#SocialSauce – Tap into New Media to Launch a New Product


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This is a presentation I gave at one of the breakout sessions at SoCon14 at Kennesaw State University on Feb. 22, 2014.

In this session, Social Media Manager Josh Martin will present a case study around how Arby’s leveraged social media to drive anticipation and awareness of its bottled signature sauces being made available for purchase for the first time. From UGC to web videos, this session will cover a variety of tactics Arby’s employed within social media to engage its fans.

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#SocialSauce – Tap into New Media to Launch a New Product

  1. 1. #SocialSauce – Tap into New Media to Launch a New Product Josh Martin | @Jmart730 Social Media Manager @Arbys
  2. 2. People love our sauces… #SocialSauce
  3. 3. … we m e a n , re a l l y l o v e o u r s a u c e s … #SocialSauce
  4. 4. . . we m e a n R E A L LY l o v e o u r s a u c e s ! #SocialSauce
  5. 5. It’s because of that love that we decided to treat our biggest fans by making new full-size sauce bottles available. #SocialSauce
  6. 6. Campaign Overview #SocialSauce
  7. 7. Now that you can buy Arby’s sauce by the bottle, you’ll never run out of sauce again. We’re all familiar with that terrifying moment when you sit down to eat Arby’s and realize you don’t have sauce. You may even have stash set aside for emergencies. Well now you can buy it by the bottle. This is the end of Saucepocalypse. #SocialSauce
  8. 8. Each and every day people find themselves face-to-face with a Saucepocalypse. We invited our followers to share their sauce crisis with us. Then we illustrated their Saucepocalypse, similar to a classic thriller film poster, and sent it back to them. And since it was Halloween, the timing was, well, freaky. Because there’s nothing scarier than running out of sauce. Drive thru. Drove home. Forgot to ask for extra sauce. #SAUCEPOCALYPSE! #SocialSauce
  9. 9. O u r Vi s i o n f o r t h e S a u c e p o c a l y p s e P o s t e r s #SocialSauce
  10. 10. Campaign Details #SocialSauce
  11. 11. Te l l u s y o u r S a u c e p o c a l y p s e S t o r i e s #SocialSauce
  12. 12. Identify stories to turn into posts #SocialSauce
  13. 13. Identify stories to turn into posts #SocialSauce
  14. 14. Identify stories to turn into posts #SocialSauce
  15. 15. Saucepocalypse Posts #SocialSauce
  16. 16. End of Saucepocalypse #SocialSauce
  17. 17. Mailed out Movie Posters #SocialSauce
  18. 18. Local Extensions • Newspaper Ad • Billboards #SocialSauce
  19. 19. Campaign Performance #SocialSauce
  20. 20. Earned Media #SocialSauce
  21. 21. M a k i n g A r b y ’s R e l e v a n t #SocialSauce
  22. 22. Impact on Brand Conversation #SocialSauce
  23. 23. Conclusion #SocialSauce
  24. 24. It all started with social listening consumers business #SocialSauce
  25. 25. The end result, product innovation #SocialSauce
  26. 26. Opportunities for Improvement • In-store extension • Earlier start to the campaign • More stories, more posters #SocialSauce
  27. 27. Questions? #SocialSauce