Business Quiz Finals


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Finals of the Business quiz Conducted by me in St Dominic's College

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  • Ill for X
  • Business Quiz Finals

    1. 1. The Business Quiz FINALS
    2. 2. Before we Begin...  No animals were harmed during the making of this quiz...except some bloody Mosquiotes!!  Using Electronic gadgets is injuroius to the quizzing spirit. Researched By: Jis John Sebastian
    3. 3. One Rule till the end of the quiz and that is Quiz Master is always right!!
    4. 4. Round 1 –As DRY as DRY!!  12 questions  Full on pounce  +10 and -10
    5. 5. 1. X was canonized in 1199 by Pope Innocent 3 at the request of the citizens of Cremona.He is considered as the patron saint of business people, tailors and shoemakers. His name is actually derived from a Latin name which means "good man“.ID X.
    6. 6.  The Answer is……….
    7. 7. Saint Homobonus
    8. 8. 2. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “timber cutter” is one of the most dangerous jobs in America , with an annual fatality rate of 117.8 per 100,000 workers, or 0.12 percent. But, technically, __________is a more dangerous job. In the 226 years, the overall annual fatality rate is 3.7 percent. Which job ?
    9. 9.  The answer is...
    10. 10. US President!!!
    11. 11. 3. This is a type of syndrome for online users,especially new users to assume any information published on the internet is automatically true. This term came into the popular culture when John F Kennedy’s legendary press secretary ,who was working as a correspondent to ABC news hawked a conspiracy theory about crashing of TWA Flight 800.He repoertedly said “It was a navy missile that killed all those people,that shot down Flight 800.I have a proof,a document given to me by the French government”.What syndrome?(same as the person’s name)
    12. 12.  Pierre Sallinger Syndrome
    13. 13. 4. In 1893 ,a French newspaper awarded Mr M Bertaox a French Army officer for the best method of carrying a passenger on a bicycle. This was first mentioned in January 1903 in a cartoon drawn by George Moore for “Motor Cycling” in a british newspaper.American Inventor Hugo Young designed modern version of this which is well fitted for Motor-Cycles and later turns out to be a type of motorcycle.What exactly?
    14. 14.  The Answer is…..
    15. 15.  SIDECAR
    16. 16. 5. This airlines was formed from a merger between Balair and Ad Astra Aero (To the Stars), in 1931 and is popularly known as “Flying Bank”. In the late 1980s, as well as throughout the early 1990s, they tried to merge with Air France, Lufthansa, and British Airways in order to get access to a wider European market.
    17. 17.  The Answer is
    18. 18. 6. According to Legend ,this phrase was developed from a meeting in about 1681 between the powerful French finance minister Jean-Baptiste Colbert and a group of French businessmen. French minister and champion of Marquis d'Argenson used this in his own diaries – which happens to also be the phrase's first known appearance in print. He wrote"Let it be, that should be the motto of all public powers, since the world was civilized ... That we cannot grow except by lowering our neighbors is a detestable notion! Only malice and malignity of heart is satisfied with such a principle and our (national) interest is opposed to it. Let it be, for heaven's sake! Let it be!What popular term?
    19. 19.  The answer is
    20. 20. Laissez faire
    21. 21. 7.  This award was created in 1957, when this asian country lost its President who was well-loved for his simplicity and humility in a plane crash. Among the many friends and admirers of the late President around the world were the Rockefeller brothers. With the concurrence of the government, the trustees of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund(RBF) established the Award to honor his memory and perpetuate his example of integrity in public service and pragmatic idealism within a democratic society.Name this particular award.
    22. 22. The answer is
    23. 23. Ramon Magsaysay Award
    24. 24. 8  The __________ effect is based on the commonly accepted perception that you get what you pay for. This Effect usually refers to the cost of tuition at private colleges and universities. Many parents assume that a higher-priced education is a better education. This is named after a blended scotch whiskey which is named after Gaelic seamhas ("narrow place").
    25. 25.  The answer is
    26. 26. The Chivas Reagal Effect
    27. 27. 9.  ________were founded as St Domingo's in 1878 so that people from the parish of St Domingo's Methodist Church in _____could play sports. The club was a founding member of The Football League in 1888– 89, winning their first League Championship title in the 1890–91 season. __________’s most widely recognised nickname is "The Toffees" or "The Toffeemen“.The Toffee Lady tradition in which a girl walks around the perimeter of the pitch before the start of a game tossing free Mints into the crowd symbolises the connection.
