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CV of Joao Penha-Lopes (En)



My CV shows my espertise in combining organization techniques with the availabe IT technology in order to improve process efficiency and decrease invested resources.

My CV shows my espertise in combining organization techniques with the availabe IT technology in order to improve process efficiency and decrease invested resources.



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CV of Joao Penha-Lopes (En) CV of Joao Penha-Lopes (En) Document Transcript

  • Curricular Synthesis of Joao Carlos Lapa Penha-Lopes Graduated with integrated Masters degree in Electronic and Telecoms Engineering by Instituto Superior Tecnico at Lisbon Specialized in Information research and its regulated flow within the organization December 2009
  • Curricular Synthesis of João C L Penha-Lopes Introduction I like to work in the area of organization information in terms of identifying and organizing the information but, as well, make sure that that information will flow among whoever has the need for it. In some organizations the infrastructure is still the traditional one, in others I have been able to implement emerging technologies and their associated benefits in terms of the need for fewer resources to be spent. Basically I combine the principles of information archiving theories with the available technologies to make sure that both integrate smoothly to the benefit of the client. My academic life has provided me with the exact tools for that purpose: Engineering graduation (with integrated Masters Degree), one Post- Graduation in Information and Document Sciences covering Archives, one Post-Graduation covering Libraries and I started in 2008 a PhD in the area of Electronic Documents. My professional career shown briefly proves that I am used to manage teams and with deadlines and most of the times in areas where political or social “sensitivities” are to be dealt with. Although I am Portuguese I consider myself bilingual in English, since I worked for many years with English companies. I also speak French and Spanish I will list the following milestones in my Academic and Professional career:
  • Curricular Synthesis of João C L Penha-Lopes Academic career Profissional career Graduated with integrated Masters degree in Responsible for the Short Wave propagation Electronic Engineering and Telecoms by Instituto studies, concerning high-power transmitters Superior Tecnico of Lisbon. (1980) installation, for the Portuguese Navy (1982/84) As an invitation of Prof. Carvalho Guerra, dean of Responsible for the portable microwave Oporto Catholic University, has been a member of the propagation studies for the Portuguese PTT Scientific Council of the new School of Arts and Image, and implementation project for the first for the period of creating of the list university chairs. optical fiber networks.(1984/06) (1997) Invited speaker in charge for the practical classes of a Invited for Technical Director and Architect Quality course given by Oporto University for the top assistant planning the new private tv station management of private companies (2003/04) TVI. In charge for technical project, staff selection (140) and its management and training (1993) Was granted by the Portuguese Engineering Invited by the European Committee of Wide Association the Senior award concerning the technical Screen television to represent TVI the only project of TVI, first European TV station where all the station in Portugal with 16x9 capabilities switched signals were only digital information, both (1996) for video and audio. (1996) Post-Graduated in Information and Documentation Received an European annual award for the Sciences by Lusofona University of Lisbon in both quality of analysis and new automatic areas of Libraries and Archives. Some of the presented processes at Vodafone using Business Process papers considered the digital trend for process Management tools in a Microsoft efficiency. (2007/09) environment. (2005) Invited by the Presidential Office, under an Responsible for complex Information agreement with Lusofona University, to present a projects concerning its search and regulated study to analyze and suggest improvements distribution, using multiple Microsoft based concerning the existing administrative processes. solutions, both in SMB’s companies as in (2009) multinational ones. (2002/...) PhD student at Alcala University, Spain, in the area of Invited as a keynote speaker for top Electronic Document Management which pretends to executives about the benefits introduced by create a framework of a set of macro-variables and the new information technologies and the relating its proprieties with benefits related to associated paradigm changes. priorities, human relations, down-costs and Quality improvements. (2008/DEA to be argued in June 2010) Invited as an expert to collaborate with the Records & Information Management Awareness Foundation which is developing a pioneer work in Africa both for governments and private companies. (2009)
  • Curricular Synthesis of João C L Penha-Lopes Engº João C L Penha-Lopes Portuguese, born at 9th October de 1955 at Lisboa Rua Brito Camacho, 7 – 4C 2780-008 Oeiras Portugal Skype: joao_penha-Lopes Mobile phone: (+351) 91 309 66 65