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Millennium effects and values on place image, destination marketing and tourism
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Millennium effects and values on place image, destination marketing and tourism

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Film Tourism and the City – a case study How Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy has impacted Stockholm presented at European Cities Marketing in Biarritz, France, November 15, 2012.

Film Tourism and the City – a case study How Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy has impacted Stockholm presented at European Cities Marketing in Biarritz, France, November 15, 2012.

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  • 1. R European Cities Marketing, 11/15/12, Biarritz Joakim Lind, Cloudberry SFilm Tourism and the City – a case study How Stieg Larsson‟s Millennium trilogy has impacted Stockholm
  • 2. photo credit: © BBC/Left Bank Pictures/Phil FiskEuropean Cities Marketing, Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 211/15/12
  • 3. European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 3Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 4. Swedish authors web trendsEuropean Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 4Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 5. Copies sold (market examples)European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 5Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 6. Millennium success• Sold in more than 73 million copies in more than 60 countries. More than 100 million in the next couple of years• The Swedish films will by the end of 2012 been shown in 60 countries and reach an audience of more than 150 million audience contacts• The US version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo has already become a huge success and will reach an audience of 1 billion audience contacts and more until 2015European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 6Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 7. http://www.yellowbird.se/index.php?option=com_seyret&task=videodirectlink&id=201&Itemid=6European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 7Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 8. Effects during the production of the Millennium films and TGWDT• Total budget of just over €11 million• More than €9,8 million were invested and consumed in the Stockholm region: – Wages – Studio, premises, offices – Catering – Transportation – Hotels and accomodations – Services• Direct and indirect effects with 1.5 multiplier (include second level effects) of €15 million to the region ---• Budget US version TGWDT € 70 million (50 % spent and invested in Sweden)European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 8Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 9. European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 9Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 10. Exponering i mediaEuropean Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 10Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 11. • Approximatly 100 000 articles about Stieg Larsson and Millennium • Stockholm and Sweden mentioned in every appr every 10th • The ad value estimated to more than € 60 millionEuropean Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 11Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 12. Types of literature about StiegLarsson and Millennium• Biographies• Hybrids• Popular scientific• Scientific• Parodic(Svenska Dagbladet,2012.11.01)European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 12Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 13. European Cities Google Trends Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 13Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 14. Artikelträffar Retriever exkl. svensk media 7000 The Girl With The Dragon 6000 Tattoo Stieg Larsson 5000 Lisbeth Salander Antal artiklar 4000 Leif GW Persson 3000 Camilla Läckberg 2000 Henning Mankell 1000 Dan Brown 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 14Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 15. After reading Stieg Larssons trilogy (The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire, & The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest) I really want to go to Sweden! Ok, Ulf- be be ready for us to come visit!! Mary Stouffer Cole, Facebook, 11 mars 2012 Going to visit The Millenium in Stockholm Alex Walthers, Facebook, 30 mars 2012 May be reading too much Stieg Larsson. I just got a piece of mail at work that was postmarked from Sweden and I looked around all nervously – like someone is after me. Jenny Robinson, Facebook, 5 mars 2012European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 15Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 16. “I dont think you can really tell the story without telling it in Sweden. I think it is a very Swedish story, I think all the characters are very Swedish.” [Rooney Mara at TGWDT press meeting in Stockholm] “What it tells about Sweden for me is that there is a huge