    28. 28.  The answer is...
    29. 29. 10. Rajesh Saraiya is CEO of the UK-based company Steel Mont, which has a turnover of about $400 million. He has completed Aeronautical Engineering in Ukraine and later on started a steel company in Ukraine.He has be awarded Padma Shri recently. What is his claim to fame?(Specific)
    30. 30.  The answer is...
    31. 31. 10.India’s first Dalit Billonaire
    32. 32. 11.  He strongly believed that he was a Keralite in a previous life and that his name was Ramakrishnan. He also believed that his previous life in Kerala had something to do with wheels. He had told some of his friends that one astronomer predicted this and the moment he set foot in Kerala years ago, he knew that this was true.Who is he?
    33. 33.  The answer is...
    34. 34. Karl Slym
    35. 35. 12. Silk Road was an online black market. It was operated as a Tor hidden service, such that online users are able to browse it anonymously and securely without potential traffic monitoring. In June 2011, Gawker published an article about the site,[which led to "Internet buzz "and an increase in website traffic. This was sometimes called the " of _____ or the eBay for _____.“What was the commodity sold here?
    36. 36.  The answer is...
    37. 37. Illegal Drugs 
    38. 38. 13.  Hyderabad, the city has produced some of the finest Cricketers , such as former captain Mohammad Azharuddin, VVS Laxman etc.The city is also fortunate to produce a person who was very recently in news who places playing cricket as his sucess mantra.He said” I think playing cricket taught me more about working in teams and leadership that has stayed with me throughout my career.Who is this?
    39. 39.  The answer is
    40. 40. Satya Nadella,New Microsoft CEO
    41. 41. Audience Question 1  ________ got its name from an interesting combination. It is believed that the central church of this place had a snake wood tree at its front. So this Name .Which place?
    42. 42. 2. Which Tinkle comic character has been dragged out by Visa to teach children’s the Do’s and Dont’s??
    43. 43. Round 2-Picture Perfect - 10 questions - +10 For every correct answer - We will move infinite Bounce -
    44. 44. 1.These are the orginal five...Connect!
    45. 45.  The Answer is
    46. 46. Star Alliance  Star Alliance is the world's first and largest global airline alliance, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    47. 47. 2.What is the significance of this band photograph?
    48. 48.  This picture of Les Horribles Cernettes was the first photographic image of a band to be published on the World Wide Web in 1992
    49. 49. 3.What is this latest innovation in E-Commerce business?
    50. 50.  The Answer is...
    51. 51.  Amazon announced that it is currently developing a new delivery system – called Amazon Prime air – that would see the packages delivered to the customers’ doorsteps by drones.
    52. 52. 4.Flowchart Representing which Illegal Transaction?
    53. 53.  The Answer is..
    54. 54. Havala  The figure shows how Hawala works: (1) a customer (A, left-hand side) approaches a hawala broker (X) in one city and gives a sum of money (red arrow) that is to be transferred to a recipient (B, right-hand side) in another, usually foreign, city. Along with the money, he usually specifies something like a password that will lead to the money being paid out (blue arrows). (2b) The hawala broker X calls another hawala broker M in the recipient's city, and informs M about the agreed password, or gives other disposition instructions of the funds. Then, the intended recipient (B), who also has been informed by A about the password (2a), now approaches M and tells him the agreed password (3a). If the password is correct, then M releases the transferred sum to B (3b), usually minus a small commission. X now basically owes M the money that M had paid out to B; thus M has to trust X's promise to settle the debt at a later date
    55. 55. 5.Identify this Logo of an entity which redrawn the payment methods
    56. 56.  The answer is...
    57. 57. Dinners Club Dinners Club is the inventor of Credit Card
    58. 58. 6.Another Logo of a company famous for a different and totally harmless product
    59. 59.  The answer is.....
    60. 60. BSA –Birmingham Small Arms
    61. 61. 7.Identify The Person.Apparently he is an Irish Person.
    62. 62.  The answer is...
    63. 63. Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry
    64. 64. 8.What word is shaded and that is the company’s older name.
    65. 65.  The answer is...
    66. 66. Haloid – Now Known as Xerox Corp
    67. 67. 9.What did they give to the world?
