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Eric Saade . Mini-fanbook



Portuguese mini-fanbook for Eric Saade's 22nd birthday.

Portuguese mini-fanbook for Eric Saade's 22nd birthday.



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Eric Saade . Mini-fanbook Eric Saade . Mini-fanbook Document Transcript

  • Hej. First at all, HAPPY 22th B-DAY! You are gettingold, do you already noticed that? AhahahHope you are enjoyin’ this present from yourPortuguese fans… there are many people and hoursinvolved but… you deserve every effort we do… youare the reason of our smiles!And we want to give you a advice… leave to spendyour holidays in Spain… we have beautiful beachestoo… AND SANGRIA!!! Ahahaha (just kiddin’)With love,Your Portuguese mafakkas! ♥
  • Hello! I wish you a happy birthday with family, friends and lots offun!! This gift was made primarily to encourage you to come toPortugal. If youd come here you could also see the beaches,landscapes and taste the FOOD, believe that the food here is VERYGOOD! They say that the Portuguese wine is very good, but I donot know why I do not like wine :D.I love your work! I love your music! And I love to see you dance, youdance super WELL!!You have a GREAT reason to come to Portugal and you know what?You have many fans here who would love to see you here, PLEASEcome here!! PLEEEASE!!!!!!!I love you :D Bye
  • Dear EricEven though you dont know meI just want you to know thatI am and I will always beBy your side“No matter the seasonWinter, coldSummer, fallWithout you Im nothing”Thank you for all your love and for all that you give us everyday.Thank you for your amazing voice, your perfect songs, and yourbeautiful personality.Youre so much better than we deserve!Love you a lot!!
  • Hello Eric Khaled Saade, Happy birthday, hope you are enjoying thisfanbook and your special day! Good luck for the future and for yourcareer, wish you lots of love and health. Dont forget who you werebefore you became famous, dont forget about your roots! Keep upthe good work, and once again Grattis!
  • Hello Eric. First of all I want towish you a happy birthday! It’s noteveryone that got the luck about being so famous and so young likeyou. I know you since 2011 and I love your music. I expect you to comedo a concert in Oslo and quickly! I have 70% certainly that I’ll see you. Ihope that you have more a good year! Happy Birthday!
  • Hey Eric, in this text Ill say everything, I think.In this day, (your birthday technically), I wish for you the best, you make22 years old, you are getting old man, youre growing and I love you inevery way.Youre amazing, my superhero, youre special, you fight with all yourstrength without fear, you are a simple boy that is becoming a man, andnow, you have thousands of fans worldwide.Your voice inspire us, enlightens us.When I meet you, I found an Idol, a special boy.When you smile, I smile. When you cry, I cry.Youre the best treasure I found. When I listen to your songs, I sigh andthen I smile (with a big, big, big smile).“Youre the proof that love is beautiful.Youre the truth something unusual. Youre my fire”Youre my sun and my moon. Youre very special to me.“Youre like the pot of goldAt the end of the rainbow”When you need, me and all portuguese fans, we are here, we will be yourstrength... When you need it well tell you “I love you”.Im not good about writing texts, sorry. $:PLEASE never forget us! Have the best birthday ever and never change,we need YOU! “Without you Im nothing” ;) I <3 U, Eric Khaled Saade! Love you a lot!!
  • Dear Eric,I write you this "letter" listening to your music “Popular”,because it was the first of your songs that I heard and was with itthat a became "a fan". You made me thinkabout a lot of things. Ican honestly say that I would not be the person I am todaywithout your influence, your musical influence.Its a special day for you. I think its your birthday today hahahaha.So... Happy Birthday! I can just wish you a continuation of yourexcellent career, a better visualization of your music, not just inEurope but also in the others continents. I wish you health, loveand happiness too.I think that this can be the first and also the only time that "I cantalk with you" so Id like to invite you for a visit to my country oreven a concert. We would like it a lot. So, think about it.One more time, Happy B-dayKisses from Portugal.
