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Photo field john echeverria 2


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Hiking culture Los Angeles.

Hiking culture Los Angeles.

Published in: Sports
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  • 1. Hiking Culture L.A By John Echeverria Runyon Canyon Bronson Canyon Wildwood Canyon Cahuenga Peak Trail Hollywood Sign Trail Places to observe Los angeles hiking culture Monday, September 23, 13
  • 2. Hiking Culture L.A Text You can’t start your hike with out water and a snack. Hikers at Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles must be very honest people. Because this little store ran on the honor system. There was no attendant. Just simply put your money in a slot to pay for the water and snacks you want. Monday, September 23, 13
  • 3. Hiking Culture L.A Here hikers gather to do some yoga pre hike. It was very interesting to see yoga in the wild. Hikers in Los Angeles seem to be very accepting of Eastern practices here in the West. It’s almost as if hiking for people is spiritual or can clean their mind after a hard day or week. Monday, September 23, 13
  • 4. Hiking is not just for humans I noticed that dogs receive almost human like status. They are free to roam and play on the hiking trail. Sometimes there seemed to be more dogs then people. Here a dog takes a quick break on the trail. Hiking is also way to get your dogs exercise Monday, September 23, 13
  • 5. Hiking Culture L.A There is no age discrimination for people who want to hike in Los Angeles. I observed a wide range of ages.From kids still needing to be pushed in a strollers to an old man charging the trails with cane. People hike solo and in groups ranging from two people to Large families and groups of friends. Monday, September 23, 13
  • 6. Hiking Culture L.A Here people of different races, shapes and sizes can come together. I was amazed at the diversity. Hiking culture in L.A is like a melting pot of race, genders and orientation. I saw every type of person imaginable. Everyone seemed to get along and be very excepting of everyone. Monday, September 23, 13
  • 7. Hiking Culture L.A They also like to run! It didn’t matter if you are shirtless in running shorts or just got off of work. It didn’t even matter if you were wearing proper running shoes. hiking in L.A can be a mixture of hiking and running. There is no most papular time of the day to Hike in L.A. Monday, September 23, 13
  • 8. Hiking Culture L.A It wouldn’t be hiking in L.A if you didn’t bring your iPhones. Here People stop to take photos for Instagram, Facebook or other social media websites. I even heard one person holding a business meeting while hiking. Monday, September 23, 13
  • 9. Hiking Culture L.A If you’re looking for a culture that is some what spiritual, dog loving, non discriminating, where all ages are welcome, Then become apart of the hiking culture in Los Angeles. Just don’t forget to up date your social media website with a photo. Monday, September 23, 13