    68. 68.  The answer is...
    69. 69. Tie Knot,Jerry Pratt & Don Shelby  Don Shelby's fixing the tie to Pratt, They gave this world Knot Tie also known as the Shelby knot and the Pratt-Shelby
    70. 70. 10.Tell me his last words...
    71. 71.  The Answer is...
    72. 72. Just Do It!!!-Nike’s Slogan
    73. 73. Round 3 -List It!  10 variables  Write down 11 variables in a sheet of paper +5 for every correct variable/no minus marks
    74. 74.  The Human Development Index (HDI) is a composite statistic of life expectancy, education, and income indices used to rank countries into four tiers of human development. It was created by the Pakistani economist Mahbub ul Haq and the Indian all countries which are included with in rank 10 in HDI as per the latest rankings in 2013. economist Amartya Sen in 1990.List
    75. 75.  The answers are....
    76. 76. They are           Norway Australlia United States Netherlands Germany Newzealand Ireland Sweden Switzeland Japan
    77. 77. Round-4
    78. 78. Dry Round -2-Keeping it Simple  +10/-10 on Pounce
    79. 79. 1.  The first documented use of the term X was in 1806, when an Englishman, named Ralph Wedgwood, issued a patent for his "Stylographic Writer”. In its original form Wedgwood's "Stylographic Writer" was intended to help the blind but later turned out to be a revolution. The use of this was largely declined due to technical advancement. How do we know this Stylographic Writer better?
    80. 80.  The Answer is...
    81. 81. Carbon Paper
    82. 82. 2.  In 1986 when Nelson Mandela got released from Prison he greeted Malcolm Fraser ,the then president of Commonwealth Eminent Chairmans Group with a question "Tell me, Mr Fraser, is ________ still alive? Despite being cut off from the world, Mr Mandela had remained an avid cricket fan. It "seemed to please him greatly" when Mr Fraser replied that the _______ was indeed still alive.FITB?
    83. 83.  The answer is...
    84. 84. Don Bradman
    85. 85. 3.  In 1948, a Frenchman named George de Mestral returned from a relaxing nature trip with his dog, to find himself and the dog covered with seeds. Instead of brushing them off , De Mestral examined the clingy seeds under his microscope. DeMestral experimented with various cloths and hook-making processes with custom made cotton .The velvet-like appearance of this original cloth, lent the product its name, which De Mestral derived from the French words for velvet "velour" and hook - "crochet and thus this product is invented. What product?
    86. 86. The answer is...
    87. 87. Velcro
    88. 88. 4.  Muthuswamy Mudaliar of Erode District, who was a mail runner for the British in colonial India is considered as the founder of this Indian Super Market Chain. It is also one of the oldest supermarket chains in India with origins dating back to 1905 and hence its products are sold under the brand name of “______ 1905“.Name this very famous supermarket chain.
    89. 89.  The answer is...
    90. 90. Nilgiris
    91. 91. 5. Id this person whose work is one of the important document in history of India
    92. 92.  The answer is...
    93. 93. Prem Behari Narain Raizada,He is the one who wrote Constitution of India
    94. 94. 6.  Inspiration for this symbol came from a Greek Epsilon a reference to the cradle of European civilization crossed by two parallel line to certify the stability.The final selection for this symbol was based on a contest It is assumed that the Belgian graphic designer Alain Billiet was the winner and thus the designer of this symbol. What symbol?
    95. 95.  The answer is...
    96. 96. The Euro Symbol
    97. 97. 7. it was used in large scale by the imperial Intially examination system in China.When spread out ,its modern era began with France in 19th Century.US army officials used this extensively during the WW-I which was known as Army Alpha and Beta.The person in the pic actually coined this term.
    98. 98.  The answer is...
    99. 99. IQ Tests
    100. 100. 8.  "I was wearing it because I do wear it all day, but I was not using it, A lot of people don't understand how the device works” Says CECELIA ABADIE, the Californian woman charged with a traffic offence which is first of its kind.What was she wearing actually?
    101. 101.  The answer is...
    102. 102.  Google Glasses
    103. 103. 9. Shankar Rao a Legislator from Andra Pradesh has taken his devotion to X depicting her as 'Telangana Talli‘.He said, "I want to build the temple so that people can offer prayers to X every day for ending the dominance of Seemandhra leadership over Telangana. I am donating nine acres of my own land and with my own money i am building her statue.Fill for X
    104. 104.  The answer is...
