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Let it Snow! Geography in the News lesson
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Let it Snow! Geography in the News lesson

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  • 1. All of the photos in this PowerPoint and the movie been taken by staff at Okehampton College!
    • Aims
    • To understand why we have had so much snow
    • To know how the extreme weather has been affecting the UK
    • To be able to write about your experiences of the snow in the form of a blog post
    Geography in the News!
  • 2. Why is it snowing so much? Watch this News Round clip twice and finish the following sentence... It has been snowing so much because... What is snow? Snow is not frozen rain. Snowflakes are created inside clouds by tiny ice crystals colliding and sticking together. Most snowflakes melt on their way to the ground and fall as rain. Only when the air near the ground is cold enough will snowflakes fall as snow. All snow crystals are six-sided (hexagonal) and no two snow crystals have ever been found to be identical. Some snowflakes can grow to be 5-7 cm (2-3 in) across.
  • 3. Snow Picture Board
    • Watch the Telegraphy TV news report on Britain’s week of snow.
    • Draw pictures to show the key events that happened on each day.
    • At the end, tell the story back to the person next to you using your pictures to help you.
    Monday 2 nd February Tuesday 3 rd February Wednesday 4 th February Thursday 5 th February Friday 6 th February
  • 4. Telegraphy TV: Britain’s week of snow
  • 5. Okehampton Snow Movie!
  • 6. YOUR TASK Write at least one blog post to describe your experiences of the snow we have experienced over the last week. Aim to write about 150 words!
    • What did you do with your snow day?
    • Did the snow affect the normal things that you and your family would do? If so, how?
    • What will you remember most about this extreme weather event?
    • How have people elsewhere been affected?
    Some of the blog posts will be featured on the Great Geography blog! Can you explain in your blog post how the snow got there in the first place?!
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