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PLM World Visualization Focus group 2013
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PLM World Visualization Focus group 2013


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Topics to be covered during PLM World 2013 event. …

Topics to be covered during PLM World 2013 event.
Teamcenter Visualization technical track

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Tweet it! #PLMCONXTeamcenter Visualization focusgroup Discussions……..20131
  • 2. Tweet it! #PLMCONXFocus group Chair person……..2Focus group Chair person……..
  • 3. Tweet it! #PLMCONXWhat’s New in Lifecycle Visualization…Martin Goeggelmann Siemens PLM Software• Architecture changes• Massive Model Visualization• Constraint authoring• Streamlined clearancecalculation.3
  • 4. Tweet it! #PLMCONXVisualizing Large Assemblies inTeamcenter PLMKumaresan K General Electric• In a globally distributed environment, managing and visualizing large assemblieswith realistic quality and performance has been a challenge for manyorganizations.• Visualizing large assemblies and possible ways to improve the performance &quality using COTS & custom tools.• Effective utilization of optimization parameters to reduce file size withoutcompromising the functional quality of the JT models• Usage of PLMXML file at assembly node improving the structure loadperformance.• Best practices on how effectively Integrated Visualization combined with NAS canbe used for high performance clearance and interference analysis on largeassemblies.4
  • 5. Tweet it! #PLMCONXRealtimeHigh-End Product VisualizationRobert Hidajat & Martin Goeggelmann Siemens PLM Software• Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is quickly becoming the standard enterprisemethodology for managing product development, from art to part. High-end 3Dvisualization allows companies to enrich their product development processes• Adding realism allows validation of the product’s aesthetics throughout the entireproduct life cycle.• Siemens PLM Software joins the leader in high-end, 3D, real-time visualization RTT,to revolutionize the visual experience• Making it easier for design, sales and marketing professionals to make smarterproduct decisions that result in better products.• High Level Use cases, illustrate the integration approach with Teamcenter as wellas demonstrating the visual quality gained by the assets managed in Teamcenter.5
  • 6. Tweet it! #PLMCONXDeep Dive -Massive Model VisualizationMartin Goeggelmann Siemens PLM Software• Massive Model Visualization is a new rendering technologyintroduced with Teamcenter 10.1.• This technology changes the rendering paradigm to a visibilityguided rendering• Supports very fast rendering of large scale models in aTeamcenter managed environment.• Details about the new technology.- an architectural introduction- deployment guidelines and- application exposure6
  • 7. Tweet it! #PLMCONXVisual Reporting ExtremeJeff Soltow Caterpillar Inc.• Have you ever wanted to see your parts costseparated by color?• Would you like to see the parts that weight the most?• If you can add a parameter to your model, you cancreate a Visual Report to show the value based on arange and color.7
  • 8. Tweet it! #PLMCONXGeneral Visualization ??– Customer use cases…– Success stories……….– Deployment best practices / obstacles– Viewer types/differencesTarget user for each type.8