    105. 105. Sonia Gandhi and they got answered 
    106. 106. 10.  Karnataka ____ Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha was founded on November 1, 1957 by a group consisting of H. A. Pai, Anant Bhat, Jayadev Rao Kulkarni, B. J. Gokhale, Vasudev Rao and B. H. Inamdar, who wanted to create a federation to cater to the need for growth of ____and other village industries.This Company has got a sole monopoly in India for a particular product.What product is this ?
    107. 107.  The answer is...
    108. 108. Indian National Flag
    109. 109. 11.Just Identify the Figures.
    110. 110.  The answer is...
    111. 111. Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fyed
    112. 112. 12.  This was used by NASA to help insure the successful launch of the Apollo 8 spacecraft in 1968. The rocket had a rubber strip holding together a covering that protected a measuring instrument. NASA needed a means to insure that the rubber strip could slide off freely during the rocket’s launch. A NASA engineer used some of this that he brought in from home. It did the job so well that he planned to use it on all subsequent Apollo launches.What did he use?
    113. 113. Johnson Baby Powder....
    114. 114. Round 5
    115. 115. Round 5 –Theme Round 8 Questions Connected to a common theme The Common Theme is Not Exhaustive. Pounce Format ,+10 and -1o and after that we will move in Infinite Bounce Points for Guessing the theme will range from +80/-40 to +10/0 and will be indicated in each slide.
    116. 116. 1. Theme+80/-40  The name __________ may refer to any of the line of dictionaries first developed by Noah ____ in the early 19th century. Noah ____the author of the readers and spelling books that dominated the American market at the time, spent decades of research in compiling his dictionaries. His first dictionary, A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language, appeared in 1806.
    117. 117.  The answer is....
    118. 118. Webster’s Dictionary
    119. 119. 2. Theme+70/-35 This is used primarily as a cooling agent. Its advantages include lower temperature than that of water ice and not leaving any residue. it is generally accepted that this was first observed in 1835 by French inventor Adrien-Jean-Pierre Thilorier and this is the solid form of Carbondioxide.
    120. 120.  The Answer is....
    121. 121. Dry Ice
    122. 122. 3. Theme+60/-30 It was first invented in ancient Greece.______ is in its simplest form is an object consisting of an axle connected to two disks, and a length of string looped around the axle. One of the most famous tricks on the _____ is "walk the dog”. What?
    123. 123. Yo-Yo
    124. 124. 4. Theme+50/-25 X is a type of floor covering and was invented by Englishman Frederick Walton. In 1855, Walton happened to notice the rubbery, flexible skin of solidified linseed oil (linoxyn) that had formed on a can of oil-based paint, and thought that it might form a substitute for India rubber. X is used in break dancing as an alternative to cardboard as it provides a large, slick and durable surface.
    125. 125.  The answer is...
    126. 126. Linoleum
    127. 127. 5. Theme+40/-20  Elias Howe, who invented the sewing machine, received a patent in 1851 for an "Automatic, Continuous Clothing Closure". Perhaps because of the success of his sewing machine, he did not try to seriously market it, missing recognition he might otherwise have received.The most importnat types of this include Coil, Invisible, Metallic, Plasticmolded, Magnetic, Open-ended, Closed-ended.
    128. 128.  The answer is...
    129. 129. Zippers
    130. 130. 6. Theme+30/-15 Also known as diacetylmorphine or morphine diacetate,this was invented by Felix Hoffman who was working at Bayer. The head of Bayer's research department reputedly coined the drug's new name, “_____," based on the German "heroisch," which means "heroic, strong.What?
    131. 131.  The Answer is...
    132. 132. Heroin
    133. 133. 7. Theme+20/-10  _________ is a British brand of transparent, cellulose- based, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, and is the leading brand in the United Kingdom. _____was originally manufactured in 1937 by Colin Kinninmonth and George Gray, in Acton, West London
    134. 134.  The answer is....
    135. 135. Sellotape
    136. 136. 8.Working of What? Theme+10/0
    137. 137.  The Answer is
    138. 138. Theme???  Webster’s Dictionary  Dry Ice  Yo-Yo  Linoleum  Zippers  Heroin  Sellotape  Escalator
    139. 139. Generic and Genericized Trademarks