  • Dear Eric,Happy Birthday!!!We are two girls who are big fans of yours. Our namesareTâniaNunesand Juliana Gonçalves. We are from Vila Real,Portugal.Since we saw you in the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf,Germany, we follow your career and we love your songs.We wouldlike you to come to Portugal to do a concert for your Portuguesefans, we would love meet you in person and take a picture withyou.We wish you a great birthday in the company of those you mostlove. Good luck to your life and your career.
  • Hi Eric.First of all, congratulations for your birthday and for your route inthe music, has been extraordinary.I want to tell you that you changed my life, every time Im sad, Ihear your voice and I turn to smile, like you were my inspiration,my oxygen.You are beautiful in and outside, I want you to know that Ill alwayssupport you and be your fan.Im always on your twitter, watching what you are doing,youbecame an addiction for me.I love you Swedish.
  • Hello EricFirst of all I want to congratulate you and tell you that I thinkyoure amazing!My name is Carina Martinho, Im 15 years old and I’m fromGuarda.I love the way you sing and your singing style, I would love to goto one of your concerts, you surely know that it is one of mydreams and I hope that one day it might happen.I think you havedone an amazing journey andyou increasinglyenchant people with your voice and your smile.We really want you to come to Portugal to all your Portuguesefans can see you and hear you, it would certainly be the show ofmy life and of many people.If I were to say everything I think of you I think that I would fillthis page with only qualities, so I’ll just tell you order to proceedjust as you are.So, I say goodbye with kisses and I wish you a happy birthday!Kisses from Portugal!Kisses from Portugal.
  • Hello Eric Saade!First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Youre a great singer and I love your songs. Your songs are verybeautiful and very easy to learn by heart.I want to ask you to come to Portugal because there are manypeople that, in my opinion, will love if you come here.Thank you for your attention.HAPPY BIRTHDAY!and...a BIG KISS!
  • Hi Eric :D Happy Birthday!!!!!I hope you like our gift; it was made with a lot of love andaffection. (Our "boss" had this brilliant idea).Well, I’m Silvia, I’m from a small town who nobody knows,Mogadouro.Im 18, I will do 19 at October 29. Wow!! It’s our birthday!! HappyBDay for us! Enjoy your day, my day will be on college, studying.I have so much to tell you, I’m so proud of you and your work.Your songs are so beautiful and you have a lot of talent. Wheredid you learn to dance so well? I also want to dance like you.Please come to Portugal, it´s a small country but we have a lot oflove to give you and we need you here.Remember, "Your Art is our proud" A lot of kisses and hugs. P.S: Sorry about my English :D
  • Hello Eric, everything fine with you? I certainly hope so.Today is your day, you make 22 years-old, another year makes youeven more special.If it was my birthday I wish you could come to Portugal. Me andmany “Saadists” would love if you could come to Portugal andsing for us your beautiful songs. When I saw you singing onEurovision the music "Popular" I thought: Wow what the hell? Hehas an amazing voice!So, I searched your song in the internet and now your music ispart of the best moments in my life. Like when I went to thenational championship, I heard your music before the beginningand I won because of you!So, Happy Birthday Eric Saade and remember: THE PORTUGUESEFANS LOVE YOU!!
