Jennys Portfolio


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An overview of my expereice, skills, and academic achievements.

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Jennys Portfolio

  1. 1. Professional Portfolio
  2. 2. I am mentally determined and adamant about accomplishing goals. Beingthe first in my family to attend college has taught me to fight for what Iwant. My family is bold and inseparable, which is where my gregariousand assertive personality comes from. The extremely positive nature Iexude continues to surprise my peers and elders. Running keeps my mindand body balanced. It feeds my need for competition and encourages meto challenge my limits. This sport lead me to experiencing life as a divisionone athlete and to finding an internship that shares my passion forrunning. At this internship, I was able to help plan and market for a keyfirst birthday bash fundraiser to benefit those experiencing homelessness.
  3. 3. I. Skills I. Creative II. Competitive III. Motivational & Positive IV. Organized & Detail- OrientedII. Education I. Making the Grade II. Academic Success III. Academic Awards IV. Academic RecognitionIII. Experience I. Internship II. Division 1 Athlete III. Service Trip IV. Nanny and Camp Counselor
  4. 4. skills CreativeI have experience withPhotoshop and enjoyphotography as a hobbyI also enjoy decorating,setting up displays, anddesigning flyers, which Ihave had the opportunityto do at my internship andin my personal life.
  5. 5. skills CompetitiveAfter retiring fromcollege athletics, I learnedhow to fulfill my need forhealthy competition.I set up training programsand followed them toprepare for 3 races in My 1st Triathlonone year, all of which Ihad never done before.My competiveness helpsme exceed in other walksof life, such as in theclassroom.I am always striving to be My 1st 10K Racebetter than my peers,when it may benefit me. My 1st 15K Race
  6. 6. skills Motivational & Positive A letter from my Cross Country Coach: “Your positive attitude whether it be at 5am practice, before a big meet, on the bus, or on a long run has been what this team has needed. Your determination and willingness to improve is imspiring.”A letter from my Service Trip Leader: “I think it’spretty clear you’re ‘the motivator.’ Your energy,enthusiasm, optimism, and desire to do good trulyinspire and –yes- motivate all those around you.”
  7. 7. skills Category Organized & Detail- Oriented Donor Name Request/Donation Value Custom suit at Balani valued at $1595. (Not redeemable for cash, and cannot be used with Fashion/Jewelry #101 Balani any other offer.) $1,595 Fashion/Jewelry #102 Ultra Diamonds Ladies black and white diamond bracelet - 2ctw diamonds in sterling silver mounting $829 A make-up party with Bobbi Brown cosmetics. You and three friends will enjoy aHere is a sample of one of complimentary session with Bobbi Brown make-up artists. Each guest will receive a signature Bobbi Brown gift with purchase of $75 or more. (Choice of three exciting classes,the many excel 10-Step Basic Beauty, Make Over Your Make-up Bag or Everyday to Runway. Minimum of two weeks advance notice to schedule your appointment.) Enjoy lunch with a bottle ofspreadsheets that I created Fashion/Jewelry #103 Bloomingdales champagne at Forty Carrots on 6. (Value of lunch up to $100. Valid from October 30, 2011- Not Stated + $100 January 30, 2012.) lunchat my internship. This was Fashion/Jewelry #104 Skechers Two pairs of Skechers USA or Skechers Fitness shoes. (Not redeemable for cash. Expires 12/31/12. Redemption value not to exceed $500.) 500tedious work that involved $50 gift certificate to Vinci, Adobo Grill, or Pikks. (Gratuity not included. Not valid Friday and Saturday evenings. Expires April 2012.) Two tickets to The Second City. (Valid forextreme attention to Tuesday- Thursday or Sunday night performances only. Not valid on New Years Eve. da Vinci group and The Second Reservation required. Offer good for resident run performances in The Second City Gourmet #201 City Mainstage or The Second City e.t.c. Theatres. Subject to availability.) $94details. Coopers Hawk Winery & Lux wine tasting for four at Coopers Hawk Winery. (Valid at any Coopers Hawk location. Restaurant and Wines for Tasting room only. No tasting reservations necessary.) A 6 bottle in-home wine tasting for Gourmet #202 Humanity up to 14 people with private wine advisor for 2 hours. (Expires March 31, 2012.) $398 V.I.P. treatment for up to four guests at TRU. Includes champagne to start the evening, tour of TRUs world-class contemporary art collection, behind-the-scenes kitchen tour, personalized menus as a memento of your dinner at TRU. Does not include the cost of Gourmet #203 TRU dinner and gratuity. (Expires December 31, 2012. Valid Monday through Saturday.) $150My desk and apartmentare always organized , as Iwork best when things arein there place.
  8. 8. Education Making the Grade My current cumulative GPA
  9. 9. Education Academic Success Professor Bryant: “You’ve been a pleasure to teach.” 100% Highest GPA on the Cross Country Team!
  10. 10. Education Academic Awards Dean’s List DePaul Scholar’s Award
  11. 11. Education Academic Recognition A member of theNational Society ofCollegiate Scholars
  12. 12. Experience Division I AthleteAs a part of the DePaul CrossCountry and Track and Fieldteams, I had and unforgettableexperience, and learnedcountless valuable lessons… Teamwork Commitment Dedication A note from my coach on my Discipline training log -Time Management -The importance of good choices and a solid reputation.Setting Goals and…ACHIEVING them!
  13. 13. Experience Internship at Back on My FeetBack on my feet is a not forprofit organization that Sneak Peak: Birthday Bash Auction Items....uses a running program tohelp those experiencinghomelessness gain self-sufficiency. We have already secured some fabulous auction items which include Chicago Bears memorabilia,As a marketing and dinner at Adobo, a 2 night stay and golfing at JWevent planning intern, I Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes, race entries intohad a major role in planning several Chicagoland and destination races, spaand following up for the first packages, theatre tickets and much more. Thereannual birthday bashfundraiser. promises to be something for everyone.Another major projectinvolved reaching out tolocal restuarants for our“Take a Bite Out ofHomelessness” Campaign
  14. 14. Experience Community Service TripOn my service trip to Denver,Colorado we focused on theproblem of homelessness,which eventually lead me tomy internship helping thehomeless when I returned toChicago.We worked with variousorganizations across Denverto see the vast array ofhomelessness and povertystricken individuals.This experience was both eyeopening and life-changing asI discovered a passion tohelp others.
  15. 15. Experience Nanny and Camp CounselorAs both and full time nannyand a camp counselor atone point, I was surprisedat what I learned… Patience Tolerance Responsibility Problem Solving Supervising Motivational Skills Professionalism and Communication skillswhen dealing with parents