story-telling tradition here and it is a sort of dark tale, something that we can all relate to in Northern Europe. They have worldwide mass appeal it seems.” [Daniel Craig] Reuters 2011-12-14 “’Dragon Tattoo’ film paints Sweden in darkest shades”European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 16Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 17. ”In fact, with films effectively acting as „virtual brochures‟, they can do much more for bookings than a large scale advertising campaign” Miles Morgan, Thomson HolidaysEuropean Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 17Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 18. Millennium as a literal and figuratively map of Sweden What makes the books so interesting for visitors to Stockholm is that the characters are very clearly identified with the Södermalm area of the city. On a Millenium Tour you can see where these characters live, the restaurants they visit, the cafés they hang out at, even their favourite 7-Eleven store where they buy frozen pizza. UK | The Mail on Sunday, 2009-07- 19, Stockholm, Stieg Larssons Millennium and the city at the centre of a literary phenomenon, webbversion And the fact that it‟s in Swedish. Words such as Trollhättan and Björck provide a pleasing otherness, and the way that the trusting Swedes enters flat filled with fresh corpes and cheerfully shout “Hull-oh” resonates perfectly. UK | The Times (Art and Ents), 2010-08-European Cities Joakim Lind | 27:14-15 Cloudberry 18Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 19. MARKETING VALUE FOR STOCKHOLMFROM MILLENNIUM FILM EXPOSUREEuropean Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 19Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 20. Assumptions• Depictions that provides images and associations, positive feelings or otherwise indicates a site that creates curiosity, and higher awareness and that are geographically identifiable direct or indirect have a marketing value for the location• Exposure of a place in a movie has a promotional value if the depictions generates positive values in the relation to the place associated to the story• Exposure can be measured in the same way as the value of product placement (without multiplier)• Exposure = marketing valueEuropean Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 20Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 21. Where and how is Stockholm region in the Swedish Millennium films?European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 21Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 22. What would it cost for regional promoters to buy ad‟s giving the same marketing value as the exposure in the film?European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 22Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 23. Stockholm region marketing value from exposure in the Swedish Millennium films > €150 million (Because there is uncertinty in the model and of making these kinds of estimates we have consistently chosen the lowest value if the choice has been between two or more values with modestly counted Stockholm exposures and no multiplier.)European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 23Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 24. Contact cost total (Marketing value) Stockholm marketing value Millennium trilogy Exponeringsvärde Millenniumtrilogin (scenarier) 3,500,000,000.00 kr 385 million euro 1 euro Exponeringsvärde / Kontaktkostnad 3,000,000,000.00 kr 330 million euro 86 eurocent 2,500,000,000.00 kr 275 million euro 70 eurocent 2,000,000,000.00 kr 220 million euro kr 6,44 1,500,000,000.00 kr 165 million euro kr 7,82 1,000,000,000.00 kr 110 million euro kr 9,20 500,000,000.00 kr 55 million euro 0.00 kr 0 euro 340,000,000 20,000,000 60,000,000 100,000,000 140,000,000 180,000,000 220,000,000 260,000,000 300,000,000 Publikkontakter(contacts) Audience (CONTACTS) Audience (contacts)European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 24Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 25. Marketing value for regional exposure, theoretically limited to only evaluating the contacts from film and limited to 10 exposures in Fincher‟s TGWDT € 0,5 per capita * > 1 billion contacts over 4-5 years = value € 500 million and more Because there is uncertainty in the model and of making these kinds of estimates we have consistently chosen the lowest valueif the choice has been between two or more values with modestly counted Stockholm exposures and no multiplier.)European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 25Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 26. European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 26Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 27. Erik G Svensson - Stockholm Visitors BoardEuropean Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 27Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 28. ”We have definitely noticed an increasedinterest from tourists. Every day at least 5-10guests ask about the films. After that weparticipated in a documentary on Germantelevision channel ZDF came 100 people(genuine film tourists) within three weeks.American NBC had a feature and after itpopped up a lot of Americans.”