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    Powerpoint Powerpoint Presentation Transcript

    • FILMMAGAZINE “Total Movie”
    • I will have to remember a lot ofthings whilst creating a filmmagazine as I need to make sure itdoesn’t end up looking likesomething else rather then amagazine e.g. Poster. As a thrillerfilm I need to make sure I canbring this across in my magazine,to start off with I had a filmmagazine on a tab so I could relateto it as much as I could. The one Ihad opened was the one on thefirst slide.I selected the sizes that I wantedand added a new fill solid layerwhich was dark grey as if was alight colour thriller wouldn’t comeout of it as much.
    • I used a paint brush tool andmade the colour a very light grey,I changed the size and hardness ofthe brush as I wanted a spotlighteffect instead of a hard whitecircle. Some people may havedifferent interpretations on thisthis as the spotlight could be onsomeone whos done somethingbad or vice verse someone whohas done something good.This could be an ideal way todraw readers in as they want toknow whats happening andwhats really going on. This isclever as that’s how we wantpeople watching the film to think.
    • For ‚MOVIE‛ I created a text boxand just wrote movie thenchanged colour, font, size etc. Ithen rasterized the layer so that Icould move the movie so it wasn’ton a straight line. As it was thetitle of the magazine it had tostand out the most as I wantpeoples eyes to draw straight tothis magazine rather than anyother. I then added another layerto write total in I got this ideafrom…
    • A slogan is very catchy and will draw people in as it will stick in their head. Aslogan is a memorable motto or phrase used in a any context as a repetitiveexpression of an idea or purpose.As it clearly states that it’s ‘the greatest film magazine ever’ more readers will bedrawn well into this as they will know that it’s the best one in shops so why buy anot as good one to a greatest. It may also draw readers in who don’t read filmmagazines as they might want to see why it’s the greatest and hows it different toany others.
    • ‚The‛ I Chose to not put ‘the’ in capitalsas everything else is so far. I done this isthat the ‘HEADLINE’ in red and capitalsstands out the most and as headlines ofstories will stand out a lot. Rather having‘the’ stand out I just focused on the‘headline’ standing out this is so that itseffective and doesn’t give to much awayby the title.I chose red as I want the actor in a Redcoat to make an impact on the trailer andit will give people something to alwaysremember.
    • On the left hand side of the magazine Iveadded films that would be in the magazine,this will bring people in who are interestedin watching these films, also might makepeople go watch them who haven’t seenthem.The * and capital letters on ‘the headline’ isbecause that’s whats on the main cover ofthe page. I used red to make it bold toshows that’s not just what the magazine hasto offer to draw more readers in.I made a new layer to create EXCULSIVEthis was because I wanted to make it look aseffect as I have. Using the drop downshadow tool so that it stands out as well asthe inner shadow.
    • Adding the film website in could be essential for weekly readers, but Ibelieve a website shouldn’t give much away from whats going to be in thatmagazine else it will ruin it and will lose money. It will be a good idea toshow a quick brief of what is in this weeks magazine or what to expect innext weeks. Communication is very essential for anyone so they might beable to right reviews and blogs to recommend to people on a film that’s cameout.At the bottom of my magazine a date is always needed so that everyone iskeeping up to date with their magazines also so people may want to collectthem. The price needs to be on it so new readers will know how much it isweekly. The only thing I need to add next to it is the barcode.