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  • This is the request that I got for this presentation:

    'I facilitate a group called Comm2Comms in Wellington and Auckland. People come along and share their ideas, projects and priorities with fellow comms people, as well as those with an interest in comms from our sector. The forum is open to anyone with a communications role in the sector, at any level, including those who are not comms professionals but who nonetheless perform comms functions by default and would dearly love the opportunity to learn more. Most are ‘the whole comms department’ for their organisation.

    Each group meets monthly. At our meetings we like to feature a particular theme or focus around a topic of interest to members of the group.

    Social media abounds at the moment. All of us have awareness of Web 2.0 tools and some are implementing them already. Others want to but need to know a bit more about how to actually go about it – they need help as opposed to going there and having a go themselves. It’s more like we’re ready for Social Media 102 now, us all having passed Social Media 101. Many have launched blogs as a feature of new websites. I know you had a lot to share with Ros, Catherine and Helen about that.

    So, I’d offer you a spot of up to come along to our next Wellington meeting on Wednesday May 26 at 11:00AM here at the Federation meeting room to sit in on the first half of our meeting (this will give you a flavour of who’s who and what they are doing) and then have a conversation with us about social media applications, what is popular, some dos and don’ts as well as a quick How-to on things like Facebook and Twitter, plus your wonderful guidelines for blogging. That should provoke many questions as well. We have laptop/data projector on site if you need that.'
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Social Media 102

  1. 1. Social Media 102 Joanna McLeod So Content 26 May 2010
  2. 2. What we're going to talk about 1) Twitter 2) Blogging 3) Facebook 4) Questions Please feel free to ask questions along the way as well
  3. 3. My assumptions: ● You are aware of what social media is ●You believe that social media may have some value to your organisation You may be dabbling your toes in the ● water already
  4. 4. Twitter
  5. 5. Twitter's three main uses 1. Sharing information 2. Customer service 3. Monitoring what people are saying about you.
  6. 6. Share information with your customers
  7. 7. Provide customer service via Twitter
  8. 8. Find out what people are saying about you
  9. 9. Blogging
  10. 10. What good blogs do: ● Put a human face on an organisation ● Tell the inside story or shares information that might not have been available to the public before ● Consistently provides fresh content ● Allow (and encourage!) debate issues through comments.
  11. 11. Who's blogging well?
  12. 12. Who's blogging badly?
  13. 13. What's wrong with the SSC blog? 1. Dumping ground for text not written for the blog 2. No attempt at conversations with readers 3. Not often used for news 4. Very little personality any more.
  14. 14. Some ideas for blogging
  15. 15. Introduce yourself
  16. 16. Tell us about an event
  17. 17. Answer some questions
  18. 18. Ask a question
  19. 19. React to news
  20. 20. Invite a guest blogger
  21. 21. Interview someone
  22. 22. Give an office update
  23. 23. Share some links
  24. 24. Spotlight something
  25. 25. Tell us what's on your mind
  26. 26. Facebook
  27. 27. How you can use Facebook 1. Organisations may want to set up fan pages – govt agencies probably don't! 2. Facebook's data-mining makes it an extremely effective advertising tool for specific campaigns 3. Your employees are individuals who can use it personally.
  28. 28. Not for profit on Facebook
  29. 29. Govt on Facebook
  30. 30. Target ads on Facebook
  31. 31. Remember: Facebook is just another form of communication Trust your employees to behave appropriately. It’s what you hired them to do. If you let them talk at conferences, meet with clients or even chat with their friends in a pub, you should trust them to use Facebook and other sites appropriately.
  32. 32. Final points of extreme importance: 1. Social media is about two-way communication. 2. Social media requires a significant time investment and management support to make it work. 3. Twitter, Facebook and blogging are current buzzwords. Next year it may be something new. 4. Social media is not enough to reach everyone.
  33. 33. Image credits - Creative Commons Images on Flickr introduction thinking linking in the office: ask a question spotlight guest post faq interview reaction:F events:
  34. 34. More questions? Joanna McLeod 021 212 7920