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Business Analytics is all about - analyzing data, discovering insights and influencing change. Provide answers to Ws: What Happened, When it Happened, Where is happened, Why it Happened? help decisions and drive change. Analytics has been with us for centuries and played a critical role all along. In today's big & complex industrial world, analytics has continued to play a critical role but sadly the current state of the business analytics approach is broken. For the last 25 years, the software technology and tools in the analytics category has produced "slice and dice ninjas" who interact with data but mostly without the right context. This approach produces insights and visualization that can not be understood very well. These solutions are complex, cost-prohibitive, slow and most often fail to deliver to the promises . Visual Analytics came to forefront to address the challenge of traditional business analytics.

Visual Analytics is defined as "analytical reasoning aided by visual interfaces". The primary premise for this approach is that "visualization is not an afterthought". This industry has risen very fast in the past few years. In this presentation, I discuss the issues faced by this nascent offshoot of Business Analytics and what does future hold for this category.

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Future of Visual Analytics

  1. 1. Past, Present and Future of Visual Analytics Jitender Aswani
  2. 2. decisionsanswers change influence
  3. 3. March on Moscow by Charles Minard
  4. 4. London Cholera Map
  5. 5. War Mortality by Florence Nightingale
  6. 6. big, critical & increasingly complex
  7. 7. broken
  8. 8. data approach
  9. 9. PCN   Enterprise   >1B   Upper  Mid-­‐Market   >500M   SME   Direct Indirect Direct:  78M 4%     LE:  1.9M        3%     SME:  6.1M 1%   Total License Revenue: 97.3M     10%       Indirect:  17.3M 2% VAR : 4.9M 1% OEM: 9.2M 1% GA : 3.2M 7% LE:  SME   86:14   69:31   40:60   LE:  SME   87:13   Direct:  Indirect   38:68   ?
  10. 10. visualization approach
  11. 11. ?
  12. 12. ~5-10% business users ~85-90% IT ~5% data analyst consumersproducers
  13. 13. reports and dashboards: not enough
  14. 14. immediacyspeed simplicity
  15. 15. self-reliance
  16. 16. rise of visual analytics Image courtesy of stuckincustoms.smugmug.com/Burning-Man-Page
  17. 17. “analytical reasoning facilitated by visual interfaces”
  18. 18. Source: Tableau: Tale of 100 Entrepreneurs visualization is not an afterthought
  19. 19. “We are at the forefront of an evolutionary market that is fraught with opportunity for innovative tools and solutions that can help users handle the information overload plaguing every major organization around the globe.” Source: : IDC Market Analysis, Worldwide Interactive Data Visualization Tools Forecast, Emphasis added
  20. 20. … the fastest growing segment with 38% and 33% growth rates in ’11 and ’12… Source: Emerging Technology Analysis: Visualization-Based Data Discovery Tools, Gartner, June 17, 2011.
  21. 21. speed immediacy simplicity cost joy
  22. 22. Source: Lavastorm Analytics falling short
  23. 23. acknowledgement Source: Tableau
  24. 24. ü  access to data ü  know data models ü  merge data ü  understand measures and dimensions ü  get the right context
  25. 25. future
  26. 26. ü  public + private + social data ü  more semantic enrichment ü  more viz types ü  mobile and cloud authoring ü  predictive ü  more collaboration
  27. 27. weather SF giants movies near me walmart lincoln search based visualization
  28. 28. get answers to all your business questions business questions big data discover more no training
  29. 29. in-memory machine learning graph structures NLP technology Image courtesy of confederate.com
  30. 30. future is incredible! Image courtesy of stuckincustoms.smugmug.com/Burning-Man-Page
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