3 Key Benefits of Using a Virtual Assistant


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It’s clear that you can outsource to a virtual assistant many of the tasks that you do and which don’t require your physical presence. However, you might be wondering why you would want to pay someone to do things that you can do yourself?

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3 Key Benefits of Using a Virtual Assistant

  1. 1. 3 KEY BENEFITS OF USING A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT BY JO HARRISONINTRODUCTIONThe acronym VA, which stands for Virtual Assistant, comes up more and more often in thebusiness world. Entrepreneurs and business owners seem to be fascinated with Virtual Assistants,people who can make their lives less stressful and more productive at the same time. Have youever wondered why people are talking more about Virtual Assistants and what the benefits ofusing one are?In this eBook you will find out the three key benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant, and how you canhire one.
  2. 2. WHAT IS A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT (VA)?A virtual assistant is a professional who provides administrative services to people who have moreto do, than time to do it. Virtual assistants work remotely, often using their own home as theiroffice space. Most virtual assistants are self-employed and work as independent contractors.What exactly can a virtual assistant help you with?Here are some of the tasks that a virtual assistant can do for you:  Make or cancel appointments  Order services on your behalf  Arrange travel for you, or your family  Answer your calls and emails  Contact people on your behalf  Create and format various documents  Manage your website or blog and post updates to it  Manage your social media profiles  Do research for you  ...the list goes onIts clear that you can outsource to a virtual assistant many of the tasks that you do and whichdont require your physical presence. However, you might be wondering why you would want topay someone to do things that you can do yourself?
  3. 3. THE BENEFITS OF HIRING A VIRTUAL ASSISTANTVIRTUAL ASSISTANTS CAN SAVE YOU TIMEWhen people start their own small business, they often do it for two main reasons:  They want to be their own boss.  They want to earn more money and improve their lifestyle.However, once their business starts to take off, most business owners find themselves in anunenviable situation of working more and more in order to meet their goals, fulfill the needs oftheir valuable clients and possibly feeling overwhelmed and stressed.A Virtual Assistant could help you deal with these difficult situations. By outsourcing therepetitive tasks and tasks that dont require your attention and physical presence to a virtualassistant, you can free up valuable time.What you could do if only you had more time?  You could spend more time with your family. Missing your children growing up because you are too busy dealing with paperwork and admin is probably not what you had envi- saged. Perhaps you’d intended spending more time with your friends or on hobbies when you made this lifestyle change.  Perhaps your health is suffering with the hours you need to put in. Freeing up time and outsourcing to a VA may give you the space to do some healthy things for yourself to im- prove your fitness levels and provide you with the extra oomph needed to reach your goals.  Of course, earning money and being successful is important to you. I am sure too that spending quality time with family and friends is as important. If you could delegate some of your time hungry yet low return tasks to a VA it would allow you to do both things well. You can concentrate on what you excel at, whilst your VA can concentrate on what they excel at.VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS CAN SAVE YOU MONEYHave you ever asked yourself; do you really need a physical office and employees in order to runyour business? When you have employees, you have to rent an office, buy or rent furniture, payutility bills, provide internet access, computers, and office supplies etc. All that is unnecessary ifyou hire a virtual assistant, they work from home and provide for themselves.When you have employees, you‘ll have many legal issues to deal with, such as insurance, taxes,etc. You’ll need to comply with employment law, and perhaps health and safety regulations. By
  4. 4. using a virtual assistant there is no need as they are self-employed and deal with these issuesthemselves.When you have employees who work in an office, you are paying them for the time they spend inthe office, not for the actual work that they do. You might be paying them when they are at homesick. I am sure you don’t want to pay your staff whilst they surf the internet and talk to theirfriends on Facebook? When you outsource to a virtual assistant, you only pay them for the workthey’ve done not the work they haven’t done. A VA costs far less than a full-time employee.This is particularly useful for small business owners; saving you money by not having an officewith employees and hiring virtual assistant. When you add up all costs involved, a VirtualAssistant (even a top grade VA) will be more cost effective.VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS CAN HELP YOU ACCOMPLISH MOREWhen you run a business, you often have to make a lot of decisions and do a wide variety of tasks.Attempting to be skilled at every job that comes up can mean you spread yourself too thinly andpotentially lose your focus which can impact negatively on your productivity.We are all naturally good at some things and we are not so good at others. Imagine that you lovesales and are extremely good at selling, but youre not good at using social media andadministrative tasks have you tearing your hair out. Would it make sense for you to spend timehandling your social media and e-mails when you could spend that same time closing sales? Ihope the answer is clear. When a VA might cost you £20 for an hour’s work, and in that time youclose a sale worth £250 there is no contest.When you run a business, you can only put so many things on your to-do list. Life might be lesscomplicated if you focus on the things you do best and delegate everything else to a virtualassistant.Today, more and more business owners outsource many of their daily tasks to Virtual Assistants.Keep reading and find out how to hire a Virtual Assistant?
  5. 5. HOW TO HIRE A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT It’s quite simple. Virtual Assistants are waiting for you to find them on the websites below. Here are three of the best websites you can use: Here are a few simple tips: Understand your own needs first. There are many types of Virtual Assistants. You have to know what exactly it is that you need if you want to find a Virtual Assistant who is a good fit for you. Find a payment system that works for you. Different Virtual Assistants often offer different payment options. Try to figure out what works for you as soon as possible. Find the right person. When asked about hiring Virtual Assistants, some people say to “hire slow and fire fast”. This might sound harsh, but its better to let the wrong person go as soon as you see that it isnt working. FINAL WORDS Be clear about your own needs, and communicate clearly these needs. It might be that you and your new VA work well together from the start. You may need to try out one or two before you find the one you can work with. I don’t think you’ll regret your decision once you’ve moved into the outsourcing world. Enjoy your new freedom and health. When you decide to hire a Virtual Assistant for the first time, you will probably need to experiment a bit in order to figure out what works best for you. You will quickly learn what works and what doesnt in your individual situation and once you get the taste of the less stressful and more productive life, you won’t look back!
  6. 6. ABOUT JO Jo is a virtual assistant, specialising in administration, document format- ting, blog set-up and management, social media management and SEO copywriting. Prior to setting up Writers Block Admin Services, Jo spent over 15 years in administration and coordinator roles within various industries in the UK including recruitment, education, non-profit and local government. Jo provides virtual assistance to businesses and individuals through effective, efficient and dynamic support services.British born and bred, Jo is now based in France but able to provide virtual assistance tobusinesses throughout the world.Some of Jo’s qualifications include:  European Computer Driving License  Advanced Word ECDL  Advanced Excel ECDL  Advanced Web Publishing  ProofreadingJo is a full member of the International Virtual Assistants Association. Connect with Jo on the following social networks: