Watch our conferences, lectures, interviews on TV and much more – Alma in SlideShare Get in touch with us Fran Fernández’s cellular – (+34) 662 365 582 Our e-mailbox – Let’s get to know each other better