When should I start to clean my baby’s teeth?


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You must be excited when seen your baby’s teeth first time. Get know when you should start cleaning your baby’s teeth. Once the first tooth appears, try to start cleaning it twice a day by rubbing gently with a washcloth. At first, just use a piece of gauze moistened with water to wipe plaque from your baby's teeth and gums. To know more, contact us at http://mooneevaledental.com.au/

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When should I start to clean my baby’s teeth?

  1. 1. When should I start to clean my baby’s teeth?
  2. 2. TeethingBabys teeth usually start to break through the gums from 4 monthsonwards. Dont be too concerned if your babys teeth are "early" or"late" coming through.
  3. 3. Baby’s Teeth Eruption Time: Very ApproximateUpper and lower front 4 teeth - 6 to 16 monthsUpper and lower canine teeth - 16 to 23 monthsUpper and lower molar teeth - 1year to 3 years
  4. 4. You should start cleaning your babys teeth as soon as that first pearlywhite sprouts (for most babies thats around 4 months). "At first, justuse a piece of gauze moistened with water to wipe plaque from yourbabys teeth and gums.When should I start to clean my babies teeth?
  5. 5. As soon as teeth appear you should start cleaning them with either aclean cloth or a baby tooth brush. Childrens toothpaste has lessfluoride and infants should have no, or very very little toothpaste, ontheir brush.When should I start to clean my babies teeth?
  6. 6. Use a baby toothbrush with a tiny smear of fluoride toothpaste. Don’tworry if you don’t manage to brush much at first. The important thingis to get your baby used to teeth-brushing as part of their dailyroutine. You can help by setting a good example and letting them seeyou brushing your own teeth.Caring for your childs teeth
  7. 7. 1. Use a tiny smear of toothpaste for babies and a pea-sized amount forchildren.2. Gradually start brushing your child’s teeth more thoroughly, covering allthe surfaces of the teeth. Do it twice a day: just before bed, and atanother time that fits in with your routine.3. The easiest way to brush a baby’s teeth is to sit them on your kneewith their head resting against your chest. With an older child, standbehind them and tilt their head upwards.4. Brush the teeth in small circles covering all the surfaces and let yourchild spit the toothpaste out afterwards. Rinsing with water has beenfound to reduce the benefit of fluoride.Brushing Tips
  8. 8. Your child should attend the dentist as part of the family dental visit so itbecomes a normal routine. Speak to your dentist about the mostappropriate timing for childrens visits.Taking your child to the dentist
  9. 9. Our dedicated team is committed to caring for you with the highest qualitydental care delivered with our comfortable, personalized and gentlemanner. to know more about us click HERE