Safe Driving


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The principles of road safety are the first thing every driver should know. This presentation outlines the basic Dos and Don'ts of road safety. View it to refresh your knowledge and be a safe driver!

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Safe Driving

  1. 1. Safe Driving9 simple steps to a secure vehicle!Powered by
  2. 2. • Seat belts can reduce yourhealth risks during an accidentby 50%.• Ensure that your seat beltsare in proper condition.• For maximum protection,keep your seat backrest uprightwith your seatbelt on.Fasten the Seat Belt
  3. 3. Keep Head Restraints• Head restraints areextensions of the car seat thatlimit the movement of yourhead during impact.• Ensure that the height of yourhead rest corresponds with theheight and position of you headfor maximum protection.
  4. 4. Airbags, Brakes, Tyres• Airbags protect your face andtorso from impact.• Check your brakes regularly,and remember that it is harderto brake on loose soil and wetroads.• Regularly check your tyrepressure and replace worn-outtyres.
  5. 5. Dos and Don’ts - I• NEVER drink and drive.• If you are taking medicationsfor anything, check the labelsand ask your doctor to ensurethat they won’t make youdrowsy. If they do, avoid drivingafter taking them.• Avoid driving when you areexhausted or sleepy.
  6. 6. Dos and Don’ts - II• Avoid driving alone for longjourneys.• On long drives, take regularbreaks, snacks and drink waterto keep yourself alert.• Plan your route in advance toavoid having to rush or getstressed because oftraffic/lateness.
  7. 7. Dos and Don’ts - III• Keep your eyes on the road. Ifyou want to change the CD,read/answer a text message,pull over first.• NEVER drive while talking onyour mobile phone. Using aBluetooth headset might keepyour hands free, but your mindwill still be distracted, slowingyour reaction time.
  8. 8. Dos and Don’ts - IV• Maintain a safe distancebetween your vehicle and theone in front of you to avoidpanic braking if the other carshould stop suddenly.• Keeping some distance fromthe vehicle in front of you mayalso save your windshield frombeing hit by small pebblescaught in the other car’s tyres.
  9. 9. Driving Etiquette - I• Before taking a turn, put onyour indicators well in advanceto give approaching vehicles achance to reduce their speed.• Do not weave in and out oftraffic lanes.• When driving at night, keepyour headlights low to avoidblinding oncoming traffic.
  10. 10. Driving Etiquette - II• Give right-of-way toemergency vehicles.• NEVER try to beat the yellowlight. A yellow light means to“Slow Down.”• Yield right-of-way atintersections.• ALWAYS obey speed limits.
  11. 11. Thank You9 simple steps to a secure vehicle!Powered by
  12. 12. This 2-Minute Learning series isbrought to you by