... ”We believe in a new boost after theAmerican film premiered.”Anders Persson, Mellqvist Kaffebar, March2011 European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 28 Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 29. European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 29Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 30. MILLENNIUM PRESS KIT • Millennium resources • Story ideas • Trivia • Fact sheet Stieg Larsson’s Stockholm • Creative industries in Stockholm • Summary Millennium reportEuropean Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 30Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 31. European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 31Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 32. Millennium effects in Stockholm• 10,000 people per year take the Millennium guided walk• Guided tours, 80-300 per year (2009-2010)• Millennium map, approx. 6,800 copies (several languages)• Hotels and tour operators markets Millennium stays• Millennium cruises• Hundreds of journalists and TV-teams from abroad have visited Stockholm with regards of MillenniumEuropean Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 33Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 33. Economic Cultural Demographi Factors affect tourists choice of destinationThe difficulty assessingthe tourist effects Geographical(to a greater region) Political• Several factors coincide when choosing a destination• Different types of film tourists - even Technological under same trip• The level of unawareness impacts European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 34 Marketing, 11/15/12 http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3077/2501290589_f511489633.jpg?v=0
  • 34. Facts about tourism in Stockholm• 10 million commercial guest nights per year (2011)• 1 of 3 comes from abroad• Day visitors and private guest nights 2009: – 19 million in the region – 8,7 million in Stockholm town• Private travellers staying at least one night spend approx. 1,300 SEK per day.http://www.visitsweden.com/sweden/ http://www.visitstockholm.com/sv/?id=European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 35Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 35. Countries Guestnights, Millennium Guest nights Guest nights Scenarios Guest nights Guest nights hotels, hostels, cottages Scenario 2009-2013 effect 2009- 2011 increase 2009-2010 increase 2010-2011 Millennium- effect 2011- 2013 increase 2011-2012 increase 2012-2013 2009 (Stockholm town*) Stockholms stadTyskland 311 881 1,0% 3 119 3150 1,5% 4772 4844Danmark 125 464 1,0% 1 255 1267 1,0% 1280 1293Norge 175 582 1,0% 1 756 1773 1,0% 1791 1809Finland 144 826 1,0% 1 448 1463 1,0% 1477 1492Storbritanni 256 526 1,5% 1,5%en 3 848 3906 3964 4024Holland 82 933 1,0% 829 838 1,0% 846 854USA 186 191 1,5% 2 793 2835 2,0% 3836 3913Frankrike 133 293 3,0% 3 999 4119 3,0% 4242 4370Italien 179 604 3,0% 5 388 5550 3,0% 5716 5888Spanien 107 880 2,0% 2 158 2201 2,0% 2245 2290Sverige 3 697 021 0,5% 18 485 18578 0,5% 18670 18764Övriga 881 857 0,5% 1,0%länder 4 409 4431 8907 8996Totalt 6 283 058 49 487 50109 57748 58536European Cities Marketing, Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 3611/15/12
  • 36. Scenario 2009-2013 - Stockholms stadScenario 2009-2013 Guest nights increase Guest nights totalMillennium effects (total)2009-2010 49 487 6 332 5452010-2011 50 109 6 382 6542011-2012 57 748 6 440 4022012-2013 58 536 6 498 938TOTAL INCREASE: 215 880Increase during 2009-2013 3,44 %• 215 880 X SEK 1 300 kr = SEK 280 million• Addional daily vistors and private guest nights• 298 000 X SEK 500 = SEK 150 million• = SEK 430 million 2009-2013 (€ 47 million)European Cities Marketing, Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 3711/15/12
  • 37. www.si.se/English/European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 38Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 38. “We have a very, very dark side, and I think you‟re only just finding out about it now.” Magnus Betnér quoted in The Telegraph 2010-03-13, The dark side of Swedish societyEuropean Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 40Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 39. In Larssons Sweden, the police are useless where they are not corrupt; the countryside is full of violent drug dealers; the rich are utterly unprincipled. It sounds like Mexico in the snow. This is no longer a clean, well- lighted place for Volvo owners. What went wrong? US | Foreign Policy, 2010-05-26, Were All Swedes NowEuropean Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 41Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 40. We live in a world that has capsized, where law and order reigns on the surface, but in reality it is the well- organized crime pulling the strings. / ... / Millenium has exposed the anxiety every man feels in a world where old benchmarks have failed. France| Le Monde, 2009-05-10, Jean-Jacques LarochelleEuropean Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 42Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 41. You can summarise by saying that in principle there do not appear to be any normal people in Sweden. The introduction to [one of the books about] Karlsson-on-the-Roof, which I loved so much as a child: “In a completely normal Swedish family...” now just fills me with horror. Russia| CityCelebrity.ru, 2010-10-07, Matari Anna och Dmitri Tikhonov , Шведская модель для тщательной сборки, webbartikelEuropean Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 43Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 42. The story of Sweden over the last 50 years has been one of a steady loss of exceptionalism. In some ways the outside world has grown more "Swedish" – we all wear seatbelts, drink less, and believe in gender equality. At the same time, Sweden has grown much more worldly – it drinks more, works and earns less, and struggles with the assimilation of immigrants. The Swedes themselves no longer believe in a Swedish model, or, when they do, its very different from the heavily regulated "peoples home" of myth. USA | Foreign Policy, 2010-05-26, Were All Swedes NowEuropean Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 44Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 43. Anholt Nation Brands Index matrix Tourism People Export Nation Brands Index Culture and Governance Heritage Investment and ImmigrationEuropean Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 46Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 44. Nation Brands Index Investment and Culture andTourism Export Governance People Immigration Heritage Ethnic and Millennium Industry and Social Trendy and Power cultural tourism post-industry structure cool hierarchies richness 1900’s and Gender, sex Regional Justice and Racism and Innovation 2ww society and social development legislation alienation development construction Traditional Hacktivism industries and Nazism new emergings European Cities Marketing, Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 47 11/15/12
  • 45. UK The novels as a whole mix this near-mythical dimension with a hothouse domestic atmosphere among tight-knit cliques. Larsson has made the literary moods of saga and soap opera converge – with suspense as the adhesive. And, behind the quickfire action, those great chords of moral and political witness continue to resonate. /…/ Long after the entertainment factor has faded, I predict that readers will remember some of Stiegs serious concerns. And if that isnt a mark of real literature, I dont know what is. UK | The Independent, 2009-10-02, What was the secret of Stieg Larsson’s extraordinary success, webbversionEuropean Cities Marketing, Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 4911/15/12
  • 46. Swedish isolisation and Millennium as trauma therapy Seit Palme ins Kino ging, ist alles wie im Film“, schrieb der Liedermacher Stefan Sundström später und beschrieb damit gut die Stimmung der Unwirklichkeit, die sich in Schweden nach dem Mord an Palme ausbreitete. Die SucheDen förödande skandinaviska nach Motiven und potenziellenisolationismen (som man kan se i Tätern, die FahndungspannenIngmar Bergmans verk eller, mer der Polizei und Komplottheorienhandgripligt, hos Anders Behring schufen eine Düsternis, wie sieBreivik (sic!)) tillsammans med en sich auch ein Henning Mankellcocktailblandning från vår egen tid oder Stieg Larsson makaberer(stigmatisering av fifflande nicht ausmalen könnten.finansmän, identitetskris, återuppväcka Germany| Tagblatt.se, 2011-03-nde av gamla demoner och 01, Vor 25 Jahren wurde Olofdatanördarnas kulturella anspråk) Palme ermordet, webbversionFrance| Le Monde, 2012-01-18, JacquesMandelbaumEuropean CitiesMarketing, 11/15/12 Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 50
  • 47. Men that hates women – a sick society personified It exposes the brutish sexual humiliations men inflict upon women, and on a public level it takes to task an underlying rottenness in Sweden‟s body politic – its governors, its judiciary, its businessmen. UK | The Independent (Arts and Books), 2010- 08-27 Blomkvist has a kind of mission-statement: "this story is not primarily about spies andhe first secret government agencies; its about violence against women, and the men whos. The enable it. UK| The Independent, 2009-10-02, Bad mence and the good society, What was the secret oftively Stieg Larssons extraordinary success?, webbversiongazine,arsson, European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 51 Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 48. he variousning Westerntheir urgentsexuality. Strong women and gender roles questioned Larssons female characters are therefore universally clear thinking, resourceful and good. They defend themselves and each other, define their relationships without regard to social norm and staunchly uphold principle. Untrammelled by such petty concerns as children, love or money (Salander, like Longstocking, is fabulously self- financing) they have sex in whatever form, methodology or company they choose. As comic book fantasies go, its pretty compelling. Australien: The Sydney Morning Herald, 2010- 01-10, Sex, crime and vengeance: why the world fell in love with Larsson, webbversion European Cities Marketing, Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 52 11/15/12