  • Hey Eric, how are you?Today is your birthday, your 22nd birthday...Its amazing, isnt it? :DIm writing this text from a place you know as well: Spain... Andlistening "Imagine"... Its a perfect duet. ;) I still can feel your smell inthe air... I fell you in every place Im, but I felt it more when I was inMarbella. ^_^ I totally adore you, as artist and person, I didnt felt soin "love" for a singer since I was... Cant remember! :P Hope I can seeyou very soon at portuguese stages, Portugal needs you a lot!Püsspüss♥
  • Happy birthday Eric I wish to you from my heart.I hope u will complete much more in your lifeLove u so much hope u have a nice and happy dayWith LoveMariana Costa <3p.s reply me on twitter I’m @MarySaade15 If u do that, I willknow u have read this letter, I’ll be waiting. Love you and onceagain happy birthday:*
  • Hiiii dear Eric! Hope everythings fine with you! I just want to wishHaPPyyyyyBiRtHdAyyy to one of the best singers I ever know!Its your birthday and in our thoughts we are all with you today! IWish with all my heart that you have an excellent, crazy, fuuun-tastic day in the company of your family and your friends,celebrates with a huge cake and with many presents... and dontforget to make a wish when you blow out the candles ;PMay the sun shines for you the whole year, everything you doshall go right and all of your dreams come true!!Thanks for making us smile everytimeWe hear your beautifulvoice! We all love YOU and that we always stand behind YOU!!Many kisses and hugs, angel!! Stay cool ;)P.S.:Please Eric come to Portugal to make a huuuge concert forus, and BRING DANNY SAUCEDO TOO!! xD
  • Hello Eric! Happy birthday! I hope many more years to come, notonly for you, but also for your music career. I also hope that yourbirthdays become even more special because you deserve it! Youhave done an excellent job during your career and for thatreason you should continue, because you are an inspiration,surely not just for me, but also for all your fans. With your musicyou have the gift of making me believe in myself and that I canachieve my dreams. Every time that I feel sad about something Istart to sing or listen to your music and I feel better right away,its great that you have this effect on people. I think that you area great person; kind and who respects and enjoys helping others.You are a good example to follow. By the way, I would like to saythat you are the first singer which I like all the songs, and that isa great feat! Did you know that once I made a school work aboutyou? That’s true! And then I presented the work in front of mywhole class! I identify a lot with your phrase "My art is myfreedom", because I want to work with art and that is how Iexpress myself. I have followed your career and after all this Ican only say that I wish you to continue and achieve manysuccesses and accomplish all your goals and dreams, becauseyou deserve it and we all need you! Im waiting for you to cometo Portugal!Kisses ♥
  • Happy Birthday Eric!!Im just a fan (among many) who loves you very, very, very much!!I always loved dance, but just started liking music after listening toyou...I meet you before Eurovision... During the Eurovision, I was twohours fingers crossed for you to win!!I Like all your songs, but I love to listening "Break of Down" beforesleeping...Eric... your art is my freedom!! =)One day I hope to meet you, just to thank you for being an angel.You are forever in my heart ♥I love you my perfect manboy!You are my favorite singer! You are my dream...The moon belongs to you ;)
  • Hello I am Tânia and I live in Chaves, Portugal. I have 17 years oldand I am a big fan of you.I love your songs and the choreographies of each music. I have nochance to go to your concert and I would like you to come here.You have been already on south Spain but it is still too her away forme.I want to wish good luck to you and may your birthday be full ofhappiness.And I would you like to say, that your voice enchants me and allyour fans.A kiss from your Portuguese fan, TâniaAlves.
  • Hey Eric, I hope you see this, ILOVEYOU. You are the best idolaround the world...I started to like you when a friend of mine started to talk aboutEurovision and you were participating and I was like "who isEric?" So, since I saw you acting, I really loved, you dance nicely,you are a wonderful singer, you are all of good that I neither canexplain...Please, come to Portugal. You go to all the places least Portugal. Please, come here. Im from Azores but I would get all thepossible ways to see you acting...You are the best guy of the world ♥♥So, the song I love more is...from all, there isnt a possible choice but the songs I love verymuch is "Popular" and "Imagine" but it doesnt means I dont likethe others, I love all. ♥HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOST BEAUTIFUL IDOL AROUND THE WORLD♥♥
  • Hi Eric, I wish you an amazing birthday , hope you will have awonderful day . Im so happy to had an opportunity to metyou .Thatwas so incredible and wonderfull .Thank you so much
  • This addiction to Saade began a year ago,when I was watchingEurovision and found it quite interesting the music and hisperformance. After the final of Eurovision I had the song in myhead and I started to searching more about you and found thatyou had already an album. I started listening the album and I wasfascinated with your work, from there the addiction Saade beganto increase until today: PI get fascinated with you because you do concerts that make meopen my mouth... the same happens when I see you dancing andsinging at the same time, because its very difficult to do O.oGoing forward what I wish to you is that can be you recognizedworldwide, but before that, want to ask you to come to PortugalxDWith all this, I just got one thing to say to you: "I am proud to bean Eric Saade fan":D
  • CREDITSCover photo: Filipa Pereira | May 2012 ©Idea: Joana Rodrigues ****** /EricSaadePortugalFans @ericsaade_pt