Factors influencing eating A2


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Factors influencing eating A2

  1. 1. Eating behaviour L/O  To be able to explain 1 factor that affects food choice and eating behaviour.
  2. 2. Introduction to Eating Behaviour  Make a list of 3 of your favourite foods, 3 of your least favourite foods 1 type of food that you have never tried.  Compare your lists with those in your group.  Discuss  Are there any types of food that more than one of you put in the same category?  Are the foods in one category more healthier than the other?  When did you first try each of these foods?  What made you decide you didn’t like them?  Are there particular times where you eat your favourite foods more often?  Are any of these types of food advertised on TV?  Do your parents/family have similar likes and dislikes to food to you?
  3. 3. + How can you tell if your eating behaviour is normal?  People’s attitudes to food and eating vary dramatically.  Can you think of one person you know who you think has an ‘unhealthy’ relationship with food?  What makes someone’s behaviour ‘unhealthy’?  Is it about the food they eat?  Or when they eat?  Or how much they eat? Who is healthier in the picture?
  4. 4. List as many factors as you can that affect our food choice and eating behaviour:
  5. 5. + Factors Influencing Food  http://www.ted.com/talks/jamie_oliver.html
  6. 6. + FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE ATITUDES TO FOOD AND EATING BEHAVIOUR  Mood  Social Learning  Health concerns We are going to focus on these two: Exam link Discuss the role of one or more factors that influence attitudes to food. (4 marks + 8 marks)
  7. 7. + In your groups you have been given a piece of research  You must act out what your piece of research found out about eating habits.  You can choose whether to do this as a role play or a series of freeze frames.  Your audience must be able to answer the following question from your performance: ‘What did the study find out about how attitudes to food and eating behaviour can be influenced’. So make sure your performance is clear  Decide in your groups who will be the narrator, participants, researcher etc.
  8. 8. + Comfort Eating  Garge et al (2007) • Observed food choices in 38 participants watching a funny (sweet home Alabama) or sad movie (love story) • Participants were offered buttered popcorn or grapes • Participants watching the sad film consumed 36% more popcorn than those watching funny film, who ate more grapes • When given the nutritional information before the consumption of the unhealthy food, snacking dropped dramatically
  9. 9. + Davis et al 1988  Studied patients with bulimia nervosa  Patients recorded their food intake and mood every hour for a number of days  The reports showed that negative mood states before a binge episode were higher than before a normal meal.  Suggests that negative moods are an influence on eating behaviour amongst the clinical population
  10. 10. + Wegner et al (2002)  Students recorded their eating patterns and mood states over 2 weeks.  Finding 1: Binge days were lower in mood state than non binge days.  Finding 2: What does the graph show? Hours relative to Binge
  11. 11. + Social Learning and Eating Behaviour
  12. 12. This could be because: • Children observe the attitudes and eating behaviour of their parents. (Social learning) And • Parents control the food brought and served at home. • Brown and Ogden (2004) •Found that there were correlations between parents and their children in terms of snack food intake, eating motivations and body dissatisfaction.
  13. 13. + Media effects and attitudes to eating
  14. 14. Media:  How does the media affect our attitudes to eating? Negative Positive
  15. 15. + Media: MacIntyre et al (1998) found that the media have a major impact both on what people eat, and also their attitudes to certain foods.
  16. 16. + Task:  Look at the pictures:  For each picture state how the media influences people.  What attitudes are people going to have from each of these pictures.  Find your own images – and create a collage to show how the media has a part to play in food influences. Suggest how they do this.
  17. 17. •Kotler et al (2012) Conducted two experiments to assess the role of media characters in influencing children’s food choices. •Experiment 1: Children’s opinion Children were more likely to indicate a preference for one food over another when one was associated with TV characters with whom they were familiar. However, when children were asked to choose between a healthy food with a favoured character and a sugary or salty snack with an unfamiliar one, this effect did not happen so it seems the TV characters can not over ride a preference for sweet/salty foods. •Experiment 2: Children’s choice Children were more willing to try more pieces of a healthy food if a favoured character, in comparison with an unknown character, is promoting that food.
  18. 18. + Evaluation - research  Food dudes  Food Dudes