  • 49. Lisbeth – The Icon Tattoo artists are cashing in. “What Salander has done is inspire women to go under the needle with their own message in mind,” said Mr. Rakovic of Inked. …The look, she added, “says, „Don‟t mess with me.‟ It‟s sexy in a strong new way. …“Corruption offends her,” Ms. Leach observed, “and the desire to set things right is what motivates her.” She‟s taking names and delivering payback. And, Ms. Leach said, “she‟s not about to do that in a pair of Miu Miu shoes.” USA | NY Times, 2012-02-01, Lisbeth Salander bringing back leather and spikes - linkEuropean Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 53Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 50. Millennium as a lens through which the contemporary society is interpreted Relationship between the five international papers and WikiLeaks had moments of difficulty and tension‟, at times threatening to collapse into farce, ‟as if a Stieg Larsson script had been passed to the writer of Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes” UK| The Guardian, 2011-01-30, Julian Assange feared he was being followed by US spies, new book reveals, web version “Whereas the thing about Lindberg is that hes so absolutely politically correct on the outside and kinky on the inside.” [Lars Linder på DN citeras i The Guardian apropå att det är enklare att identifiera de onda i böckerna.] UK| The Guardian, 2010-08-01, Göran Lindberg and Swedens dark side, web versionEuropean Cities Marketing, Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 5411/15/12
  • 51. Indivualistic socialism [Larsson‟s] heroes originate from Astrid Lindgren‟s characters, who in this case are part of a modern society filled with injustices, against which Larsson fought with such determination and hoped to be able to fight with his books. Ryssland | Kommersant Weekend, 2011-03- 18, Liza Birger, webbartikel .. while Lisbeth Salander is regularly compared to her more famous creation for children, Pippi Longstocking, what with being so unconventional and super-strong. Personally, I dont see it, on either count. Pippi Longstocking is cute. Lisbeth Salander is about as cute as an unmuzzled pitbull. UK | The Guardian, 2010-02-21, Stieg Larsson – by the woman who shared his lifeEuropean Cities Marketing, Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 5511/15/12
  • 52. Summary 1 • References to actual places and people create an effective illusion that this has/might have happened that appears stronger and more effective than, for example, the news media. • The stories deflate whatever is left of the idealised socialist concept of the ”Folkhemmet” and ”the Swedish Model” • The stories are like a modern, multilayered version of Nils Holgersson – encouraging a more in-depth reading of Swedish history and contemporary Sweden. Sweden 2.0. • Sweden is a demarcated example of social problems and challenges that apply for all societies. • Sweden is for many more of a credible friend that arouses sympathy and commitment with all of its complexity. • On an international level, Millennium appears to change the image rather than enhancing and supplementing it for countries that already had a relationship (Europa, USA, western countries).European Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 56Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 53. Summary 2 • For people with no direct perception of Sweden, the stories contribute rather to greater curiosity and more in-depth reading. • Millennium develops with time and generates new messages, depending on who is reading and re-interpreting it. • In the short term, the stories serve to interpret our contemporary society – the time in which we find ourselves and exist. Serve as a filter and dramatise our interpretation of the world. • The books and the films are themselves mass media that report many social dimensions. • In the longer term, Millennium becomes a document of its time, describing life in the first decade of the 21st century – “The Millennium Period”.European Cities Marketing, Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 5711/15/12
  • 54. ”Everyone should read Stieg for the quality of decency that he evokes on every page, as Orwell once did. Maybe popular fiction can indeed change the world.” UK| The Independent, 2009-10-01, Understand Swedish society through Stieg Larsson’s popular fiction, web versionEuropean Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 58Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 55. "This makes one wonder: does Indonesia need its own Lisbeth Salander?” Indonesia | The Jakarta Globe, 2012-03- 29, Karim RaslanEuropean Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 59Marketing, 11/15/12
  • 56. Clip: THANK YOU! / Joakim Lind Cloudberry Communications AB, Stockholm +46-709-286973 joakim@cloudberry.se Twitter: @joldEuropean Cities Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 60Marketing, 11/15/12