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 Useful Tips on The Power of SEO -  BritMumsLive June 2014
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Useful Tips on The Power of SEO - BritMumsLive June 2014


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Useful Tips on SEO and the power of SEO when incorporated as part of the marketing plan. SEO is more than just keywords and is a vital part of any website build. This presentation addresses the Google …

Useful Tips on SEO and the power of SEO when incorporated as part of the marketing plan. SEO is more than just keywords and is a vital part of any website build. This presentation addresses the Google Updates and what you can do to avoid getting penalised.

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Design
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  • Head of the webspam team
  • Hummingbird -  
    Hummingbird is about synonyms but also about context

    In a nutshell, think about why people are looking for something rather than what they are looking for. A content strategy should be designed to answer their needs, not just provide them with facts

    Keep low quality and low content sites away from the top ranking results and give the actual quality sites their due.
    Many websites with lots of advertising, or with low quality content, saw a huge decline in the rankings. Ever since Panda was launched, there have been many updates, more than 20.

    Affected rankings of sites that practice black-hat SEO techniques like duplicate content, keyword stuffing, cloaking
    1. Aggressive exact-match anchor text
    2. Overuse of exact-match domains
    3. Low-quality article marketing & blog spam
    4. Keyword stuffing in internal/outbound links

  • It is about off line and online integration
  • A few weeks later I did a Google search for “best things to do in Barcelona”. Because I’d optimised my title for this key term, and because the Lonely Planet tweet had validated my post, it was ranking in position 3!
    Ever since, that one page has continued to bring in HUGE traffic. Most recently, in the month of May 2014 you can see that that one blog post was read 18,693 times!
  • It is about off line and online integration
  • Transcript

    • 1. Useful Tips on the Power of SEO and the World Beyond #BritMums Live Presenter Jo Turnbull June 2014@SEOJoBlogs
    • 2. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs Who is SEO Jo Blogs? • Jo Turnbull started in SEO while working for a mobile tech company • Moved agency side 2009 • Freelance online marketing consultant, helping small and medium sized businesses with their marketing • Organiser of Search London • Editor and Events Organiser for State of Digital
    • 3. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs What is SEO? Photo from
    • 4. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs • SEO = Search Engine Optimisation • “Natural” position of a website in the search results Definition of SEO
    • 5. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs Simple – Easy - Option It is not just an add on to think about when the site has been built Photo from
    • 6. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs It’s Like Forgetting the Key Ingredient Photo from
    • 7. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs Why is SEO Important?
    • 8. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs High CTRs Long Lasting Effect Low CPAs Photo from It is Important Because:
    • 9. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs SEO Used to Be • Meta Titles • Keyword Stuffing • Spammy Links • Ranking in Google • Guaranteed Results Photo from
    • 10. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs Elements of Ranking • Title Tags • Meta Description Tags • ALT Tags • H1, H2, H3 (and accompanying CSS) • Keywords in the content • Internal Links (images vs. keyword rich text) • URL Structure • Advanced Linking • Authority • Age of domain
    • 11. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs Brilliant Basics
    • 12. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs Brilliant Basics • H1 tag • ALT Tags • Keywords in the content • H2 tag • URL Structure
    • 13. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs Do You Know This Man?
    • 14. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs Panda and Penguin
    • 15. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs Some Clarity • Panda – Feb 2011 (Europe April) – cracks down on thin content, content farms • Penguin – April 2012 - “over optimisation penalty” adjusted spam factors like keyword stuffing. This was a site quality update but affected links. • Hummingbird – September 2013
    • 16. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs SEO Is More Than Just Keywords
    • 17. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs 1. SEO involves Twitter
    • 18. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs • Ben Holbrook wrote a post about his favourite things to do in Barcelona • He then scheduled tweets to promote it every day for a couple of weeks • He added the #lp (Lonely Planet) hashtag when tweeting • Lonely Planet then retweeted the post to their 1M+ followers • 10,000+ unique visitors to Driftwood Journals, 33 re-tweets and 128 “favourites”. Twitter Affects Traffic
    • 19. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs Traffic Affected Rankings
    • 20. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs That Post is Still Driving Traffic
    • 21. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs 2. SEO is About Networking Photo from
    • 22. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs “Search London” Grew • Networking group for those in search • Jan 2012 – 592 members • 5 meetups 2012 • January 2013 – 1100 members • Increase 86% • June 2014 – 1315 members Photo from
    • 23. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs How Did it Grow? • Strong domain - • Good speakers – don’t be afraid to ask • Catchy titles each presentation • Guest posts • Interact with others at the event • Email members • Tweet before, during and after • Central venue Photo from
    • 24. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs 3. SEO is About Integrating Off and Online
    • 25. Tweets Matter
    • 26. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs Tweets Affected Traffic
    • 27. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs 4. SEO Includes Facebook • Write content and use social media to help it go viral
    • 28. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs 4. Facebook Brings Traffic • Ben “liked” the Facebook pages of each place mentioned in the post • Emailed places he had written about, suggesting shares • Ben also contacted the Madrid tourist board • 2.1k Facebook likes • 100 tweets • Almost 4,000 unique page views within a week
    • 29. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs 5. SEO Includes Sponsorship • A financial services company sponsored a sporting event in a capital city • The aim was to increase brand awareness and traffic Photo from
    • 30. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs 5. Impact on Traffic and Social Media • Organic traffic: Up 100% • Direct: Up 41% • Referral: Up 9% • 22% Increase in conversions • 463% Increase in blog traffic referrals • 1,723 new Facebook fans gained on non-paid digital efforts alone • 5% increase in Twitter followers in one month • 46% growth in FB likes
    • 31. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs SEO has a Positive Experience on Brand • 68% participants agreed about leaving with a more positive view of the brand • 50% participants more likely to buy from the company • 96% participants agreed the company was a great fit for a sponsor • 65% participants viewed the company as a genuine brand • 90% participants can’t wait for the next event
    • 32. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs 6. SEO is PR • Word of Mouth Online • Work with the PR department • Compliment Relationships • Networking + SEO • SEO + PR = Great Results • Long lasting effect Photo from
    • 33. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs SEO is About Tying it All Together • Twitter • Networking and Relationships • Creating good content • Facebook • Sponsorship • PR
    • 34. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs What Should You Do? Photo from
    • 35. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs 1. Love Your Site Photo from
    • 36. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs 2. Don’t Be Afraid of Google Matt Cutts Photo from
    • 37. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs 3. Create Content Users Want to Read Photo from
    • 38. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs 4. A Picture Tells a Thousand Words Photo from
    • 39. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs 5. Share Great Content Photo from
    • 40. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs 6. Love What You Do Photo from
    • 41. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs Summary • Love Your Site • Don’t Be Afraid of Google • Create Content Users Want to Read • A Picture Tells a Thousand Words • Share Great Content • Love What You Do
    • 42. #BritMumsLive @SEOJoBlogs Share Great Content Get in Touch Photos from,, Flickr and Bas van den Beld Thank You Photo from