MATC Pre-Orientation Info. -- Library!


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Welcome to the MATC program! Stephanie Brown is the MATC Librarian, and she's excited to show you research resources for your classes.

Below are introductory notes about using UNC’s library. There are also three tasks for you to do prior to orientation (search for an article, email it to Stephanie, and chat Stephanie).

Please review the slides and do the three quick tasks before the Aug. 12 library session.


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  • Stop around 1:35
  • MATC Pre-Orientation Info. -- Library!

    1. 1. Pre-Orientation Library Worksheet • Questions you may have … • How am I going to do the online research for the MATC program? • Where will I find articles? Google? • Stephanie Brown, MATC librarian, will answer these questions & more during your on-campus orientation. • To make library orientation more effective, please: Read these brief notes about using UNC’s library. Bookmark Do 3 quick tasks to show Stephanie you read these notes. • Total investment: about 1 hour – when you choose! Checklist image from, /86123/chalkboard_lb_q_icon
    2. 2. Need Articles? Don’t Use • What?! I can find everything on Google! • Stephanie says: Google is ginormous! • Too many results; • Not all reliable; • Hard to find quality, scholarly articles; • Time-consuming to find just what you need • Some require payment. • So … what should I do?? Image from:
    3. 3. Library Search Engines > Google! • Instead: use library “search engines” from “EBSCO.” • Communication & Mass Media Complete (CMMC) & Business Source Complete. Find articles in … • Advertising • Social Media • Marketing • Journalism • Public Relations • Broadcasting • Includes academic articles PLUS titles like AdAge and PRWeek. • Way better than Google! Better than Google Scholar!
    4. 4. Watch: How to Find Scholarly Articles in CMMC Watch this short video!
    5. 5. Where is this EBSCO thingie? Go to – and type in some search terms
    6. 6. What EBSCO Looks Like
    7. 7. How to Email an Article • Click on the article title, then find the <E-mail> button!
    8. 8. Do this NOW  Watch Stephanie demonstrate how to use CMMC for scholarly articles in a 3-minute video. •  Bookmark  Search EBSCO / CMMC. • Identify one article on a topic that interests you. • Email that article to Why search now? • If you search EBSCO for an article now, you’ll know how to do it later … when you really need it. • You won’t have to rely on Google. • You’ll learn more in the library session on Aug. 12! Image from:
    9. 9. Next Up: Chat Stephanie • What is it?! • Communicate with Stephanie in real-time to get a library question answered – quickly. • Email is great, but sometimes “synchronous” help is better. • Stephanie can help with questions large & small. • Why chat? • Online research is tough – sometimes you need “search hacks” • Stephanie is experienced & happy to offer quick tips. • Library school students Lynne & Shelby answer our chats too. • When can I chat? • Stephanie’s available ‘til around 5 & by appointment nights & weekends. • Other UNC librarians answer our chats until midnight during the academic year.
    10. 10. Sample Chat
    11. 11. Do this NOW Chat with Stephanie! • Go to and click the button on to message with Stephanie or Shelby or Lynne. • Ask questions about these exercises or just say hello. • JOMC Chat hours: • July 21-31: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. • Aug. 1 – 8: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. • UNC Library chat until 6 pm. through Aug. 18. Why chat now? • If you chat now, you’ll know how to do it later … when you really need a quick answer to a library question. • You’ll see how quick it is & how efficient. Image from:
    12. 12. You’re Done! • Yay – you’ve done some great prep work for library orientation. • You … • Found an article in EBSCO – more scholarly, more magazines – less clutter than Google • Emailed it to Stephanie (and maybe to yourself to read later?!) • Chatted with Stephanie or another UNC staffer • You’ve got great research tools in your toolbox • I look forward to meeting you in August! Images from: