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Analysing opening thriller sequences, Jackie Brown
Analysing opening thriller sequences, Jackie Brown
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Analysing opening thriller sequences, Jackie Brown


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  • 1. Analysing opening thriller sequences<br />-342900483235Jackie Brown<br />10191752752725The opening sequence to Jackie Brown (1997) is a classic title sequence, directed by Quentin Tarantino starring Pam Grier and Samuel L. Jackson. The first shot is a mid shot of a blue tiled background with writing on; the blue tiles are different shades but are all the same shape and size making long square patterns. The yellow orangey writing with a bold black outline and a shadow effect makes the font and text stand out against the blue tiled background; the writing is in a font appealing to both genders being bold but not too harsh. The camera follows a woman moving across the screen in a mid shot identifying the main character, establishing the setting and whereabouts of the woman. Actors and actresses names appear on the screen as we are following the woman in a mid shot. The woman is wearing a pale blue skirt suit which we recognise as a uniform, suggesting she’s on her way to or coming back from work. The formal way she is dressed suggests she’s an authorative figure, she appears to be important. On the sleeve of her jacket is a company logo and we see an ID card hanging around her neck, we can identify these things with a particular company. The woman’s make-up and hair are done nicely highlighting that she still wants to look good whilst doing her job, the blue colour adds a feminine touch to an ordinary work outfit. From her appearance and the way she presents herself, we as an audience are able to tell that the woman shown is someone who takes pride in their appearance and likes to take care of themselves. The further we move across the screen the colours of the tiles begin to change, we are also shown yellow brown and green tiles – suggesting that we are getting closer to our intended destination. The name of the movie is shown in big font covering part of the woman and taking up most of the mise en scene, retro funky font shown in light orange with a darker orange outline. After this less important actors/actresses are shown whilst we still see the woman in a mid shot moving slowly across the screen. We are shown x-ray images in a close up of items on a conveyor belt, as well as a close up tilting upwards and down of someone being scanned for dangerous weapons and drugs etc, thus establishing the location and setting – an airport. The woman we are shown is walking through the airport with somewhat of a womanly strut showing she has a powerful vivacious air and presence about her, she passes people carrying suitcases and pushing luggage trolleys further emphasizing the location as an airport. We see various shot of her walking, side angle long shots and front on close ups. The soundtrack is jazzy and soulful; it is funky and up-tempo with asynchronous dialogue of someone singing in the soundtrack. The soundtrack being melodious and sweet-sounding gives a vibrant and joyful atmosphere, thus making the audience feel calm and relaxed and at peace. The narrative is simple yet effective; it’s straight forward and shows the woman in a realistic environment heading towards a particular destination, contributing to realism. It shows who we assume is the protagonist and we follow what she is doing. Thus creating a real-life environment and a realistic atmosphere. <br />