10 PPC Features You Should Know


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Presented at BlueGlass Florida in November, 2010. I cover the latest Adwords features all paid search marketers should know and be testing.

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10 PPC Features You Should Know

  1. 1. 10 PPC Features You Should Know (No really , I mean it.) By: Joanna LordDirector of Customer Acquisition, SEOmoz.org joanna@seomoz.org (day / month / year) @joannalord
  2. 2. Disclaimer: I’m skipping the starter stuff.You guys know all that already. @joannalord
  3. 3. Let’s get on with it…1. Advertiser goals in the Opportunities tab2. Day parting with GA Adwords beta3. Search Funnel Reporting4. Broad match modifier5. Enhanced CPC6. Ad Sitelinks7. Local extensions update8. Remarketing9. Campaign experiments10. Potential Placement reporting @joannalord
  4. 4. 1. Advertiser goals in the Opportunities tabNow have 3 common advertiseroptions available to help steeryou:1. Increase traffic: ideas that are aimed to help you get more traffic to your site.2. Balance cost & traffic (default): you get both suggestions3. Maintain or decrease cost: ideas that are aimed to help you maintain or decrease your current @joannalord spend.
  5. 5. 2. Dayparting with GA Adwords beta Stop being a fool yo.Start day parting with real data to guide you.Before: pull your hair out over Custom GA ReportingNow: Look at day parting tab & know just when to shut off your campaigns to save money and reallocate to best performing parts of the day- Takes the budget optimization report a step further. @joannalord
  6. 6. 3. Search Funnel Reporting• Goes beyond last touch attribution, you can now see all keywords that led to a conversion.• The search funnel reporting includes a number of reports showing metrics like assisted conversion keywords, first & last click analysis, time between actions, and more.• You activate these reports by setting up AdWords Conversion Tracking (or importing goals into Adwords from GA).*Please note that organic searches during this are not tracked, this could be a limitation for those trying to understand the true life cycle of their searching audience.**For those wondering, Google has officially stated that search funnel data DOES NOT affect your quality @joannalord score in any way for any given keyword (me =
  7. 7. 4. Broad match modifierBroad match & phrase match sitting in a tree…• More expansive than Phrase match, more control than Broad match.• Increase #of clicks, and strengthen ROI, especially if you only play in broad mainly right now. To implement the modifier, just put a plus symbol (+) directly in front of one or more words in a Broad match keyword. *** Please note: You should keep your Broad match and Phrase match types RUNNING, this is meant to be an add-on, not a replacement. @joannalord
  8. 8. 5. Enhanced CPC Bidding• Recently launch automated bidding feature for search & display• Uses your campaign’s historical conversion tracking data to auto adjust your Max CPC (wait…like all those 3rd party tools and in house tools out there that have been doing this for many years…yeah exactly). Examples of factors in the auto bid adjustment: - how well a particular search or display network partner site in the Google network has converted for you in the past - looks at how well a root performed and applies that logic to query extensions (kind of dangerous) - looks at the user’s info, i.e. location, browser, settings, etc. and forms truths over time on how that type of user will perform @joannalord
  9. 9. 6. Ad Sitelinks• Additional links that fall below your primary ad to help extend relevancy WAIT! This looks like a familiar format…• Introduced in Nov. needed to prequalify, in June introduced a one-line format that pre- qualifies anyone, in Oct introduced mobile. Look at all of that real estate….• Done at the campaign-level, make sure all ads are relevantAd Sitelinks enable you to point to specific information on your site…certain products, promos, Pre-click optimization FTW! etc. @joannalord
  10. 10. 7. Local extensions updateUpdates:Can now show multipleaddresses for businessbeing searchedThe results now updatedynamically when someoneinteracts with the mapHow to do it?Go in, enable location extensions in yourGoogle Places listings. Sorry folks this isonly available to US advertisers rightnow. <face palm> @joannalord
  11. 11. 8. Remarketing• Target users that visited your site and move on to another site within the Google Display Network• Based on their past interactions on your site, they become a prequalified user• Create integrated campaign strategies *Keep an eye on this feature…just the beginning of what Google is called it’s Internet-Based Advertising program. @joannalord
  12. 12. 9. Campaign experiments• Campaign management A/B testing – Whoa!• Enables you to test riskier and more advanced management strategies at any level• Eliminates manual benchmarking and tracking of bid management tactic success• Rolling out now in U.S. now.• They added a tracking parameter {aceid} allowing us to identify if a click has come from a control or experimental side of a campaign running in an experiment, making segmentation possible.AdWords Resource: http://adwords.google.com/support/aw/bin/topic.py?hl=en&topic=29099 @joannalord
  13. 13. 10. Potential placement reporting (Display Network awesomeness FTW!)• Launched a week ago, still limited, pre launch optimization• This feature will give you example sites in the display network where your ads might appear• Example sites are based on your keyword lists• You also see suggested bids for these ad groups• Things to note: only available for campaigns running only on display (duh…you are all doing that already)• You still see the old reports available for GDN @joannalord
  14. 14. That’s all I got.Thanks for listening to me ramble. #heartppc Hit me up with questions: joanna@seomoz.org @joannalord @joannalord