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  1. 1. 1- As my first trailer has my genre Thriller come across?From asking people this if morepeople would say no then it wouldmake me want to re-think and how Icould add more Thriller into mytrailer. I’m glad a lot of people agreedthat my genre did come through as itshows that it was successful and Ishould keep my ideas runningthrough even in the final thing.Hopefully my second draft willchange the no’s and the during themiddle of it all change to yes, so thisis something I will have to work on.
  2. 2. 2- Could you imagine this trailer in cinemas?8 People said that they canimagine but7 people said no to this. I amglad about this as its only my firstdraft, so I have room for somemuch more improvement so thatit looks very professional.I believe I need to have moreediting and angles in my trailer asit will make it more effective andmy trailer will hopefully comeacross more to my audience, so Iwill have a better report fromeveryone next time.
  3. 3. 3- What would you rate this trailer out of 10?4People said that they would rate my trailer 6out of 10, I was glad as this was the lowestscore which is very reasonable. I would potentially give myself this rating as well just as it wasfirst time ever using this software and understanding what a trailer should look like with thegenre pulling through all the time. 5 People would rate it 7 which is a very high scoreconsidering it was only my first one. 6People rated it 8 which I believe is too high as a score asfor my first draft thought I could of done much more better. Finally one person said 9 but bythe time of my final draft I would like to see some very high 10’s.
  4. 4. 4- What was the worst bit about the trailer?I think I have a variety ofresults for this its ideal as itshows me what I need towork on the most toimprove my trailer. Themusic I didn’t think was thatbad but my trailer shouldn’tbe just my opinion its theaudience too, so I will haveto use this feedback in mynext draft.Now watching it back where the girl is running and randomly turns around doesn’t fit in aswell as I thought as I thought it would of shown if she is taken lost or running. The editing isntas good as I could of made it to be, but now I will know where to make most improvements. Iagree with the location rating as it was only set in school but it gave us a chance to try outdifferent things and what would work and what wouldnt.
  5. 5. 5- What is your favourite bit of the trailer?This question is very essential asit shows what was best, as ateam we will have to keepreferring to this so we areforever improving on our trailer.I’m glad that from myquestionnaire I managed to get amixture of results just so that Iknow where Im doing mybest at and what will work best inmy second and final trailer.The highest result has been the car and van this will have to be kept for the final thing or maybeimproved as it’s the highest result which shows people thought this worked the most.I would of liked to see the fast pace have a higher result as I believe that gives the thriller feel,but hopefully if I use it more next time it will get a higher rating and I will ask plenty morepeople. I only used slow motion on one clip so maybe I should consider using more thenext time.
  6. 6. 6- What could I improve the most?As for my first trailer I don’t believe Ihave been very professional whilstusing all these softwares so I think Ishould of just tried to add more clips inbut it will give me much more toimprove on next time as my trailerwasn’t that long and should of made itlonger. I was just testing soundtracks sofor further notice I know that I wont beusing them again I will change to othersto see what effect I can make out ofthem.I agree myself that more camera shotscould have been used e.g. close up. Asit will make a bigger impact on thegenre. Considering it was my first timeever editing I didn’t think it was thatbad but clearly didn’t look veryprofessional.
  7. 7. 7- Did the music/soundtrack fit?As my music has been brought upa few times, it is clear to see that itwas very poor. I will have to makemany changes to this and scrap allthese ideas and change my musiccompletely for the followingtrailers, when people said yes orsometimes they all agreed that thespeeding track I put over the vansand cars worked really well.Therefore I will keep this runningthrough the whole thing as it gaveit an effect and worked the best inmy trailer.After getting these results I willresearch into different soundtrackson thriller films and what worksbest.
  8. 8. 8- What shall I keep in my second draft?The cars and vans have come up a lot which means I should definitely keep this in my finaltrailer, I wont use the footage I have previously got as it wasn’t as professional as it couldof been. So I will record more footage of this so I have plenty to work with when Im creatingmy second draft.I already made the choice that we should create a newspaper and have our own story onthe front so its not just some random story that doesn’t add up to the trailer.The black figure on the bench workedwell but I think we shouldn’t use theactual actor, get another wearing allblack so it looks mysterious.We need to use lots of fast pace tomake sure that it is effective and givesit the thriller feel so the audience knowstraight away without wondering.
  9. 9. 9- What did you think of the movie title?I thought we had chose the perfect movie title as I decided that the newspaper wouldbe called ‘The Headline’ the majority of people agreed this worked well as itssuccessful so we will use it. Only four people said that we could improve it but I believethat when we create the newspaper and the title of it, it worked well much more andbe much more effective for the trailer.
  10. 10. Taking a guess did you think the girl either… Went missing, was taken or ran away.As we want people to be left unsure I believethat we got a good result for this as there is acomplete mixture of results. 8People think shewas taken there reasons was because why wouldthere be a car/van speeding away, but then3 people chose ran away and the other 3missing!This is a good result as its left people confusedand thinking about what actually did reallyhappen. As people are guessing and its only myfirst trailer I think I should ask more people whenI create the next trailer to find out what morepeople think after I’ve improved it a lot from myfirst trailer. The idea is to leave people askingthemselves questions on what really happensand hope we can achieve that in the bestpossible way!!